My Tango L❤️VE Story

Tango love story

My Tango story started 4 years ago in 2017.

To be honest, I got to Tango by accident. I was browsing the Play Store and the app just showed up and caught my attention. As an Engineer, I love to explore new things and back then I was already live streaming on YouTube and other platforms, mainly in gaming.

The Tango Adventure

So I decided to continue my live streaming adventure on Tango as well. At first it started with mostly funny things, telling some jokes and playing around. And then I met Qamar. I came across her broadcast and we started talking, laughing and joking. We instantly hit it off – and after awhile, we started privately chatting outside of her live streams in Tango’s chat. During this time, I was living in the Middle East for work, and since she is from Russia, it was mostly friendly talk and nothing since, since I am never good with long distance relationships.

Miracles are real

Imagine my surprise when after a few weeks of chatting on Tango, I found out that although she is originally from Russia, she worked and lived not only in the same country in the Middle East where I was currently living, but in the same city too!

It was unexpected, amazing and surreal. All this time I was chatting with her thinking we were countries apart, when in reality she was here, just a few kilometers away.

After 4 months of chatting, talking and lots of video calls on Tango, we decided to be brave and meet in person. I was so excited before this meeting. I showed up really early as I didn’t want to be late, and I still remember when she first showed up, when I saw her coming towards me. I saw her beautiful smile and waved to her – it was a moment I’ll never forget.

From that moment on, we continued to meet in coffee shops and supermarkets for a while. When my mom’s birthday arrived, I invited her to come and meet my family. I remember how she played with my nephew and I thought to myself that this is the happiest moment of my life.

It was soon after that I thought to myself “well, she’s the one.”

Happily ever After

3 years later, we have had so many happy moments together since. On my last birthday  this past November, she organized a wonderful surprise party for me. Little did she know I was the one who had a surprise for her. Right after the party, I got on my knees, took out a ring and asked her to be my wife – and thankfully, she said yes!

These days, we are living our life together, engaged and enjoying every moment. While we have had to delay our Wedding plans due to the pandemic, we hope to get married in the next coming year – and we can’t wait to invite our friends from Tango to the wedding to celebrate together!

Every day with Qamar is an adventure and I feel so lucky to have met her on Tango.

So thank you Tango, from all of my heart, for the love of my life, and Happy Valentine’s Day from Nick Valentine!

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