✨Tango Creator – Best Practices Part 2: Optimize Your Livestreams

The Best time to Stream is NOW 🙂

By continuously developing your talents, being punctual and creative, you can optimize your streams and achieve success.
Millions of talented artists live-stream on Tango – the place for creators and viewers to express themselves, connect & support one another.

Our Broadcasters make the most of their live stream income by taking Tango Live as seriously as they do their job. Frequent, engaging streams that attract hundreds of new followers and gifters per day are the basis for their impressive earnings with Tango.

Below are a 3 Optimization techniques to help you get the most bang for your buck:


Try to broadcast every day or a minimum of 3-4 times a week. The most active Tango Live Broadcasters stream for an average of 4 to 8 hours daily. The general rule is: the more you stream, the more you earn!


Give fans time to know you better. Our successful broadcasters stream at least 2 hours per broadcast. Tango offers great bonuses for longer broadcasts where you start receiving +10%, +15% and +20% more diamonds for every gift so the longer your streams, the better!


Somewhere in the world it’s time to go live! To help you find the best time for you to livestream for your fans, go to your Profile Menu and click on Statistics. In this page you can find your individual live stream earnings and other stats to help you track your stream performance and determine your own best practices.

earn more with tango

When you first start live-streaming, a good strategy is to try and play around with different hours and time zones for you to go live, as it’s a good way to get discovered and find your ideal stream time for your fans.
optimize your livestreams

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