10 Tips to Get More Gifts on Tango

10 Tips to get more gifts!

How to Get More Gifts on Tango?

When it comes to making money live streaming gifts are the king! Every streamer you see who has 1 million, 10 million, or 100 million diamonds almost certainly got most of them from their fans giving them one of the hundreds of awesome Tango gifts.

Everyone on Tango starts out with 0, which means that every streamer you see with millions of diamonds has spent months learning everything we’re about to tell you. Instead of spending weeks discovering these tricks, check out this post and learn the best tips to get more gifts!

1. Pick your profile name and photo

This might sound super basic to you, but it’s 100% worth talking about.

When you set up a Tango profile the app will automatically give you a name like Famous Badger or Unknown Tiger along with a default profile picture. Are they cute? We think so! Will people see you as a newbie streamer who probably doesn’t know what they’re doing? Most likely.

If you want to meet crowds of live stream fans and increase the number of gifts you receive, take a few moments to pick a profile picture and name. No, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer – a clear, well-lit selfie or photo from social media will do just fine.

2. Set up your streaming stage

Your streaming stage consists of four elements:





📶Internet: Make sure that wherever you’re streaming from has a reliable internet connection. Nothing kills a stream faster than one constantly cutting in and out.

📍Location: Someplace comfortable, easy to access, and secluded enough that you won’t be interrupted. A living room or bedroom is perfect and, to really catch people’s attention, put up some decorations like colored streamers or fabric that you can hang on the wall behind you.

💡Light: People want to see you when you’re live! Streamers who are hidden in shadows hardly ever get gifts. Turn on a light or hang some of your own. Ring lights and disco balls are highly recommended!

🔊Audio: Make sure there aren’t any echoes or your voice isn’t muffled. Put in some headphones and go live to make sure you can hear yourself. If it sounds bad, try and find a different spot or invest in a lapel mic to increase the sound quality.

3. Go live often

Gifts only happen when you’re live (in later articles we’ll discuss ways to make passive incomes on Tango too) so if you plan on earning on Tango you have to be streaming on Tango. 

According to our own research, streamers who stream for over an hour earn double the amount of gifts. All of Tango’s top-earning livers stream for at least 50 minutes every time they go live!

The more you go live the more gifts you’ll probably earn, the more chances you’ll have to meet new fans, and the better of a broadcaster you’ll become. You shouldn’t go live to the point of burning yourself out though.

Our advice – do what feels right and what you feel comfortable doing. If you push yourself too hard you’re just going to burn out which is fun for nobody.

4. Actually TALK to your fans

Why are you just sitting there staring at the camera?? Talk, interact, and say hello to the people coming to your stream! Your fans want to connect with you. If you’re not paying any attention to them, then they’re just going to go somewhere else.

Another mistake that many rookie streamers make is focusing too much on their talent. Yes, you should perform your art or music, but don’t become so absorbed in it that you forget to look up and check in with your audience. Make sure you schedule breaks where you talk to and catch up with the people who are cheering you on and supporting you. 

5. Bring positive energy

People are naturally attracted to those who are friendly, charismatic, and seem like they’re having a great time. If you look like you’d rather be anywhere than in your own stream, people are going to take that as a sign to move along.

The more fun you’re having the more likely people are going to stay and start chatting with you. If you’re a naturally introverted person that’s totally fine too! You don’t have to start yelling and waving your arms around expecting that it will make you more gifts. Just don’t act like you’re bored or uninterested. If you’re tired then stop streaming, go take a nap, and come back when you’re feeling refreshed.

6. Focus on the fans, not the gifts

Fans give gifts to streamers they connect with and actually like. They typically don’t give gifts to streamers who go live and start shouting, “GIVE ME GIFTS! MORE GIFTS NOW!!”

Would you want to give a gift to this streamer?

Nobody likes a streamer who’s begging for or demanding gifts. Instead, actually interact and engage with your fans. Talk to them, ask them questions, and focus on making your stream a fun place that people want to come to and enjoy. Trust us when we say that will bring you wayyy more gifts than just shouting for them.

7. Connect with other streamers

One of the biggest mistakes that new broadcasters make is assuming that other broadcasters are nothing but competition. This could not be further from the truth. Other live streamers can be your biggest fans and your best friends.

As the expression goes: a rising tide lifts all boats

DON’T fake a connection in hopes that they’ll gift you. It’s easy to spot and you’ll get a reputation as a faker. Instead, go to their live streams, interact with them, become their fans, and get to know them. These little acts of kindness can get repaid tenfold as they come to your live stream and get to know you. You can also participate in battles and live parties together, increasing both the size of your audience and, most likely, the number of gifts you’re both going to get!

8. Don’t forget these 2 magical words

Thank you.

Few gestures are as strong as simply thanking the people who have gifted you. Don’t save your appreciation for the massive gifts and ignore the small gifters either. No matter how big the gift is, make sure you thank the gifter by name. The same goes for new followers. 

These small acts of kindness add to the overall positivity of your stream and make the gifter feel great about themselves. Do you know what that leads to? You guessed it – more gifts!

9. Follow up with your fans

Let’s say your broadcast is over for the day. As you exit your live stream you’ll see a list of the people who gave you gifts during your stream along with how much they gave you.

Our advice, if you didn’t follow them already during your stream make sure to follow these wonderful people back when it’s over. Then, send them a message thanking them for their generosity. Even something as simple as, “Thank you so much for your gift! Was great meeting you and can’t wait to see you next time!” is enough to get people excited about your next stream.

10. Show your appreciation to your biggest gifters

Here’s a little tip for the pro streamer. Let’s say someone gave you a REALLY big gift. Something so big that you’re practically skipping around your studio by the end of your broadcast due to uncontrollable happiness!

Instead of just sending them a message showing your appreciation, many of the biggest streamers like to take things a step further and send them a personal token of appreciation. This can be anything from a personalized t-shirt to doing a one-on-one video call with them – anything that makes them feel special and reminds them of how amazing they are!

Discover the Tango tools for success

Tango provides in-app tools that help live streamers accomplish their goals and maximize their profits. They’re simple to use, provide great results, and, best of all, are all 100% free!



Tango analytics are the best way to discover what your audience loves and how you can improve your stream for the next time you go live.

Checking analytics can only be done from your cell phone. In order to view them tap on your profile picture in the upper left-hand corner then select statistics.

From here you’ll be able to see when you went live, how much you earned, how long your broadcast session was, and how many new followers you have.

Battles/Live Parties

Battles and live parties are features that allow you to stream with other broadcasters at the same time. 


Plan battles with other streamers ahead of time in order to promote them on your feed and on social media.


There are two types of filters that you can use to add even more fun and excitement to your stream!


Adorable and hilarious animations that move with you and even adapt to your facial expressions.


Change everything from the whiteness of your teeth to the shape of your head. It can be cute, silly, or just plain crazy!


Premium content is the best content that you put behind a paywall for your viewers. To go to premium first select the camera icon at the bottom of the explore tab. Scroll to the left and select premium and then pick any gift you’d like.

It’s an immediate gift from anyone in premium plus more gifts once the premium starts!

Best ways to plan a premium stream:

  • Go live and wait until you have a lot of viewers in your stream. When you start your premium stream you can expect between 10-15% of your audience to join you.
  • Promote your premium stream ahead of time. If you really want to earn those extra gifts create a teaser video or photo of what you’re going to be streaming and wait for your fans to show up for you!


Getting more gifts doesn’t require knowledge of some deeply-guarded secret. Simply bringing positive energy, interacting more with your fans, and showing gratitude is enough for you to earn more and live the lifestyle of your dreams as a live content creator.

Excited to get more gifts? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!


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