👀A Sneak Preview to the World of Moh👀

👉Now is Your Moment to meet one of the most respected and influential supporters on our platform! Moh is a prestigious Tango Supporter, Black Diamond VIP member, and Head of the The Moh Family (winner of our recent Family Playoffs Tournament!)🏆

We’re excited to take you on a journey to the world of Moh in this exclusive interview!🌍

Moh comes from Saudi Arabia🇸🇦. He joined Tango 6 months ago when his friend recommended the app. 

In the past 6 months, he managed to lead one of the top communities in Tango, 

The Moh Family, spreading values of unity, friendship and love among his very own community❤️

🫂The Moh Family🫂

When asked how he started his Tango Family, Moh shared his insight and skills into the making of this epic community: 

“Down the road, I started to develop some Tango skills i.e. making new friends, communicating with people in their stream, chat and more. With time, those friends got closer and my Tango experience had reached its maturity. By then, I loved the idea of Tango’s “family” feature and had created mine which was based on fun, care and respect”.

Fairly new to Tango, Moh shared with us that as a newbie, he enjoyed Tango’s warm welcome, and loved experiencing different cultures and meeting new people from all around the world. He specifically liked that Tango provided a safe environment for him to be treated with love and respect, forming new friendships which created the goal for Moh’s Family – helping each individual who joins his community feel welcomed.

👉Starting Your Own Community👈

If you want to start your own community on Tango, we suggest you stick to Moh’s golden rule: 

“Respect each others’ differences — perspectives, cultures, beliefs and so on; and don’t ever judge a book by its cover.”

😎Got Inspired?😎

We wanted to hear in Moh’s words what makes Tango so special to him, and more importantly how we inspired him:

“Tango, to me, is an entertaining place to jump on and share good times with my loved ones. It has something for everyone — and you can find some friendly games like versus battles, music shows, deep or fun conversations and more, it simply has it all.”

He specifically likes our 3D gifts, new collections and even his very own customized gift. He’s also been a fan of our new features such as gestures in stream, and our unique partnership with YouTube, allowing him to share his favorite videos in real-time with his entire community. All these special features make Tango the ultimate home for Moh and his community.

💡10 Things You Didn’t Know about Moh💡

And now to the very special part, as we promised a sneak preview to the life of Moh, we asked him to share with us 10 things we didn’t know about him:

🤫He doesn’t like to talk about himself (so this exclusive interview was especially challenging😉)

👨‍💻He’s a true workaholic

🌄He’s outdoorsy and loves to escape in nature

🐶A massive dog lover

✈️Traveler with a purpose

🎨He loves arts and science🔬

🏅He enjoys sports, particularly ⚽football, 🎾tennis and 🏊water sports

🌊He loves the ocean 

☀️Warm weather and anything out in the sun 

🌳Truly cares about the environment! 

If you’d like to get to know Moh better, we recommend you follow him on Tango to get to know him and meet his incredible Tango Family.

To wrap up our special interview with Moh, we asked him what message he would want to leave his fans with: 

“Don’t worry! Be happy! The real richness is life, forever.

Live it, don’t ever overthink it, like tomorrow may never come”.

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