📣Introducing our brand new Referral & Coaching Programs for Creators!

🆘Help newbies succeed while earning EXTRA money on Tango!

🤔Do you know a lot of streamers with talent, or do you just want to hang out with your friends on Tango? 📈Use these programs to increase your earnings.

✋After your friends register using your referral link, you will get 10% of their earnings. Even if you don’t broadcast much, this is a great way to make a steady income!



👉First, choose your path: Referral Program or Coaching Program

🪜HOW DO YOU DO IT? It’s easy! Follow these simple steps:

🌟Find friends who would like to become broadcasters
🌟Send them your personal referral link or post your link on social media! Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – anything goes🥳
🌟Connect with them on Tango and help them succeed. Their success = your success!


🚨IMPORTANT🚨 Please make sure your friends follow these steps:

✨Install the app using the referral link only. Do not leave the app store page until the app is installed.

👐When the app is finished installing, click “Open” on the Store page.

🫵After installation of Invited friend, a pop-up will appear asking permission for Safari to paste to Tango; press ‘Allow Paste’ 

🖼️Once the app is open, click on the profile picture to register (located in the upper-left corner of the screen)

🎉Sign up and start streaming!


Here are some supportive tips to help YOU be the BEST coach you can be👍

✋I have a student, but I cannot send more requests
At the moment, you can only coach up to 5 students at a time. Once your current students reach their first withdrawal and you get your bonus, these students will then be moved to the “Active” section, and you will be able to find more students to teach.

🤔My student does not respond to me
If you want to replace your current student and find a new one, you can do so from the Referral Program screen:
Simply tap on (i) icon near the student you want to replace and tap on the Find New Student button!

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