Tango’s Newest Feature: Racing Cars!

racing car new tango feature

The race is on to see which Tango viewer can speed up and stand out!

Tango’s newest racing cars feature is also one of the app’s most exciting and engaging games that allows streamers to set races for fans to compete in.

But not just any Tango streamer can start a race. They need to have 3 things:

💎 The newest Tango update.

💎 Have already earned a minimum of 1500 diamonds.

💎 Earned 199 coins during their stream.

As long as all 3 of these qualifications are met, then the streamer can activate the game and bring the racers to the starting line!

Each race lasts for a minimum of 3 minutes, but it can be extended by the streamer to 5, 10, or 15 minutes as well.

However, if in the last 20 seconds a racer suddenly jumps into first… the race continues!

What are the rules for the racers?

The top 6 gifters can compete at once in this exciting new game! That means that racers can change if someone starts giving more gifts than the top 6.

Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by being generous and strategic with your gifts!

How do you win? By fueling your car with everyone’s favorite Tango treat – gifts!

The bigger the gift, the more fire will come bursting out of their engines, speeding them down the track as they weave between rivals for that coveted first place!

Gift sizes:

Gift between 0-99 coins = small fire 🔥

Gift between 100 – 999 coins = medium fire 🔥🔥

Gift greater than 1000 coins = MASSIVE fire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


At the end of the race all of the results will be shown for everyone to see. If YOU win 1st place then your avatar will be given its own 3D display for all the world to know that your race car always crushes the competition!

Just remember, even if you’re in the lead during the entire race and then, in the last 20 seconds, another car passes you, the race continues!

Also, in order to play you need to have downloaded the newest Tango version. Make you check out the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to be 100% certain that you have the latest version.

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With that… on your marks. Get set! Happy Racing!