Play IN-STREAM Games on Tango!

Play IN-STREAM Games on Tango!

🏙️ NEW: Introducing Tango’s newest addition to our In-Stream Gaming lineup

Welcome to City Runner!🏃🏼‍♀️🏁

Collect Coins, Overcome Obstacles, and Conquer the City!

👉🏼 How to Start!

▶️ Start Stream > 🎮 Open Games > Start City Runner Game
🏃🏼‍♀️ Race the City and 💰Collect Coins as you Go!
Ask your Fans to Send you 🧲 Magnet, 🪜 Bridge, and 🔋 Spray Gifts to Level Up and Collect Extra Coins!
🏃‍♀️Your Chance to Collect MORE Coins and win BIGGER BONUS!🏃‍♀️

🤓Tango Tips to Help Your Gameplay

To Level up in the Game you will need to overcome obstacles  with the Help of Your amazing Fans!
Get ready, rally your fans, and dive into the game with these in-game gifts:
🧲 Need More Coins? Get Magnet Gifts!
🪜 Pit Ahead? Request a Bridge to cross!
🔋 Thieves arrive? Send Spray to scare them away!
🔄 You do not need to tap on the screen, the gift will apply automatically

🏆 Complete each level and collect the most coins to win bonus diamonds!

⚠️Rules to Remember⚠️


🗝️Treasure Hunt Game🗝️

READY TO PLAY? 🔥 It’s super easy!

🎮 Start Stream > Open game in the stream > Ask your Gifters to Send you Key and Torch Gifts > Use these Gifts to Complete the Levels!

You have limited time to complete the level – the faster you win, the higher your bonus!

🎁 Play the game and move up the levels by unlocking obstacles with only two special gifts:
🔥 Fire Torch – to melt the ice
🗝️ Key – to unlock the heart pins
🔓 Once all pins are unlocked, Creator can tap to pull the pin and WIN!

Once you complete a level, the remaining unused fire torch or key gifts received (if any) move to the next level so that you can use them further!🎮

⚠️Rules to Remember⚠️

📱Make sure you’re on app version 8.55+ to play new in-stream games on Tango!

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