🎰Tango Presents the Lucky Wheel Game: Your Ticket to Big Wins!🎰

🔥The excitement is about to hit the roof as we introduce you to the latest sensation in the world of Tango Live Streaming: LUCKY WHEEL!


Get ready to take your streaming experience to a whole new level of fun, rewards, and excitement with Spin & Win fun for everyone!🎉

🎰How to Play the Lucky Wheel Game?🎰

🌟Imagine a world where every spin could bring you fantastic rewards, where your favorite Creators thrive, and viewers get their own chance to shine. The Lucky Wheel Game is here to make it all happen!

🎡Spin the Lucky Wheel & See where it lands! 

🪙 4 Sections Win the Viewer FREE Coins

🎁 3 Sections Reward Creator with a FREE Gift

🐍 1 Section – the Snake Pit – no one Wins 

🤳🏻CALLING ALL CREATORS: Stream with Lucky Wheel to Earn More!💎

💃🏼Add the Lucky Wheel Sticker to your streams and invite your viewers and fans to play. 

🎁Your viewers will have a blast spinning the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win coins or send you bigger gifts! 

🤑 With the Lucky Wheel Game, YOU earn with EVERY Spin! The more your viewers spin, the more you earn. It’s a win-win situation where your creativity and their excitement join forces to create an unforgettable streaming experience.


📣CALLING ALL VIEWERS: Spin & WIN for Special Rewards!💰


🚀Get ready to step into the spotlight! Your chance to shine has arrived – check out your favorite Creators’ live streams and look for the Lucky Wheel Sticker they add in their stream. Click the sticker to play, give the Lucky Wheel a spin, and watch as precious gifts pour your way. 

🤩Leaderboard: Rise to the Top and Claim Glory!🤩

📣LIVE from Sep. 19, 3PM UTC till Sep.26, 3PM UTC


👉🏼Introducing the Lucky Wheel Game Leaderboards! Whether you’re a Creator or a viewer, these leaderboards are your path to greatness.

🏆Creators: Climb Your Way to Victory!

⭐The Lucky Wheel Leaderboard is a race to the top, where the more spins you get, the higher you climb. Stream more with the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win! 


🎲Get Lucky Now!🎲

✨Whether you’re a Creator looking to dazzle your audience or a viewer craving some sparkling action, everyone has a ticket to this game with a win-win of excitement & rewards!


💸What are you waiting for? Your lucky spins are waiting!

Ensure Tango’s app version📱 is 8.38 or newer!

🌀Let's Play: Spin to Win with the Lucky Wheel Game!🌀

Available in Streams now: From V 8.38+ Android and iOS

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