The Relationship Expert Who Changes Lives… He’s Live on Tango!

John Kenny is a relationship coach, public speaker, podcaster, published author, and master of all things relationship-related. 

This Valentine’s Day we’re lucky enough to have John joining us for a one-hour interview with everyone’s favorite community manager, Dee!

Join us on February 15 from 2 AM – 3 AM UTC. Follow John on Tango to get to know him and hear him speak live!

Hear John’s story, listen to him speak, and feel free to ask him questions during this incredible Valentine’s Day interview.

Who knows? Maybe he has answers to some of your most burning questions about love, relationships, and everything in between!

Who is John Kenny?

Many know John better by his podcast title: The Relationship Guy.

He jokingly describes himself as someone who has, “40 years of experience in toxic relationships.”  From his childhood to adult relationships, this current expert noticed how all of his relations seemed to follow the same pattern.

You’d never know it from his life; John was an international athlete, business owner, and spent 12 years in the UK fire brigade as a firefighter.  Despite that, something was missing from his life.


Finally, after a particularly bad relationship, the future expert got some counseling. Two years later and John dropped everything to become a counselor himself in hopes of helping others “achieve the feeling of fulfillment” that he had. Still, that elusive feeling of happiness seemed just out of reach for him. 

By chance, the Relationship Guy met with a coach who offered him sessions to help him deal with the one part of his life he hadn’t fully addressed: his relationship with himself.

John becomes the Relationship Guy

Solving this one piece of his real-life puzzle was the final step to allowing John to break through and achieve the level of happiness and fulfillment that he’s always wanted.

It’s not just him either. Harvard conducted a 75-year study, called the Grant Study, whose results concluded the secret to happiness:

The key to happiness was the health of our relationships.

John wants to help people who have gone through the same problems as himself. People who are successful but don’t feel fulfilled. People who struggle with relationships, or any other issues in your life that aren’t resolved. 

If you’re curious, John also offers a free consultation session called the Relationship Breakthrough Session. This gives you the opportunity to speak to him one-on-one and see if maybe sessions with him would be beneficial.

For those of you who’d like to get to know John better, check out his website: John Kenny Relationship, or his podcast The Relationship Guy, and don’t forget to follow him on Tango either!

But most of all, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to see and talk to John live this February 15 at 2 AM – 3 AM UTC.

Who knows, this Valentine’s might be the one that changes your life forever!

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