How To Make Your Livestream Halloween Ready!

Halloween Livestream

Halloween is almost upon us, which can only mean 2 things – costumes and candy (so much candy!). For you, as a streamer, it also means you have an opportunity to change up your stream and boost your popularity during the spookiest time of the year!

To help you along with this, we’re going to give you a few tips on making your stream Halloween-ready while also improving its overall quality!

In this article you will learn:
  1. How to find a great outfit/costume that works well with your stream!
  2. How to stand out with a unique and memorable background!

Prepare to start a live stream that combines fun and scary so that you have a Halloween for you and all your fans to enjoy!

The perfect costume!

What’s better than putting on a great costume during the spookiest time of the year? Nothing that we can think of!

If you’re worried about which costume you’re going to wear, we’ve got one less thing for you to be afraid of this Halloween season. Read on and check out some of the best and most genius ways to give your livestream a bit of a Halloween flair!

Movies & TV: From Squid Games to The Queen’s Gambit, this year has been full of some truly memorable entertainment. Pick your favorite movie or TV character and dress up like them as realistically as possible!

Scary: it’s Halloween, so what did you expect? Picking something scary is always appreciated by people looking for a great Halloween show, so don’t leave them disappointed! Think of the scariest thing you can and turn it into a costume. Bonus points for originality of course!

Vintage: taking a trip back in time always makes for a fun costume! Decide on your favorite era in history and see how stylishly people dressed then. Pick something fun and extravagant and commit to the historical era as you entertain your fans while also making new ones.

Cosplay: cosplay costumes can be a character from anything – anime, cartoons, movies, television, video games – you get the idea. The most popular the character is the more people will enjoy your cosplay attire, just make sure you pick someone who looks kind of like you. Fans will love it if you can do a great impression of them as well!

Celebrity: similar to cosplay, only this person is real! Think of your favorite celebrity – maybe it’s Kim Kardashian during the MET Gala or Vladimir Putin – the more random the better! Of course, the more you already look like the celebrity the easier it will be to pull off.

Funny & Random: this one really requires you to think outside of the box and, even though it’s tricky to do, it can be one of the best ways to stand out. If you really want to go far with this costume then partner up with a friend or family member. Go as, a father and son dressing like each other, or two friends dressing as Siamese twins. Think hard and good luck – you got this!

Get a great background!

If you really want to get into the Halloween spirit then you can’t miss the second most important element – the right stage. Here are some useful tips that you can use to transport your stream to a new world that can’t be ignored!

Finding the right place

One of the basic elements of streaming is finding the right spot to begin your live stream. There are a few things to keep an eye out for right before you go live:

Lighting: we won’t get into lighting too much – but essentially you want to make sure that your face is visible. Typically, professional streamers use a 3 point lighting system:

  • Key light shines on your face and shoulders.
  • Backlight: – add depth by placing a light behind you that shines on your head and shoulders.
  • Fill Light: Anywhere that you see shadows use a fill light to make the room more visible.

For beginners, as long as your face and costume are visible then you should have nothing to worry about!

Acoustics: empty rooms do more harm than good when it comes to streaming. Make sure you:

  • Avoid streaming in empty rooms.
  • Have furniture or pillows in corners to dull echoing.
  • Stay away from windows whose reverberations can cause distortions.
  • Don’t be too close to your microphone.

Privacy: pick a spot in the house that people aren’t walking through all the time – probably your bedroom. Make sure that everyone in the house knows you’re streaming between certain hours and ask that they don’t disturb you.

Space: you know what doesn’t sound fun? Smacking an arm, leg, or any other body part on a piece of furniture that got in the way. A lot of streamers are so excited to go live that they don’t even take a second to look around and make sure they have enough space to perform – don’t let that be you!

Green Screen + OBS

 ( Photo by Ryan Garry on Unsplash )

One of the first questions people are going to ask when it comes to green screens is, “Is this really necessary?” Honestly, no. There are plenty of streamers who broadcast without the help of a green screen and are still very successful.

That being said, having a green screen is going to give you the option of creating more interesting, fun, and hilarious backgrounds that will make your stream stand out much more than everyone else’s.

How to get started:

Selecting a Green Screen:

there are tons of options for buying a green screen all with a variety of prices. So which one do you pick?

Generally, the more expensive you go the easier it will be to set up the green screen and make sure that you don’t get any annoying bubbles or creases in the background during your stream. Other more expensive screens offer features like “anti gloss” to make sure you don’t get any pesky reflections back at your audience during your performance.

The main thing to look for is how big of a screen you want (pay attention to the space in your room) and making sure the screen is as smooth as possible.

Connecting Tango to OBS:

at the moment, OBS is only available only through our web platform.

Select your background:

once you have OBS set up you can select whatever background you want! Although ideally it should be something that compliments your stream.

For example, if you’re a dancer, pick a luxurious ballroom or a club (depending on the type of dance that you do). For Tango’s Halloween costume contest, find a background that matches your costume or is super spooky and impossible to ignore!

Design + decoration

Quick and easy: A fabric of solid color hanging in the background makes it easier for the audience to focus on you – just make sure your clothing doesn’t match it so you don’t blend in too much. It may be Halloween but you’re still not a chameleon (unless you decide to make that your costume).

Fairy lights: both beautiful and eye-catching, while not too distracting, fairy lights are a great livestream addition. You can use them to frame yourself or your background, or just provide a little extra light to brighten up the room.

Photo collage: showcase your personality by adding some photos or posters in the background of things you love. Not only is this a great background choice, but it creates a nice little ice breaker for your audience to ask you questions about.

Holiday decorations: nothing says Halloween like some spooky decorations on the wall! Even something as simple as some paper bats or a skeleton in a chair sitting just over your shoulder is going to create the perfect holiday ambiance for your spooky stream!


Don’t let Halloween go by without taking the time to celebrate this frightfully fun holiday! Even just a little bit of fun and effort can result in a huge number of fans and income no matter what you love to stream.

Good luck and happy screaming – ahem, streaming!

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