🏆 EURO2024 Extravaganza ⚽

Get ready for a summer of football fun and fierce competition with our EURO2024 activities! Here’s a quick overview of all the exciting events we have lined up for you.

 🎽 EURO2024 Jersey Collection Gifts: Show Your Team Spirit!

Kick off the excitement with our NEW EURO2024 Jersey Collection Gifts! Choose from 24 team jerseys and show your support. Available Exclusively in our NEW EURO2024 Gift Tab!

🃏 EURO2024 Auctions: Bid, Win, and Level Up!

Join the EURO2024 Auctions with three exciting levels: Qualifiers, Euro Games, and Euro Finals. Here’s how you can participate:

🎟️ Get Your EURO Card: Level up to Silver by June 18 to earn your exclusive EURO card! 

💪 Reach 10K Diamonds to qualify for the EURO2024 auction!

💲 Sell your card at the highest price to advance to the next auction, and so on

 🏅 EURO2024 Ribbons: Show Your Team Spirit

Show your team spirit with our special EURO2024 Ribbons Here’s how you can get yours:

💲 Purchase $50 or more between June. 6-12 to pick your team ribbon 

👑 VIPs at Royal level and above can select their ribbons regardless of their purchases

Expiring Ribbons: Choose carefully – ribbons expire when your team loses

⚔️ Mini-Event: EURO2024 Matchup Battles

Ready for some friendly competition? Vote for your favorite teams in our survey and be part of exciting mini-event battles. Here’s how it works:

🙌 Cheer for Your Team: Choose your favorite team (check your Tango Chat Inbox starting June 14 to pick your team).

Matchup Battles: Engage in thrilling battles – may the best team win!

🌍 EURO2024 Challenges: June 29 – July 14

Get ready for the ultimate football showdown! 

📊Starting from the Euro Round of 16, join our daily leaderboards and track the team jerseys you collect, but only for the teams still in the competition. 

🏅 Score big if your team’s jersey wins the match, but if they lose, you’re out! Show your football spirit and prove your loyalty—may the best fans win! ⚽🏆🔥

🏆 EURO2024 Tournament: Collect, Compete, and Conquer

The ultimate Euro Tournament is HERE! Our EURO2024 Tournament is all about collecting, competing, and conquering. Here’s how you can join the fun:

🏅 Get Nominated: Fans and viewers can nominate their favorite Creators by sending EURO2024 Jersey Collection Gifts. The top 128 Creators with the most Jersey gifts secure a spot.

📊 Track the Leaderboard: Check the TOP 128 leaderboard during the voting period (June 13 – 17) to see if you or your favorite Creator made the cut.

Tournament Schedule:

🥇 Round 1 (June 21 – 24): 32 Battles, 96 Participants, 15 Minutes Each

🥈 Round 2 (June 26 – 27): 16 Battles, 32 Participants, 15 Minutes Each

🥉 Quarterfinals (June 29): 8 Battles, 16 Participants, 15 Minutes Each

🏅 Semifinals (July 4): 4 Battles, 2 Participants per Battle, 30 Minutes Each

🏆 Finals (July 5): 1 Multi Battle, 4 Participants, 30 Minutes Long

📣 Other Exciting EURO2024 Activities

Don’t miss out on our mini-events, auctions, and special rewards throughout the EURO2024 season! Whether you’re competing in matchup battles or bidding in our auctions, there are plenty of opportunities to show your team pride and win big.

Get ready to make history with the EURO2024 Extravaganza – support your team, compete with the best, and may the best fans win!

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