🤳🏻 Introducing NEW Audio Rooms! 🔉

Excited to try Tango’s interactive, live Audio Rooms?

Audio Rooms is a new Tango feature that allows Creators and Viewers to go live together with up to 12 people. It’s a comfortable audio-only space to share ideas, spark fun discussions, and connect with more people!

It’s all about branding your room to reflect your personality, attract fans, and create an engaging atmosphere!

🌟 Here’s a step-by-step guide to start your own Live Audio Room:

  1. Tap the “Live” Button:

    • Open the app and hit the camera button to start streaming 🎧

  2. Choose the “Audio” Option:

    • Scroll and select “Audio” 🎙️

    • Add your audio stream theme in the text field. Get creative!

  3. Set Up Your Stream:

    • Decide who can chat with you 🔊

    • Your camera and effects will be turned off, focusing only on audio.

  4. Go Live!

    • Tap “Audio Live” and start the conversation! Your followers will get a push notification when you start your Audio Room so they can join 📮

Setting the Stage for Your Audio Room 🎭

First Impressions Count:

  • Look and Feel: Your main avatar pic will be used in your Audio Room, so ensure it represents you well and sets the right tone for your space.

Creating a Welcoming Environment 🌈

Inviting Friends and Guests:

  • Tips to Invite: Use the invite features to bring friends and guests into your room. Personal invitations can make your space feel more engaging and interactive.

  • Engaging Space: Foster an environment where discussions can flow easily. Use interactive elements like chat and games to keep the conversation lively.

Engaging Your Community 🚀


  • Strategies: Keep your community interested with engaging topics, lively discussions, and interactive elements. Encourage participation to make everyone feel included

🔔 Get Started Today! Make your Audio Room a true reflection of your unique style. Engage your fans, enjoy lively discussions with viewers, and earn with every live conversation!  🎉

⚙️ This feature is accessible to users with Tango App Version 8.57 or above. This feature is accessible to all users with App Version 8.57 or above, on iOS and Android.

Stay tuned for more tips and updates. We can’t wait to hear what you create! 🧏🏻

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