Ready to share your Livestreams with the world?

So what do we have New?

Our latest release is up and running and we are so excited to announce some great new features in the app!

We are constantly working to improve our platform and make your Tango experience the best it can be. These features are meant to help you easily share your talents with your friends on social media, enlarge your fan base and get you streaming like the fabulous streamer you are!

Share your Tango profile in 1 Click!

When you go into the tango app, you can now copy the link from your profile and share to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or wherever else you want in 1 click! Best thing is our new Tango links are now available for IG Story swipe-up so you can directly promote your Tango Profile anywhere!

Pre-Live share to Social!

Give your followers the option to join you the moment you go live! Now whenever you start a stream, you can automatically share a pre-live invite image as a Story or Post in 1 click, and instantly invite your followers to join you in real-time!

share your Livestream

A single, automated Smart Link for all your sharing!

No more individual livestream links each time you go live, your Tango Profile link is all you need!
You no longer have to wait to go live to promote your current stream, Tango is here to help promote your content anytime. From now on, your single Tango Profile Link will take your followers directly to your livestream each time you’re live, and when you’re done streaming, the link will take the user to your profile!

So –  What are you waiting for?
Update your Tango app Today and check out our new social features to help you go viral!
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