Tango Creator – Best Practices Part 4: Monetize Your Fans

tango creators tip 4
At Tango, we fund the creative class. The more creative you are, the more money you can earn with gifts from fans.By utilizing Tango’s interactive community, you can achieve financial milestones, earn more from your live streams and monetize your content and talents live. Below are a few of  Tango’s special features that help you maximize your profit potential

Every new Broadcaster gets 30% Bonus on all gifts they earn until their first redeem of 5,000 Diamonds (= $25 USD)!


Tango offers monthly Happy Hours and Events with special Rewards. Keep your eyes peeled for in-app Programs and Bonuses that help you boost your earnings.


Tango releases luxury, themed Gift Collections twice a month. Broadcasters who complete the collection get a special diamond prize from Tango. Urge your fans to help you complete the set!


This feature allows Tango Broadcasters to monetize their content and connect with top fans exclusively. For every subscriber you get, you earn 700 Diamonds monthly.

With Tango Subscriber, you can:

⭐ Get guaranteed Monthly salary in addition to your current earnings.

⭐ Upload exclusive content in your Subscribers-only Feed.

⭐ Limit your stream to Subscribers only.

⭐ Manage direct 1:1 chats with your Subscribers.

Tango Referral program:

Tango’s Referral program calls on users to invite their friends to join Tango and to earn 10% on their earnings for 2 years! Simply share your referral link with friends and fans outside of Tango, invite them to join, and earn whenever they earn! You can access your personal Referral Link in the Profile Menu section.

Congratulations on becoming a Tango Creator!👏

Tango’s perks are created for you to take advantage of in your efforts to become a successful Creator. Stay updated with weekly new Tango bonus programs and promotions, as they can help you maximize your income!

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