Maximize Your Tango Earnings With Premium Content

When we say premium content, what do we mean? Premium streams are your best live stream content that’s been put behind a paywall. When done correctly, it can be one of the fastest and easiest ways for your channel to make some serious money.

Tango streamers have tried and true methods for making sure their premium content is irresistible to their fans. Today, we’re going to reveal to you how these pro streamers strategically turn their premium content into one of their top money making methods.

✨What is premium content?✨

Right now, if you open a Tango live stream account and start broadcasting, people can come in and out of your channel as they please. It’s free, it’s fun, and it doesn’t cost you or the viewer a thing.

That changes once you go premium. Now, viewers have to pay a gift of your choosing in order to view your content. This means the pressure is on to make sure that the content they’re paying for is both high-quality and entertaining.

Benefits of premium content

⭐Create more personal content for your friends and family.
Earn money for every viewer who enters your stream.
Easily interact with your fans since you’ll generally have less viewers in premium streams.

How to start a Premium broadcast

Before a stream

  • Click the orange camera button to prepare a live broadcast.
  • At the bottom of the screen, scroll to the left until you see premium.
  • Select your entry gift and send out personal invitations if you’re like.
  • Start streaming in premium!

During a stream

  • During your stream, tap on the key icon in the bottom window.
  • Tap invite all or select specific viewers to invite.
  • Tap Start.

Types of content to put on premium

Beginners often wonder why their premium streams are not getting the big gifts they were expecting. The first thing we point to is that their premium content isn’t any different from their usual broadcast.

Why should someone pay for something that they know they can get for free? Next time you go premium, try one of these special streams instead.

👀Behind the scenes

Give a tour of your room or studio and show your fans where you stream from. It’s a fun and unique way to give fans a sneak peak into your personal life.

Subscriber-only content

In later posts we’ll talk about how subscribers can dramatically change a broadcaster’s channel and profits. For now, just know that if you have subscribers, you should do a special premium live stream that only they can enjoy. This is a great way to reward the fans who love you most and keep them loyal.

🎵Debut new songs

This is the perfect opportunity for singers and musicians to find out who their top fans are. Announce to your followers that you’re doing a special concert on ____ date with exclusive new music. See who shows up to hear your new songs and take the opportunity to collect feedback as well!

🎉Big reveals

Got some big news or an announcement that you want to reveal to your audience live? Give them a sneak peek during your open broadcast and then switch to premium for the big reveal! People love being the first to know everything and many wouldn’t mind paying a little extra just to be ahead of the game.

🎁Live giveaway

Who doesn’t love free? Turn your premium into a party by offering a free gift to a specific number of viewers who tune into your special stream. The more you do this, the more word will get around Tango. Before long you’ll have crowds paying to get into your premium stream for their chance to win!

👩‍🏫Teach your audience something

Everyone knows something interesting: whether that’s a skill you gained from your job, some wisdom from personal experience, or some cool facts from a fun hobby. Create a premium streaming that teaches something really useful to your audience.

🎤Do a Q&A

Take a break from performing your talent to give your fans a chance to get to know you better. Have viewers send you questions ahead of time and plan a time and date that you will answer them.

🏅Do a special challenge

YouTube stars like Mr.Beast have made a name for themselves by doing unbelievable challenges. We’re guessing you currently don’t have the funds for something as wild as playing Battleship with actual exploding boats, but you can always do something fun like the “try not to laugh” challenge. Just keep it safe please!

💪Create a contest

Devise a fun competition for your viewers to participate in. This can be something like answering questions about you or a time-based trivia game. Having a prize for the winner would make the competition even more exciting.

❤️‍🩹Reveal a part of your personal life

Tell a personal story – it could be funny, heartfelt, or meaningful to you, but, most of all, make sure that it is honest

🧒Show a funny childhood photo

Who doesn’t love hilariously awkward childhood photos? There’s something so delightfully charming about them! Create a premium show where you show off your favorite (and most embarrassing!) childhood photos.

When should you go premium?

This is a very important question that not enough content creators are asking themselves. 

As a content creator concerned about making money live streaming you have one very important question to ask yourself: Am I making enough money from open streams or not?

Open streams and casual viewers

To be clear – when we say open streams what we mean is non-premium streams. 

For all content creators, whether you’re live streaming or not, about 90% of your viewers are going to be what we call casual viewers.

Casual viewers typically don’t like paying for content. They’re happy with just giving gifts now and again. You will rarely, if ever, see them in your premium streams.

Pay attention to all of your viewers!

Don’t make the classic mistake of ignoring your casual viewers. Casual viewers will spread the word about your stream and boost your rankings in the Tango homepage just by being in attendance. This will attract the attention of other viewers who may become some of your biggest gifters.

Not to mention that you never know when a casual viewer might suddenly become a big gifter! Sometimes it can take a casual viewer a couple days to a couple of months before they start giving you gifts worth thousands of diamonds. Remember: good things come to those who wait!

Casual vs serious viewers

Serious viewers on the other hand want to see 100% of your content and are willing to pay extra if the content is worthwhile!

These are the people you want to focus your attention on when it comes to premium views. If you have a lot of serious viewers visiting your stream regularly then switching to premium content can be hugely beneficial for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re focused on building your audience and getting small gifts from lots of people, then you should hold off on premium streams for awhile.

Let’s recap:

Open Streams Premium Streams
💫Attract a larger audience 💫Small audience of your passionate viewers
💫Find casual viewers to spread the word about you 💫Create high-quality, exclusive content 
💫Get smaller gifts from many viewers 💫Get large gifts from your biggest fans

Final note on premium vs open streams

Different streamers are going to find different amounts of success from their premium or open streams. Make sure you check your analytics in order to measure which one is working best for you.

Our advice: if your goal is to earn 30,000 diamonds a day then, after several premium and open streams, see which ones got you closest to your goal. That is the type of stream you should be focusing more on.

Start premium strategically

  1. Stream premium right away

If have a lot of fans who are serious viewers you’re likely to get a large audience. Keep in mind that you can only be seen by your followers when you go straight to premium – nobody who isn’t already following you will see you on the app’s discover page. As a result this strategy is not suggested for new streamers.

  1. Go premium during your stream

Going premium in the middle of an open stream with a gift that costs between 99 – 299 coins will generally bring 10% of the people currently watching your stream. 

  1. Announce a premium stream ahead of time

There are 2 ways to do this effectively: the first is to create a post on your feed for all your followers to see. The second, and better way, is to message your biggest fans 1 by 1. As you can tell, it takes a lot more effort but will more likely bring you better results. Make sure not to announce your stream too early or people will forget about it.

How to price your premium content

Content quality + fan loyalty = premium price.

How do you figure out how quality your content is + how loyal your fans are?

Begin by pricing your premium content at a low price (99 coins). If you’re getting more than you expected, try going to 199 or 299 next premium show. Continue on like this until you see a serious drop in viewership. Then go back to the price that still got you lots of fans.

Earn even more Starting another premium

A trick that some of the pros do when they go premium is to begin at a low price. After you’ve gotten a big audience and started your show you can then decide to open another premium stream with a higher price.

This can continue several times, each premium increasing in price along with the exclusivity of the content. Good examples of this would be for:

  • Concerts – every 3-5 songs open a new premium for your fans.
  • Q&As – same as above. Every 3-5 questions and answers open another premium.
  • Challenges, behind the scenes, giveaways… we think you get the idea!

What NOT to do in premium

  1. Dancing for gifts: by this we mean erotic dancing or strip teasing. Not only will this get your channel shut down and you banned from Tango, but you’re only going to attract creeps and other sleazebags.
  2. “Party” tricks: we assume you know what we mean… please keep all your talents appropriate at all times. Remember that our moderators have their eyes out for any activity not approved by the Tango guidelines.
  3. Truth or Dare/ You Decide What I Do: 99% of the requests are likely to be sexual. Please avoid these types of games.
  4. Doing nothing: when people pay for premium they’re expecting good content. If they see you not doing anything or just staring off into space they’re not going to be coming back anytime soon.


When done correctly, premium can be one of your best ways to connect with your audience while also making some big bucks! Don’t miss the chance to explore this wonderful Tango feature designed to give you and your earnings a well-deserved boost!

Now that you know everything about premium, are you excited to start earning on live? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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