Tango Loyalty Program Is Full Of Amazing Rewards!

Get ready to enjoy streaming like never before with a NEW loyalty level & improved monthly benefits!

Excited to make your Tango experience better than ever? So are we! Introducing the Tango Loyalty Program – one of Tango’s biggest and most rewarding plans which have now gotten bigger and better!


  • Easier for everyone to become a member (cost of entry: $1 USD).
  • More benefits to enjoy!
  • A new exclusive level for Tango’s most generous gifters.

As a member, you will be able to fully some of the amazing features that are available to you on the world’s most popular live streaming app. Each level unlocks more features and more benefits, improving the Tango Live experience of both you and your favorite streamers!

So how do you become a member, and what kind of benefits can you expect? These are the questions that will be answered, along with how to use your status to create a greater and more memorable streaming experience for everyone!

How do I become a Tango Loyalty Member?

It’s easy! Anyone can join the Tango Loyalty Program by purchasing any amount of Tango Coins in the app. Spend the coins on gifts that you can lavish your favorite streamer with. Tango has dozens of gifts and collections that you can explore in order to stand out and make your time on Tango 

Once you spend even $1 USD in the app, you’ll immediately be given a loyalty avatar frame which for your profile picture, a dedicated gift to match your level, and be welcomed to the exclusive Tango Loyalty Program. Now, whenever you enter a broadcast, the streamer and their viewers will see your name pop up to let them know that a Loyalty Member has arrived!

How to reach the different levels for the Tango Loyalty Program

What benefits do members get?

Tango Loyalty Members are the recipients of huge benefits as a reward for their patronage!

These include:

  • Exclusive Status: All members have a special animation around their profile, mini-profile, and live chat to show off their exclusive status! 
  • 3D Avatar Gifts: Loyalty members get a personalized 3D avatar gift animated with their profile photo to send anytime!
  • Free Weekly Gift: Each week provides a free new gift for members only.
  • Exclusive Coupons: All Gold members and above get a special weekly discount on coins.
  • Direct Support: Special unlimited 24/7 support. Once you get to Elite, you get a personal support manager who you can talk to directly! At Black Diamond, you get the ultra-exclusive concierge service!
  • Invisible Mode: If you’d like to just watch and not talk, you can appear hidden in streams.
  • Spin Bonus: Platinum and up will get weekly Lucky Spin Offers with a limitless number of spins and extra bonus coins.
  • Custom Gift: Get your own personal gift that you can send to your top streamers.

The higher levels get access to our most pristine awards – take a look to see them!

Tango’s newest Loyalty level: Black Diamond

Get ready for Tango’s BIGGEST and more exclusive level yet: the magnificent BLACK DIAMOND!

Black Diamond is available to the most VIP of loyalty members and it comes with perks fit for a streaming legend:

  • Black Diamond Avatar: exclusive, elegant, and eye-catching. Need we say more?
  • 3D Gift: get a unique gift made ONLY for Black Diamond members.
  • Invisible Mode: make yourself known only when YOU want.
  • Free Weekly Gift: each week get a FREE special gift worth 3000 coins. 
  • 75% Weekly Discount: deals only available to Black Diamond.
  • Up to 200% Spin Bonus: prepare to shower your streamers with coins!
  • Concierge Service: having a problem? Not with concierge service you’re not.

How to stand out as a Tango Loyalty Member

  1. Note that every time you enter a stream, your name & Loyalty status will appear for the streamer to see that you’ve begun watching their broadcast. Now everyone at the party knows you’re there!
  2. Start off by greeting the streamer to make him/her feel special that you’re there watching their performance.
  3. Afterward, if you’re enjoying the artists’ performance, send a gift – even a small one – to show your appreciation and get the streamer excited to perform even more!
  4. Talk to other viewers while the broadcaster is performing. Make jokes (nice ones!), facilitate conversation, and use your high status as a way to make Tango a more enjoyable experience for everyone. 
  5. If you think you are watching a particularly good streamer, make sure to follow him/her. You becoming a follower is going to become much more meaningful to them since you’re a member.
  6. Be sure to be generous with your gifts. Nothing makes a stream more fun than seeing a great gifter!

The importance of having loyal fans

When it comes to your viewers, it’s better to have 3 loyal fans than 10,000+ followers. 

You probably weren’t expecting to hear that, were you?

So why are we saying that? Next time you’re on Tango pay close attention to the people who have thousands and tens of thousands of followers. See how many people are actually talking and gifting during the stream.

Typically, you’re likely to see a couple of dozen viewers, with a few small gifts here and there, and then 2 or 3 subscribers and big loyalty gifters who are absolutely showering their favorite streamer with huge gifts!

Those are the people you want on your stream!

How to get more loyal followers

Quality over quantity is how successful streamers find loyal fans. Start off by focusing on building relationships with a few viewers who you can be sure will be there for you when you start broadcasting. 

Of course, finding these special fans isn’t easy, and keeping them can also be a challenge. At the end of the day, they have thousands of streamers they can choose from. You need to give them a reason to pick you.

  1. Interact with people in your chat

Alright, we know this one seems obvious, but it’s shocking how many people just don’t do it! 

If someone is in your stream, start by saying hello.

So many streamers are either super focused on their performance, or just aren’t paying any attention to their viewers at all. As a broadcaster, you have to make sure that you’re interacting regularly with your audience. Ask them questions, tell them about yourself, or just joke around.

It takes a bit more effort, particularly if you’re also in the middle of a performance, but there’s no way around it. If you’re a serious streamer who wants to make a full-time income from your broadcasting then make sure you’re putting in the work to get those loyal fans.

  1. Create videos

Having videos of yourself streaming is like having a marketing team that’s promoting you 24/7. Creating videos of yourself is as simple as recording yourself streaming, learning some basic editing, and then uploading

Start off by posting videos in your Tango feed. That’s where Tango users are anyways. Don’t stop there though! Post videos to your social media, Reddit, Discord, and even start a YouTube channel.

Many big streamers find themselves with loyal fans who happened to watch their videos on one of their other channels. They saw their content, loved it, and then went to watch their new favorite broadcasters live!

  1. Be consistent

Loyalty follows trust. Trust is built over a long period of time

In short, if you want loyal viewers you have to interact with them a lot. This is where videos and even social media posts help. If your potential fans like your content, they’re more likely to feel a connection with you and your stream before they’ve ever even had the chance to meet you!

Still, it’s going to be important for you to go live as regularly as possible in order for your fans to see you, meet you, and feel that connection, trust, and loyalty with you.

If you need help figuring out when to go live and for how long, make sure you check out our blog post that tells you your best strategy for finding fans

  1. Announce your streams

Being consistent is only half the battle when it comes to creating a strong connection with your fans. Don’t just go live without letting everyone know when they should come see you!

Post when you plan on going live on your:

  • Social media
  • Tango feed
  • …and just announce it in your streams!

Simple and easy? Yes. Does it produce great results? You’d be amazed.

  1. Give a personal touch

Whenever possible, create a personal experience for each and every one of your viewers. 

This is where live really shines! When you see someone you recognize, make sure you greet them with a big smile. Ask them about their day. Did they tell you about something they had to do? Check with them and see how it went. 

Fans absolutely love when their favorite streamer takes a personal interest in their lives!

Pro tip: reach out to your fans using Tango’s messaging feature as well. Whether you say them recently or haven’t seen them in a while, send them a message to show them that you’re thinking about them and appreciate them. It really works wonders!

There is some good news though, you don’t have to be better than the other streamers, you just have to connect with a few people who you’d naturally connect with anyways! 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Tango’s Terms & Conditions apply to the Tango Loyalty Program as well.
  • Any of the following poor behavior will result in a warning and possible expulsion from the Tango Loyalty Program.
  • Tango reserves the right to change or remove any of the Loyalty Program policies.
  • Your loyalty membership will last for 30 Days.

Interested in going live or becoming a part of the Tango Loyalty Program? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!