Santa’s On His Way To Tango!

Tis’ the season to be streaming 

Fa la la lala, la la lala

Gifts are coming, fans are cheering

Fa la la lala la la lala!

Our favorite part of winter is finally here – Christmas! No matter the temperature outside, all the lights, candy, presents, and fun simply warms our hearts and brings a smile to our souls.

This Christmas, Tango is bringing you our most beloved and talented streamers to create an unforgettable live Tango Christmas Special!

Couple this with Tango’s newest gifts and Christmas collections, and we’re all in for an unforgettable holiday! So grab your eggnog, put on your favorite Santa cap, and get ready to cozy up with the best live entertainment you’ll see all Christmas!

Top 10 Recommendations:

Udita ❤ Christmas Special Dance

When: Christmas Eve, December 24 at 11:30 UTC

We couldn’t be more excited to open our Tango Christmas Special with the one and only Udita! Not only is she kind and fun but she’s also an incredibly talented dancer, winning 1st Place at the Tango Artist Cup.

You definitely don’t want to miss her. Her stream is the best Christmas Eve present you could give yourself, and she’s got an incredible show that will have you in the holiday spirit in no time!

Stas Christmas Vibe

When: Christmas Eve, December 24 at 18:00 UTC

We couldn’t have a Tango Christmas Special without Stas, and thankfully he’s agreed to show up, drumsticks blazing, to give us some Christmas Eve excitement!

This incredible drummer is part of the exclusive Pineapple Family, where he is known for his unbelievable musical talent and his ability to captivate audiences with his pop-rock. Once you see him you won’t be able to get enough of this artist so make sure you follow him on Tango if you’re not already.

Lulu Latina  It’s Christmas Time

When: Christmas Eve, December 24

Lulu is a natural streamer from Argentina who loves to wow the world by streaming her incredible talent! Her fun-loving vibe matched with her incredible dancing and guitar playing makes her beloved by everyone in the Tango community.

The last time we saw her at a Tango event she was accepting the top prize for Best Overall Stream during the Halloween Streaming Awards. We can’t wait to see what kind of performance she has in store for us this holiday season!

👑🥇GUILLE🦋👑🦋MUSIC🥇👑 Christmas with Guille

When: Christmas Day, December 25 at 15:00 UTC

Once you’ve finished opening the presents and have had some time to enjoy them, you’re going to want to check out Guille’s Christmas with Guille! Streaming from Colombia, this incredible singer made it to the semi-finals at the Tango Cup and has been a Tango favorite for the past 2 years.

For Guille, singing and playing guitar are his passions, and it clearly translates when you see him perform. Make sure you take some time in between food, drinks, and gifts to enjoy Guille’s incredible voice!

Milena Chrismas Day Special

When: Christmas Day, December 25 at 16:00 UTC

The last time we saw Milena was 2 months ago when she was releasing her successful single right here on Tango! Since then we’ve been eagerly waiting for her to come back – and she’s giving us the best Christmas gift by performing right on Christmas Day!

Milena is originally from the United Kingdom where she performs and writes her own music. We don’t know when she’s going to have her next performance so make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

Aⓝⓝⓐ PineApple Valiant Vⓞⓘⓒⓔ Pop Songs Party on Christmas

When: Christmas Day, December 25 at 17:00 UTC

There’s no other way for us to say it: we simply adore Anna! Aside from being an incredible singer, she is also a lovely person who even made the trip to our Tango offices where we got to meet her face-to-face.

Her talents have been recognized both on Tango, where she is a member of the elite Pineapple family and off Tango when she appeared, live on TV, for the Ukrainian version of The Voice. Make sure you stop by to watch, gift, and wish her a Merry Christmas, she is bound to make your holiday even more joyous!

M€W W€M Universal Christmas Special

When: Christmas Day, December 25 at 18:00 UTC

Coming to you live right from the US of A! Mew Mew is a man of many talents; producer, rapper, and terrific talk show host, it’s hard to find someone better to spend a Christmas afternoon with.

If you’re looking for someone to have fun with, then Mew Mew is your guy. There’s a reason he is one of the most popular broadcasters on Tango, people just can’t seem to get enough of him!

Poli Guitar The Best Music For A New Year’s Mood

When: Christmas Day, December 25 at 21:00 UTC

Streaming live from Russia with love. Poli is an incredible guitarist who entertains crowds at private shows, clubs, and, of course, right here on Tango! In fact, Poli was one of the first guitarists on Tango so she has had plenty of time to become one of the best at what she does.

She may have an intense rock and metal style of guitar playing, but don’t feel intimidated by her – she’s really an incredible sweetheart. Just stop by her stream and say hello, and see how she brightens up your Christmas day.

Lelya Kursanova New Year’s Hang And Magic Christmas Music

When: Day After Christmas, December 26 at 15:00 UTC

Leyla is one of Tango’s most talented artists, and we are so grateful that we’re going to get to listen to her the day after all the Christmas joy. She’s an incredible piano player who plays in an actual orchestra and, in her spare time, composes her own music. Wow!

Fingers crossed that Leyla brings her special drum called a Hang or handpan. If you have never heard this beautiful drum being played by a pro then you have to tune in to her stream – there is simply nothing like it! 

Aisha The Christmas Show

When: Day After Christmas, December 26 at 16:00 UTC

We certainly saved the best for last on this list, so make room in your schedule to hear this incredible singer serenade you before you say goodbye to Christmas for another year.

Aisha is a member of the Pineapple Family – by now we don’t have to explain what a big deal that is – and she’s more than earned it. She’s constantly ranked as one of Tango’s best, if not the best singer, and once you hear her you’ll understand why.

Big Holiday News!

We’re still in the middle of our surprise collection so be sure to take a look at the incredible gifts we have for the season only! Additionally, we’re having some surprise Christmas discounts on coins that you’re not going to want to miss!

Finally, from all of us at Tango, we want to wish you a happy and healthy holiday filled with happiness, love, and lots of happy moments with your close friends, fans, and family. 

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