✨Tango Creator – Best Practices Part 1: Create Engaging Content

Tango Live is one of the world’s leading live streaming apps that allows Creators to perform live, share their talents with a global audience, and monetize their viewers in real-time! Whether it’s showing off your talents, streaming a new hobby, or sharing about your day – Tango is all about community and support for creative content.

It’s not always easy to know how to get started on Tango and what type of content engages most with viewers, so we gathered some Tango Tips to help you succeed.


Positive energy attracts people, it is a fact! Come as your best self to make your streams personable and authentic. Unleash your individuality!


The best tool to succeed is to come prepared & think about where you’re broadcasting.

Pick the right stream Title and Photo:

You’re a Musician? Choose a title and photo that reflects this stream’s performance and shows off your talents.


Find a place to stream where you feel comfortable. Your background should be simple but appealing (no dirty socks laying around). Can’t find a good background? No problem, simply use one of Tango’s in-app filters.

Location & Lighting:

Whether indoor or outdoor, make sure the camera is steadily placed on a hard surface and that the light is flattering so you and your stream are visible. After all, why do jewelry stores have such great lighting? So that the diamonds shine brighter! Choose a place that’s bright and well-lit, and without any backlighting so your face is clear and viewers can see you.

Sound Check:

Check your phone’s audio levels before you broadcast and ensure your location does not have any loud or interrupting noises. Background music is always helpful to set the right atmosphere and positive vibes. If you’re a musician, we recommend to invest in a Plugin for the best quality sound.


To enjoy Tango’s high video quality, make sure you have working internet connection wherever you are streaming. Low or Poor connection greatly affects a stream’s success and popularity. High speed WIFI is your best option, it will keep the image clear and detailed.


Introduce Yourself to New Viewers:

Give viewers time to join your live stream before you start with your show. Use the first moments to introduce yourself and tell the audience what they can expect.

Interact with Fans:

Engage with viewers when they visit your stream and let them engage back. Greet them, make them feel welcome, ask for feedback or questions, and keep the conversation going. Musicians – ask for Song Requests from your audience and let them interact and give suggestions while live.

Recognize your Gifters:

Remember who your gifters are and befriend them. Welcome frequent viewers by name and show gratitude every time they send you gifts. You can check your Top Gifters anytime in your Profile Menu.

Explore Community:

Tango is all about live interactions. Explore new connections and friendships with cool features (such as Party streams and Battles) to help you grow your community and reach new heights!

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