may madness

😎VIP Exclusive Event!🥂

For 48 HOURS, WE are GOING to GO cRaZy 

& COUNT the Coins Value of All Gifts Sent by YOU!😮

Now is YOUR Chance to Unleash Your Inner Champion & Support Your Favorite Creators for EXTRA Rewards🔥

How It’s Gonna Go👇


You’re competing in a contest with TOP VIP members at your level to win EXCITING prizes!🤩

From May  22, 8PM UTC to May 24,  8PM UTC Tango will track each gift you send, and a leaderboard will show the TOTAL COINS you have sent.☝️

🔥How to Rank🔥

Send Gifts With HIGHEST Coin Value to Top the Leaderboard Ranks!

🚀Where to See Your Ranking🚀

This Contest will Feature 2 Leaderboards to show your live rankings:

💛Gold & Elite – Only Gold & Elite VIP members

💜Royal & Up – Only Royal, Diamonds & Black Diamonds members


May 22, 8PM UTC – May 24, 8PM UTC

🏆Prizes Revealed 🏆



🎁 Extra Custom Gift (Up to 8 Sec. & 5K Coins) 

🎴 Winner’s Auction Card  

🎗️Winner’s Ribbon in profile


🎁 Extra Custom Gift (Up to 5 Sec. & 5K Coins) 

🎴Winner’s Auction Card


🎁 Extra Free Weekly Loyalty Gift 

🎴Winner’s Auction Card



🎁Custom Gift (up to 5 Sec. & 5K Coins) 

🎴Winner’s Auction Card 

🎗Ribbon in profile


🎁Custom Gift (up to 4 Sec. & 5K Coins) 

🎴Winner’s Auction Card


 🎁Extra Free Weekly Loyalty Gift 

 🎴Winner’s Auction Card

🫶Rankings 4-50: 

Get a Card to be part of an Exclusive Winner’s Auction!💥

🫵May the Gifts be with You!🫵

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