37 Streaming Ideas You Have To Try!

It’s not easy to stand out as a popular and entertaining streamer, no doubt about that. But if you want to build up an engaged and active audience you’re going to need to put in the extra effort to get fans to your stream!

This can mean coming to your stream with high energy, interacting with your audience no matter your talent, and delivering fantastic content that people can’t resist! It’s that last crucial element that we’re going to talk about today – how can you keep your content fun and fresh so your audience never misses out on a stream?

Read on and discover how you can mix up your stream with new and exciting content!

1. Behind the scenes stream

Take a break from your regular stream and have some fun showing off the studio where the magic happens! If you stream from home (like most broadcasters do) you can take people on a home tour. Show them where you live, the view from your place and what you like to do at home.

If you like to plan out your stream, give people a look into how you do it. Maybe you have a particular spot where you like to sit and think. Show your fans, they’re dying to know!

2. Take us to your favorite restaurant

This can be a great one to save for a night when you’re craving the food from your favorite restaurant but all your friends are too busy to join you for a meal. Instead, take us! Your biggest fans would love to share in your restaurant experience.

Walk people through the menu and show them your favorite dishes. Help us to understand what makes this restaurant so special to you and why you love it so much. Of course, you can always take a few friends with you as well, it doesn’t have to be a solo trip!

3. Share your thoughts on an issue

People want to get to know the broadcasters they’re spending so much time with, and that includes hearing their thoughts on anything from current events to politics.

If you have strong feelings about a certain issue, pick a day to discuss it with your fans. Just make sure you keep the conversation civil and foster respect for people with different opinions. If not, you’re likely to lose followers who might get frustrated with you.

4. Eat a sour or spicy food on camera

Be safe if you’re going to do this one! If you’re someone who can handle the heat of the sour-ness, this could be a fun one for your fans to see. Just make sure you have some water, soda, or milk on hand in case things start to get a little out of control!

5. Do an unboxing

This is a popular genre of videos and for a good reason – it’s fascinating to see different toys, clothes, and gadgets that people get. If it’s something complicated or has multiple parts make sure you show them how it works and talk up how cool it is.

6. Ask a thought-provoking question

Many people go on to Tango because they’re looking for serious and provocative conversations. So help facilitate those by asking different questions: would you rather fly or breathe underwater? Do you think aliens are real? Plus the always-popular, are there more doors or wheels?

7. Dress up in different costumes

Do you have a box you have sitting in your closet with all those past holiday costumes inside? Well it needs to get taken out and brought onto live! Model for your fans some of your favorite costumes and, if there are any interesting or funny stories from the night you wore it, tell your fans.

8. Do a live webinar or training

You’d be surprised at the things that people love to learn about. No matter how random or obscure you think a topic is, someone out there is interested in it. Pick something that you know well and do a lesson about it to entertain and educate your fans.

9. Do a meditation class

Meditation has numerous benefits, chief among them being stress reduction. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to do meditation by themselves. This is where having a meditation live streaming could really come in handy. Simply reminding people to relax and clear their minds while giving them encouragement now and again can make a huge and worthy difference for them.

10. Tell a funny story

Storytelling, like many things in life, is a skill that takes time to develop. But develop it you must! Great storytellers generally find it easier to make friends, succeed in their careers, and accomplish their streaming goals. The only way to get better? Practice. So pick a story and start telling it.

11. Make a prank call

Speaking of funny, who doesn’t remember those hilarious prank call shows on MTV? Probably anyone born after 1996…

Time to bring those back to the modern age with a slight technological twist! Instead of creating television shows around them, do a live broadcast as you pretend to be a character and call a random number. Just make sure you keep it fun and BE NICE!

12. Broadcast a concert or local event

Next time you’re at a big event you can easily add it to your broadcast and share the fun with your fans. Not only does this help to mix up the content you’re streaming but it also lets your fans get to know you better by seeing what you like to do and where you like to go!

13. Show us your pets

Do you have a cat, dog, or goldfish that you love? Let us meet them! It’s a scientifically proven fact that basically everybody loves animals. Especially if they do tricks. So recruit them to your stream and let the laughter begin!

14. Cook your favorite dish

Cooking your favorite food provides some mouth-watering fun that your fans can enjoy. Pick a recipe, any recipe, and show your fans how you’re the master of your kitchen.

15. Live stream your job (if you can)

Please don’t get fired doing this, but if you can give your fans a peek into what you do at work you should. It shows a unique and interesting side to you, especially if you do something that people would be curious about.

16. Do a how-to

Any family secrets you have that work miracles? Do you have a crazy way to cut garlic or catch flies? Any life hacks that you have that you feel comfortable sharing with your fans would make for such a cool broadcast.

17. Interview a friend

Don’t feel like you have to carry this live stream all by yourself. You can always invite a friend on with you and do an interview. Think of it like a podcast, but instead of just talking you get to do it live and interact with your fans as well.

18. Do a skit

Remember when you were a kid and you used to do little home movies? Well now is your chance to finally become a star! Or at least get paid for doing these skits. Invite over a friend and write a fun or funny skit or do one on your own.

19. Recreate your favorite art, movie, TV scene

Can’t think of any skit ideas? Start with a classic piece of cinema or television and add your own twist to it!

20. Lead a workout class

If working out and sweating is your passion then leading a workout class could be the perfect thing for you. Think of a fun routine that can be followed by your fans and get them to feel the burn!

21. Do a fundraiser

Many streamers use their channel as a way to raise money for an issue that they’re passionate about. Pick something that you care deeply about and ask streamers to donate to it. Just make sure that if you’re asking for gifts you actually use the money they give you to donate to charity.

22. Play 20 questions

This is a fun game that all your fans can join in on. Think of an object, person, or place and give your fans 20 questions to guess what it is. It’s a fun and high-energy way to keep people entertained and interacting during your broadcast.

23. Play hangman

Like 20 questions, this is another great game to play. Think of a word, and let your fans guess it letter by letter. Every time they get a letter wrong, you draw another body part of a stick figure on the board. If it ends up being the whole person, they lose and you win!

24. Do a makeup stream

Makeup tutorials are one of the most popular how-to genres so we had to give it its own section. If you have any tips or tricks don’t just keep them to yourself! Show your fans how it’s done so they can feel as confident as you.

25. Give dating advice or talk about relationships

You’d be surprised at just how big of an issue this is for so many people around the world. If you have any great pieces of advice about relationships you’d be willing to share your fans would likely be more than grateful. Otherwise, just talking about it is something that most people will appreciate and relate to.

26. Do a history lesson

There are so many fascinating and wild things that have happened throughout history. Take just a few moments and look something up and then explain it to your fans. You’ll likely be shocked at what you come across!

27. Karaoke!

Pick a popular song and start singing! This is an already popular way to attract fans and also makes a great addition to any streamer’s broadcasting schedule. Don’t worry if you aren’t a naturally talented singer – half the fun is in just trying and giving it your all!

28. Do a movie review

What was the last movie you saw? What did you think about it? Explain to your fans your thoughts on the most recent cinematic masterpiece you just saw and let them know if they should see it or not. People are always curious about new movies and if they’re worth their time.

29. Go someplace you’ve never been to before

This is an adventure that everyone can enjoy together! Is there a place nearby that you’ve been wanting to check out but still haven’t gone to? Bringing your streaming audience along with you might be the inspiration you need to go visit it for the first time. Who knows what you might find?

30. Cosplay your favorite character

Cosplay is incredibly popular and is only becoming more mainstream year after year. Pick your favorite cartoon or video game character and dress up like them. Then do a Q&A with you as that character. 

31. Do a challenge

The ice bucket challenge, cinnamon challenge, or any other challenge you can think of THAT IS SAFE are all fun broadcasting ideas. Even if you don’t manage to succeed, just having fans there with you while you do it is enough fun for it to be worth it.

32. Introduce your relatives

This is a great way for your fans to get to know you and learn a little bit more about your past. Plus it makes the streams more fun since you get to incorporate your loved ones into it. Who knows, maybe mom or dad has something funny to say too!

33. Make a bucket list

All those things you want to do with your life, make a list and involve your fans in deciding what they should be. It’s also a fantastic way to connect since you can encourage your fans to tell you what they have on their lists as well.

34. Do those fun, weird online quizzes

What kind of fish are you? Which Disney princess best fits your personality? These quizzes are both bizarre but also super entertaining. It also lets your fans get to know you better as you answer the questions about your personality and personal life.

35. Interview one of your fans

Have you had a fan that’s been coming around a lot lately? Why not put the spotlight on them and start asking them some questions? It makes them feel special and lets you get to know the people coming to your broadcast.

36. Most embarrassing moment story

These are almost always hilarious even if they feel a little awkward to tell. But telling an embarrassing story shows confidence and will naturally connect you to your audience with your authenticity.

37. Celebrity news

Gossip, celebrity news, or Hollywood drama? For some people that is what gives them the excitement to their lives! Do a stream talking about these fun and interesting issues and add some unique fun to your broadcast.

Notice what’s not on this list?

Nudity, sexual activities, drugs, violence, or anything else that infringes with our terms of service agreement. Streams like these will cause us to close down your stream and may even result in you getting banned from Tango. You’re much better off picking fun and interesting live streaming content from this list.

Best of luck and happy streaming!
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