How to Make New Friends on Tango

When did it become so hard to make friends? 

It seems like the older we get, the more challenging it becomes to meet new people that we really click with. It’s not like we’ve become less social over the years. In fact, studies have shown that even past childhood and our teenage years, having friendships makes us happier, healthier adults!

Enter live streaming – and not the boring kind you might use if you work in an office. We’re talking about a fun, engaging live stream online platform that lets people connect around the world!

There are tons of features that Tango Live has that make it easy to connect with others – many that you probably don’t know about. Thankfully, by the end of this article, you will! Hopefully, you’ll take this new knowledge to heart and take your friendships to the next level!

Go live frequently

Here’s some basic advice that applies to both streamers and viewers. You’re chances of meeting someone who you really click with go up the more you go online.

Sure, you might get lucky and just happen to stumble across someone with who you instantly connect with. But, just like in real life, you’re much more likely to find your next ride or die the more you get yourself out there.

Start a conversation with Tango’s chat

This one is for viewers, the people who are watching the live streams and enjoying the show. You can make your live streaming experience more enjoyable if you’re using the Tango chat to talk to your favorite streamers.

Obviously, if you’re stuck with the same cookie-cutter questions for the streamers the conversation might not spark into a friendship. Thankfully we have a blog article right here about how to keep things more interesting during your chats.

PLUS there’s even a voice notes feature in Tango now where you can talk to streamers instead of typing. It’s fun and it creates a way more personal and memorable interaction for everyone. 

Give gifts to stand out

Of course, sometimes you enter a stream and the streamer has dozens or even hundreds of viewers. You type one thing into the chat and then BOOM – it’s been lost in the never-ending stream chat.

Want to know a little secret? You can easily stand out by just giving your streamer a small gift. Seriously! Even something that costs as little as $1 USD can make a streamer’s day and make you a new friend!

We’re not saying you have to go and gift every single streamer you come across. But if you meet someone who you think is awesome and want to stand out in their minds then a gift is a quick and easy way to do it.

Stream with a purpose

Stream with a purpose? What the heck is that supposed to mean?!

In a nutshell, it means that when you’re streaming you’re giving 100% of your effort, focus, and attention to your live stream. It’s going to be hard for people to interact with you if they feel like you don’t really want to be there. 

Finally, if nothing else, make your purpose to have fun! It’s live streaming – it’s not supposed to feel like another boring 9-5 office job! The more fun that you’re having the more fun your audience is having and the easier it will be to connect and make a new friend.

Interact with other streamers

Your potential new friends could be anywhere on Tango – and that includes the many other streamers that are going live 24/7!

There are many ways to connect with other streamers and even create a community of live content creators who support and promote each other. 

  • Live stream battles – have a dual that lets you both get to know each other. It’s super fun and it might even earn you both some extra coins!
  • Live parties – similar to battles but with multiple streamers and no competition.
  • Become a viewer – why not drop in someone else’s stream and connect with them as a viewer? Seriously, why not? They’ll probably be even more excited after they find out you’re also a streamer!

Send a Tango message

Did you know that Tango has a messaging feature? You probably did because we’re always sending you promotions and other great offers on it, so make sure you’re checking it regularly!

But you can also use it too to connect with people! How do you use it, you ask? Well, are you familiar with text messaging or Whatsapp? Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to use Tango’s messaging system.

The one thing that really sets it apart is that you can also send gifts via message as well. This is also a fantastic way to stand out to people you’re trying to connect with. Until you both are following each other your messages won’t appear to them.

But a gift… that will always show up! 

Open premium/private streams

Opening premium or private streams is a great way to connect directly with one of your viewers or with a great streamer. They’re essentially private streams that keep the focus and energy on a small, select group. 

How to open a premium stream

  1. Tap the orange camera button on the bottom of your screen to go live.
  2. Scroll to the left and select the key button that says premium.
  3. Select a gift for your streams or make it only accessible to your subscribers.
  4. Invite your followers to join you in your premium stream.
  5. Go live!

How to open a private stream

  1. Go to your message chat with one of your fans/followers.
  2. Click on the camera in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap go live.
  4. A message will be sent to the viewer inviting them to join you in your private live stream.

Localize your streams

This is a fantastic way to meet streamers both far away and close by.

When you go to live you can see countries close to you and that you are in. If you want to change that you can tap change. From there you can select a country whose streamers you want to see.

This is fantastic, especially if you’re traveling, but even more so if you want to meet people near you! Who knows, your new Tango friend might turn into someone who you travel to visit. It’s certainly happened before!

Invite your friends

A quick way to make Tango even more fun? Invite some of your friends to join you! 

Tango makes this both easy and rewarding for you to do this. Tap on your profile picture to get to the main menu. From there you just need to select Invite Friends.

Wonder why there’s so much money around that button? That’s because, for each invited friend who installs Tango YOU get a gift from us! Each gift is only worth about 5 diamonds, but collect all 8 and you’ll get a 500 diamond bonus!

But wait there’s more! For the first 2 years that your friend streams on Tango you get 10% of everything they make. Not 10% from them – 10% from Tango based on their earnings. This is all on top of the bonus of just having more friends on Tango with you!

Use the Tango search bar

We try and make it easy for everyone to find new streamers and viewers all the time. So next time you’re looking for someone new to make friends with, head to the search bar and type in the name of someone you’re looking for.

But wait, there’s more! Most streamers do (and should) use hashtags to distinguish their streams from the thousands of others happening across Tango. When you use the search as well you’ll be able to see who is live right now vs the number of profiles who use that hashtag in general.

What about if the opposite is true?

While there are so many wonderful people on Tango, there are obviously going to be a few people who you would rather block and unfriend.

We understand that and, as a result, we make it easy to put distance between yourself and those less-enjoyable Tango users and streamers so you can go back to having fun with the people you love most.

How do I block someone?

If you’d like to prevent someone from being able to contact you on Tango you can use the block feature. Once you’re blocked someone, they will be unable to message you, call you, or view any of your streams.

  1. Go to the person’s Tango profile page (if it’s during a stream you can tap on their photo twice and you’ll be led to their page).
  2. Tap the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click block.
  4. Confirm you wish to block them.

What if I want to unblock them?

  1. Go to the settings page.
  2. Select blocked users.
  3. You can tap the icon that says blocked next to the person you wish to unblock.
  4. Confirm you would like to unblock them.

If someone’s behavior is truly unacceptable you also have the option to report them. Select the three-dot icon either on their profile page or during their streams and tap report. One of our Tango moderators will step in and inspect their stream and appropriate action will be taken.

How do I delete friends on Tango?

To delete friends on your Tango app you have to be using your mobile phone. Go to your profile page and tap on where it says, followers.

If you are following someone who is following you back, you can click on the gray user-check icon. Once the icon turns orange, you know you have deleted them.

Additionally, you can always go to their profile page, click on the 3-dot icon, and select unfollow from there.

Is Tango a dating app?

Tango Live is an app to make friends, perform your talent, and turn your passion into a business. It is not meant as a dating app.

That said, you never know who you might meet and, every so often, Tango romances have been known to blossom. Our recommendation: always treat others with kindness and respect when you’re on Tango. It’s the best way to make new friends while enjoying live!

Best apps for meeting people online

While there are so many apps out there that help people connect online we’re certain that you’ll love Tango the most – nobody does live broadcasting quite like we do!

Of course, there are other great apps and, even though we’re confident in ourselves, we want you to at least have a few other options.

So here are, in our humble opinions, the best apps for meeting new people online.

Tango Live

We wouldn’t be much of a company blog if we didn’t at least try and promote our own app, would we? 

Obviously, we could tell you why Tango is the best place to make friends thanks to its worldwide community of millions of talented creators… but we know we’re biased. So why not hear about it from a few of the many millions of people who use Tango everyday instead?

“I have never left Tango app since I discovered it. My favorite thing on the app is this mix of all these people from countries and cultures that we can discover.”



“Tango doesn’t just bring a small community together, they are bringing a huge community together. My experience has always been great!”


Danny Clarke IOO% Fake*V2

Tango is all about entertainment. Spreading happiness by gifting to our loved ones, at the same time supporting talented people. Mostly, I’m so happy that I got to connect with a lot of people and I was able to be part of their lives!”



Psst… you can download Tango from the  Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you want!


If you’re looking for anything from stock market advice to seeing faces on things go no further than Reddit. Visited by over 50 million people a day, Reddit is a paradise for the niche-obsessed reader who wants to find a community of like-minded individuals around the world.

It’s a terrific way to come face-to-face with the fact that whatever unique hobby you have is probably enjoyed by more people than you expected. Post a question or comment on any of the subreddits and start discussing (or arguing) whatever your favorite topic has to be with millions around the globe.

Facebook / Meta 

It would be hard to talk about making friends online without mentioning Facebook or, as they are called now, Meta. While Facebook has gotten a reputation for being for older generations, its 2.9 billion users still make the platform the best place to track down your former high school crush.

Even though Meta has certainly had their fair share of bad press, their sheer size and usability still make it one of the most reliable platforms to meet new people. 


Are we nuts for promoting our biggest competitor on our own blog page? Maybe, but we can’t deny that Twitch is the largest live streaming platform in the world for gamers and thus a great place to go make some new friends. 

If you want to start making money on Twitch, you’ll need to join their partners program (unlike Tango where you can start making money right away *cough cough*) where you can use your love of gaming to break the ice with all sorts of wonderful people!


Maybe you’re living right next door to your future best friend and don’t even realize it! That’s where Nextdoor comes in, helping you connect to people in your neighborhood. The app shows people living near you, so you can easily plan block party barbecues or neighborhood watches.

At a time when making friends is harder than ever, maybe it’s not a bad idea to try and get closer to the people who live close to you. Even if they’re not using the app, sometimes some freshly baked cookies, a few cold drinks, and a knock on their door can do the trick.


Looking to roll with a crew who has the same interests as you? Meetup makes that fun and easy with dozens of events happening every day all over the world. Everything is available, from running to baking to bar hopping, making each in-person “meetup” a great way to make some new friends.

Just keep in mind that the more populous an area the more options you’re going to have. If you find yourself on top of a mountain in a county populated by 12 people don’t expect to have a ton of available choices.


Friender is a swipe-based app (like Tinder) but with a little twist: it’s just for friends. Choose what interests you and get matched up with people who have interests that are similar to yours.

The idea is that, when you meet up finally, you’ll already have something in common between you two that will make breaking the ice much easier. One downside of the app is that you get a limited number of swipes unless you’re willing to pay $6 for premium.


If you’re anything like us, you’re not excited about working out alone. Neither are the people on Atleto, who have turned to the app in order to find their next workout buddy/best friend. 

If you’re looking to expand your community, you can also find groups doing workouts that you can join up with. It’s a great way to stay motivated and accountable as you work to reach your fitness goals. Just make sure that you’re honest about your abilities because other users can rate you!

Hey! Vina

Sorry fellas but this female-focused app isn’t for you. Hey! Vina was made for women looking to expand their group of girlfriends. You start by downloading the app and taking a personality quiz that asks questions ranging from how you like to spend your free time to what your guilty pleasures are.

Afterward, you’ll be given the option to swipe on both individuals or join groups of ladies who share interests similar to yours. The app will even suggest great places for everyone to meet so you don’t even have to worry about trying to find a spot. If the location you end up at isn’t as good as you were hoping, you can always just blame the app!

Bumble BFF

One of the world’s most popular dating apps has been hard at work creating a platform for platonic friendships as well. Whereas the Bumble dating app gives power to the ladies by only allowing women to start conversations, Bumble BFF allows anyone to begin any chat.

The app also connects people based on interests and links to your social accounts so you can really see who is best friend material.


Nearify models itself off the popular music app, Spotify, showing users which nearby events they might enjoy instead of what songs they might like. As the app gets to know you better it will start sending you “personalized recommendations” for local gatherings that you are likely to appreciate even more.

The idea is, as you go to these events you’ll meet other people who enjoy the same types of fun activities you do. It’s not explicitly meant for matching people, but when you’re doing something you love with others the conversation just flows naturally!

Meet My Dog

Making friends is always easier with a wingman/woman by your side, and what better wing than the one who wags its tail at the sight of you? We’re talking, of course, about your dog.

Meet My Dog is an app that connects dogs and their owners with other 4-legged friends and their 2-legged humans. Set up puppy playdates and get to know the owners while you both enjoy watching your dogs roll around and become lifelong pals. 

Our (friendly) conclusion

At the end of the day, how you make friends isn’t as important to us as the fact that you’re getting out there and actually making friends. Real, genuine friendships are one of life’s greatest joys! It’s also essential to having a fulfilling and happy life. 

At Tango, we want to make developing friendships easy for you. Tango live streaming combines the convenience of a phone application with the natural ease of live communication to create friendships and communities between people nearby and around the world.

Log onto Tango and you’ll instantly see people talking like they’ve known each other for years – some actually have! That’s the joy of live streaming: you never know who you’re going to meet or what kind of relationships are going to blossom!

Excited to make your first Tango friend? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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