Are you ready for the biggest tournament Tango’s ever had?

Tune in to watch TOP streamers from all over the world battle it out across all oceans🌍

How to Enter the Top STREAMERS?👑

There are 2 ways to participate in the Battle of the Flags:  
🍂Get nominated from your fans and viewers by getting a special The Battle of the Flags Gift – available in Moods on Stream for ALL streams September 8 – 13. The 50 streamers who collect the most Battle of the Flags Gift will get an invitation and reserved spot in the Tournament! 
🍂Additional top users, partners, and VIPs will be specially selected by Tango Management and offered personal invites to participate in the competition. If you’re interested, reach out to your VIP or Partner Manager!

YOU can help vote for your favorite streamer to enter! Simply nominate your favorite streamers by sending them the Battle of the Flags Gift!


The more gifts you send, the higher the chances your favorite streamer will earn a spot in this most exclusive tournament!💪

Voting Rules🗳️

👉🏻50 Battle of the Flags nominees are chosen based on the amount of Battle of the Flags Nominee gift they receive. The rest of the participants are top-performing streamers selected by Tango’s team based on – Nominee gifts received, lifetime diamonds, status and streaming activity.

👉🏻Official selected streamers are subject to classification and qualifications under rules and regulations approved by the Tango Team.

👉🏻Votes before September 8th and after September 13th will not be counted

Check the Leaderboard!🏆

During the voting period (Sep. 9-13), you will be able to track the TOP 50 leaderboard to see if you are on the list/your favorite Streamers are there! 

Gift and collect more gifts to enter the TOP 50!
LINK TO THE LEADERBOARD: https://www.tango.me/leaderboards/BattleOfTheFlags 

How Will it Work?🏳️

⚔️ Top streamers from around the world will compete in a multi-round tournament with 15-min multi-battles (Rounds 1 and 2) and 30-minute single battles (Quarterfinals onwards). 

⚔️ Streamers in each battle must compete to get the most gifts from their supporters.

⚔️At the end of the battle, whoever wins the most Coins moves up a round for a chance to compete in the Finals and be crowned BATTLE OF THE FLAGS CHAMPION!👑

⚔️Winners of each battle get a 10% Tango Winner’s Bonus, in addition to their Battle earnings!



🥇First Place

💎$1000 Awarded in Tango Diamonds

🎴NFT Card & Private Promoted Auction

🎉Promoted Celebration stream in honor of the Grand Winner

🥈Second Place:

💎$500 Awarded in Tango Diamonds

🎉Promoted Celebration stream

🥉Third Place:

💎$250 Awarded in Tango Diamonds


SEP. 21-24

Battle of the Flags tournament is starting with a special Qualifiers round, where 64 representatives from India & MENA regions each will compete in national battles. 32 winning participants from each region will get to represent their Country in the Battle of the Flags!



BATTLE 1: PRINCESS KARA🧞🧿 VS Soumya Kunjava🛡⚔🛡12:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 2: Dancer💃Alisha VS 🌾🌾 Naina 🌾🌾 12:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 3: Udita❤ VS 👿Sam Rajavat👿1PM UTC
BATTLE 4: itsme_Ashii 🤍 VS 🕉Shizuka🖤🧗Sharma❤1:15 PM UTC
BATTLE 5: Amayra 💕🧿 أمايرا 🧿🧿 VS Bhakhtyar m irani 1:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 6: 🔥ishah🔥 VS Handa Panda 🐼1:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 7: ☘️ ♾️ BHANU SHREE 🕉️🧿 VS Wine 🍷 2:00 PM UTC
BATTLE 8: 🐠🎖sαցαɾ 🎶 VS Sia savvy🥂2:15 PM UTC


BATTLE 1: 2:15 PM UTC: 🌹 ﮼ sh💙 VS 🦋القلب الطيب 🦋
BATTLE 2: 2:30 PM UTC: آمبر🧚🏻♀ VS 『Sara 』🦋
BATTLE 3: 2:45 PM UTC: لــــــينا ♡ دوبرازيل VS 👑 ليالي 👑
BATTLE 4: 3:00 PM UTC: ❤️روز❤️ VS ꧁Ah̷m̷a̷d̷ Al̷-h̷a̷j̷꧂
BATTLE 5: 3:15 PM UTC: ❤طل⭐القمر🌜لارا❤ VS 🕸️الرآيق🕸️
BATTLE 6: 3:30 PM UTC: ابراج وتحليل شخصيات 🦄 VS ✌️صہٰاحہٰبٰٰ الہٰسہٰمو✌️
BATTLE 7: 3:45 PM UTC:🛡🌹علوش🌹🛡جيش.ماجيكو.مرو.من.هنا VS Angel ملاك🕊
BATTLE 8: 04:00 PM UTC: ☠️ᗩᕼᗰEᗪ⚡️Kᗩᕼᖇᗩᗷᗩ☠️ VS عم شكوكو



BATTLE 1: Shikha🧿 VS ❤️༺༒[ΔŊΔΜIƘΔ]༒༻❤️12:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 2: EVUU❤💫 VS 💗💗Sonikudi💗💗12:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 3: ❥✾ I R A ✾ ❥ VS Tamanna💫✨🌸 1:00 PM UTC
Snuffins radheyvin VS Kritika 💝1:15 PM UTC
BATTLE 5: Hazel🌸✨ الأميرة أديتي VS ROYAL PRINCE1:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 6: Shreya Jain Music VS Hani S1:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 7: Wöñdēr Gīrl ثمين🧿 VS C✺✺kie2:00 PM UTC
BATTLE 8: 🔥✨ꌚꂑꐟꋫ ✨🔥 (Lady Hulk)سيا💕 VS Mahi 🧚♀️ਕੰਮੋ 🧚(ماهي)2:15 PM UTC

BATTLE 1: 💞آمےـيےـرة💞 VS 🛢ᗩᗷO ᖴᗩᕼᗩᗪ 609 (C)2:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 2: 🎗🎭فيراري🎭🎗 VS Celynna💋. – 2:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 3: 🎖️أميہرالہ🎖️ VS 💅Ýøýø💅3:00 PM UTC
BATTLE 4: ﮼همس🐆🖤 VS Ingrid 3:15 PM UTC
BATTLE 5: 👑 NADA نــٰـٍدى ּ 👑 VS ⚠️رهـہوفـہ🙈ʳᵃʰᵃᶠ🤟3:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 7: 4:00 PM UTC 🕊️نِ̀́ــي̀́ــسٰ̀́ــآ̀́ن̀🕊️ VS 💙ميس💙
BATTLE 8: 4:15 PM UTC👑برنسيسةلبنانية👑LaPrincesse VS نور خالد🦅



BATTLE 1: Sandhya💫 VS Jeniffer( جينيفر)12:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 2: Arohi ♠RBMF🥀 VS 🧿🍁 🌸Chloe 🌸 🍁 🧿12:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 3: kashish Kapoor VS The_Dusky_Girl- 1:00 PM UTC
‎‎🦋Srishti🦋💫 VS ❤️NITARA💙1:15 PM UTC
BATTLE 5: Orchid ⚜💫 VS Tanyaaa❤️🧀1:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 6: 💖Rjメ⭐|爱 🎻 VS 🤟#Livesingerofficial#🤟1:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 7: 🧧🌀🥇 Akhhila ✨🌻💰♠RBMF VS 💙Ani💙2:00 PM UTC
BATTLE 8: Devuzz🧚🏻 VS 🍁Sanju🍁Telugu🍁2:15 PM UTC

BATTLE 1: ♕⨳YURi⨳♕⚠️ VS 🤟 B0B😈DEVIL ⚠️2:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 2:2:45 PM UTC🤟⛓☠️ ﮼قرموش ☠️⛓⚠️ VS آيسل🕊🤍👸🏻🐆
BATTLE 3: 3:00 PM UTC⭐🍒̨ڷــمۭــٰا̍ڔ💞⭐ VS Chanel
BATTLE 4:3:15 PM UTC⚠️💵 نۨــڠــمۘ 🥤اڸــ؏ــڛۜــل💵⚠️ VS 🐺قمرهانم🐺
BATTLE 5: 3:30 PM UTC -🎙️AMIR🎙️VS 🛢D7
BATTLE 6: – 3:45 PM UTCاللبنانية VS سيما
BATTLE 7: – 4:00 PM UTCSnow White 🤍🦩سنو وايت VS ⭐ ڛــامـْبـٌـوُ🥇ᏚᎯᎷᏰᏫ 🎤
BATTLE 8: – 4:15 PM UTC – 🖤يَاَقُوُتْ🖤 VS Lion



BATTLE 1: 🧿Zivaa 🧿🕊 VS 💫 Pr@th@n@12:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 2: Maddy VS GUGLU🙈 12:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 3:1:00 PM UTCEvana 🌸 ايفانا VS Kiara
‎‎– ☀Yashvi ✨🌟🧿 VS 🧿🐼Ãñamìkä🐤🧿 – 1:15 PM UTC
BATTLE 5: – 🎶 RASHI 🎶 VS ✨Anjuu✨- 1:30 PM UTC
BATTLE 6:Kalua🐂 VS Angel 🧚♀❤ – 1:45 PM UTC
BATTLE 7:🎀Sapna🎀 VS Yuvika 🥀 – 2:00 PM UTC

BATTLE 1:2:30 PM UTC – 🤟🏼ᒍⓐMᗩIKⒶ⚠️🤟🏼🧿 VS Jess
BATTLE 2:2:45 PM UTC – 🔒✨ڪۆڪۍ✨🔒 VS 🤟☠️monzer☠️⚠️
BATTLE 3: 3:00 PM UTC – 🦾ⒶⒽⓂⒺⒺⒹ🤟 VS Karen🖤
BATTLE 4:3:15 PM UTC – .ᴀʟꜱʜᴀʏɪʙ ♾ ﮼الشايب VS 🤟 ࿐ 012 🎙ᴛɪᴍᴀ🎙
BATTLE 5: 3:30 PM UTC🤟 اخر حبه⚠️ VS الشبح 👹🙅
BATTLE 6: – 3:45 PM UTC – علي ادريانو VS Klarita
BATTLE 7: – 4:00 PM UTC – ⚠️مايا🤍Mayа🤟 VS Rim Hsn

Battle Details⚔️

🚩TOP Participants
🚩Round 1 – 32 Multi-Battles (4 participants each)
🚩Round 2 – 8 Multi-Battles (4 participants each)
🚩Quarterfinals – 4 Battles (2 participants each)
🚩Semifinals – 2 Battles (2 participants each)
🚩Finals – 1 Battle (2 participants)


🍁Make sure you’re checking out the Leaderboard regularly to see where you or your favorite streamer is ranked!

🍁Don’t forget to reach out to your top fans and ask for their endorsement, so you can make it to our TOP 50 and stay in that top spot🔥

🍁Confirm your participation!📝

Tournament battles are scheduled in advance. All participants must make sure they are available at these 30-minute time slots to ensure participation.
If a participant is not available Tango reserves the right to replace participants.

⚠️Any participants who do not attend the Livestream Event (after the confirmation!) on their scheduled day/time will be disqualified from participating in future tango events😔



🚩Part 1 (Sep.30 – Oct.01) – 16 Multi-Battles


Battle #1 – 11 AM UTC 💚🌸J🦋O🦋Y🌸💚 vs
Battle #2 – 2:15 PM UTC Faye❤️Barry vs
❤️••• Nisha Ali نشا علی•••❤️ vs
404❗Mila so so ku ku 🐉
Battle #3 – 2:30 PM UTC ᖴᗩᒪᗩK ᔕᕼᗩᕼ ❤️ vs
404❗🔥⭐Angel ⭐🔥 vs
Battle #4 – 2:45 PM UTC •°💋Mαɾυ🔥°• vs
404❗ANASTEISHA❗️ vs 
29.09🎉Anaconda🎁 vs
Tony Davi
Battle #5 – 3 PM UTC ♕⨳موجي⨳♕🦁♏️Xïäö vs
Barfi vs 
404❗️O L I A 🧡
Battle #6 – 3:15 PM UTC $hein💋💘💖 vs 
🤍MayriSa🤍 vs 
Battle #7 – 3:30 PM UTC 404❗️Batwoman🦇 vs
Battle #8 – 3:45 PM UTC LAUDY QUEEN 🦁♥️💋 vs 
🧿F͓̽a͓̽i͓̽t͓̽h͓̽f͓̽u͓̽l͓̽l͓̽ G͓̽i͓̽r͓̽l͓̽🧿 vs
404❗CANIM 🕊❤

🚩Part 2 (Oct.02 – 03) – 16 Multi-Battles

⚔️round 2⚔️

🚩Part 1 (Oct.08) – 4 Multi-Battles

🚩Part 2 (Oct.09) – 4 Multi-Battles


🚩Oct. 11 – 4 Battles


🚩Oct.13 – 2 Battles

🥇The Finals🥇

🚩Oct. 15– 1 Finale Battle

Streamer Guidelines💡

👉How to Prepare for your Battle:

  • Post on your feed promotional banner appointed to you to get as many viewers as possible
  • Connect with your scheduled opponents in advance. Make sure you follow them and they follow you before the battle begins
  • 15 minutes before the start of the battle, start a joint stream with your opponent
  • Check the hardware, sound quality, and internet connection
  • Decide between yourselves who will start  

👉Battle Rules:

  • Battle must be set with a 30 min timer. A battle of less than 30 min will be disqualified.
  • All Tango battles are subject to short time extensions when lead changes occur towards the end of the battle. They cannot be switched off and are considered a part of tournament rules.
  • Overtime extension adds 30 seconds to the duration of a battle.
  • Overtime extension happens only if both these conditions are met:
    • When the timer is at 00:00 and the battle is supposed to end
    • The battle leader changed in the last 30 seconds of the battle
  • An extension may happen an unlimited number of times in a single battle

If a battle disconnects in the first 5 min – you can attempt to restart battle with the same participants in the same hour. After 5 min – User who was at the lead at time of disconnect wins unless the difference is under 5000 coins, then the battle will restart. If one side refuses to restart, it will be up  to tango management (case by case basis) to decide the winner within one business day.        

👉Participant Rules:

  • Supporting & gifting yourself via a second account, or an account that belongs to another participant, is strictly forbidden.
  • Participants who are late to a battle will be given 5 minutes to arrive. If they are unable to make it they will be disqualified and banned from future competitions.
  • Audio-only streaming is not allowed, participants must have video turned on although face masks are permitted.
  • Make sure you and your opponents are following each other before the battle begins.
  • For any questions feel free to speak to your VIP or community managers directly.
  • Tango Rules and Guidelines must be followed during competitions.
  • Tango does not tolerate disrespectful, violent, or abusive behavior during any events or live streams. 
  • Tango holds the right to terminate the event and disqualify any abusive participants from the event.
  • Due to marketing purposes only white-listed streamers who adhere to Tango guidelines with safe, non-adult, content will be allowed to participate in the official event and win.
  • Winners are chosen based on several criteria: the number of votes they received, a subjective review of their performances, and an inspection of their previous content per Tango guidelines.
  • The Tango committee is reviewing all winners and will decide qualifications based on the above criteria.
  • All Votes are cast via the Battle of the Flags Nominee Gift – available in your Mood gifts in every Stream & digitally tracked by Tango.
  • Official Winners are subject to classification and qualifications under rules and regulations approved by the Tango Team.
  • Sending one unique Battle of the Flag Gift will count as 1 single vote.
  • You can vote as many times as you wish! Send the same gift to vote more.
  • Voting gifts sent in Public-only streams will be counted
  • Votes before September 9 and after September 13 will not be counted.

Tango Rules and Guidelines must be followed during competitions. Tango does not tolerate disrespectful, violent, or abusive behavior during any events or live streams.

Don’t want to miss Tango’s biggest tournament yet?  Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for exclusive event and important information!

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