Tango Gives Money and Support to Its Artists

money for artists
The Tango Artists Club supports artists and creators with special rewards and perks.

There has never been a more competitive time for artists in history. Technology has made it easier than ever for artists to hone their craft, create albums, and self-publish. On the surface, this sounds great! More artists able to work independently should mean that music will evolve faster than ever before.

Unfortunately, with huge numbers of artists vying for attention and traditional venues quickly obsolete, it has become harder than ever to discover new talents for your taste.

Thankfully, with the rising popularity of live-streaming, has given birth to a new industry, one creating more potential than ever for artist discovery and support.

Enter the Tango Artists Club. Unlike traditional venues, who act as a revolving door to various artists, at Tango we want to invest in YOU. The more you stream, the more fans you get, the more money you make, and the more Tango will both promote and pay you.

How to Join the Artists Club

Joining is the easiest part. Once you sign up, you simply stream your talents and our moderation will automatically recognize you as an artist. Congratulations, your streams will not appear in the Artists tab for extra promotion and discovery!  All you must do is:

  1. Not break our moderation standards.(more on that later).
  2. Perform your talents. You don’t have to be a pro, but you should be doing the art that you love! Just make sure you don’t leave the stream or stop performing for extended periods of time.

Artist Club Benefits



Being part of the Artists Club isn’t just about the tag or the title. Once you join the club, you’re part of a community of talented dancers, musicians, performers, and actors worldwide all trying to build an audience and turn their abilities into an actual income.


Let’s talk about money. Yes, Tango will pay you money for performing your talents on a platform that already lets you earn money from your fans!

We’ll talk about exactly how much money you can make in a bit. For now, just know that Tango will guarantee you anywhere from $30 – $250 monthly!


Tango is committed to you succeeding as an artist. To help you with this, our platform will promote you in our users’ feeds so that they’re more likely to head to your streams.

This means your opportunities to find new fans are much greater just for being an artist!


Ultimately, Tango is all about supporting its hardest-working and most talented broadcasters. Any technical problems or other issues you may have will be given top priority and customer support.

Additionally, Tango has special events and live battle competitions that only artists are invited to. These events generally draw huge crowds of fellow artists and users, meaning the money-making potential is huge!

Artists Club Levels

There are five levels to the Artists Club. Each one offers various support and rewards for streamers to benefit from. Ultimately, whatever level you’re at will reflect your success as an artist and how much Tango will pay you.

Level 1

Level 1 is the most basic level. Each day that you stream for 2 hours, Tango will give you an additional 200 diamonds. This amounts to a total of $30 per month just for streaming in the artists club!

Level 2

In order to reach level 2 you must stream for 4 days a week, for 1 hour each day. Doing so will earn you 333 diamonds a day, or $50 per month!

Level 3

Level 3 is where every artist will start. Here you are guaranteed $100 for your first month as long as you continue streaming! In order to stay in Level 3 you must continue to earn at least 6,000 diamonds a week on your own.

Level 4

If you’re in Level 3 and you’re making 7,000 diamonds a week, congratulations – you’re moving up to Level 4! Staying here requires you to earn 9,500 diamonds each week and, as your reward, you’ll get $150 a month from Tango.

Level 5

The highest level. Getting here means an artist has been earning 12,000 diamonds each week. Staying here requires earning 14,000 diamonds. It is the most difficult level to reach, but the reward is an additional $250 each month!

Tips For Earning Diamonds

Even though Tango will do everything it can to support your stream, we can’t do this alone. We need your help in promoting yourself in order to bring friends and fans to your streams. This can be done in a few simple ways:

  1. Promote yourself on your social media channels. Make announcements for when you’re streaming and even post a link to your stream to make things as easy as possible for your fans to get there.
  2. Post in your Tango feed regularly. Tango has a newsfeed tab where you can make announcements and make your presence visible to your fans in the app even while you’re not streaming.
  3. Talk directly to your fans and followers. This one requires more hands-on work, but is worth the effort. By talking to your most loyal fans – publicly during streams or privately in Tango’s chat – you can build stronger relationships and very likely guarantee their loyalty.

Tango Broadcasting Rules

Most of these rules are probably already obvious to you. Just so there’s no confusion, we want to make sure that you understand them so that you don’t accidentally overstep and lose any potential earnings.

No Criminal Activity

This no doubt falls under the “obvious” category. The following activities are strictly forbidden:

  • Violence (towards oneself or others).
  • Drugs.
  • Displaying guns (even in countries where gun ownership is legal).
  • Propaganda for terrorist or extremist organizations.

No Sexual Content

Tango is an app that encourages clean content. As a result, these activities are not allowed:

  • Nudity or partial nudity (such as see-through clothing, swimwear, or blankets).
  • Rubbing oneself or dancing in a sexually suggestive way.
  • Using or showing sex toys.
  • Inserting anything in your mouth other than food.
  • Only showing your legs and feet.
  • Showering or bathing.

No Harassment, Hateful Comment, or Bullying

Tango is a safe and accepting place for anyone. To that end, these actions are not allowed:

  • Discriminatory or hateful remarks towards a person’s gender, religion or faith, race or ethnicity, age or disability, physical appearance, or sexual orientation.
  • Recording a user’s stream with the intent to repost, sell, or distribute the content.
  • Attempting to publicly shame or blackmail someone.
  • Profanity attempting to hurt someone.

Honest Content Only

Your profile is your profile. In connection with that, the following are strictly prohibited:

  • Impersonating someone other than yourself in a way that is meant to deceive others.
  • Posting your phone number or payment information.
  • Posting external links to anything other than your social media.


If you’re looking for an app to showcase your talents, earn money, and find fans then you’ve come to the right place. At Tango, we make the success of our artists our #1 priority.

We recommend you check out our artists club homepage, where we post updates and various pieces of advice to help broadcasters succeed at making now your moment!

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