Tango’s Gifter of the Month

Everyone loves a great gifter! They are the most enthusiastic fans, the biggest supporters, and a big reason why so many of Tango’s best streamers work hard everyday turning their passion into their business.

At Tango, we love supporting great streamers, but they’re only half of what makes Tango so great. The other side is the amazing supporters! They are the most enthusiastic fans, powerful sponsors, and a big reason why so many of Tango’s best streamers work hard every day turning their passion into their business.

So this year, we at Tango made our own resolution: to give a shout-out to the best gifters every month. The most respected and influential people on the platform! We know that without those incredible activists, our streamers and fans wouldn’t have the same wonderful experiences that live streaming provides!

Meet June’s Gifter: King🐝DJ🤴💍👸Queenバトハンダニか🐝ϐғ🐝

June’s gifter of the month is a very special person! Meet none other than King🐝DJ🤴💍👸Queenバトハンダニか🐝ϐғ🐝 (who we’ll call King🐝DJ for short 😉) although his real name is David James. Mr. James is from Australia, and when he’s not DJing, number plate collecting, or gold fossicking (literally collecting gold from streams and rivers!) he can be found with his incredible tango community!

“Tango is a world of entertainment of artists on one platform. You have the option to choose to listen to singers from all over the world. Artists playing musical instruments. DJs playing music on their decks and many other artists doing other things to entertain their viewers  and followers and gifters.”

Since downloading tango during the lockdowns King🐝DJ has made it his mission to find and support tango’s incredible new musical talents. For him, being able to give a musician striving hard every day to grow their talent and make NOW their moment to shine is what makes tango so special.

BUT King🐝DJ isn’t just a gifter – this kind and generous leader is also a streamer himself! King🐝DJ is a passionate artist, one who supports other artists and wants to create a community of musicians and other talented dreamers as well. 

For my followers, I would encourage them to keep enjoying watching my life and never to give up on tango. To keep providing their feedback for improvement and keep enjoying tango as it will only get better with every update. Tango is becoming more innovative with every new update.

For my fans, I encourage you to ask any questions about being an artist as I may assist you to become successful as I have. I love to share what I know and have learned on tango and lastly, I encourage them to buy their own equipment and immediately become a rising star artist !!!

Next time you’re on tango, make sure that you stop by and say hello to King🐝DJ! Whether it’s to revel in his streams, enjoy his generosity, or get priceless advice on making it as a star, we’re sure he’d appreciate you stopping by!

Meet May’s Gifter: Tell me how❗

It’s amazing how in just a few short months someone can rise to the top of the gifter charts. That’s what an incredible gifter, Tell me how❗just accomplished – and we’re honoring him with May’s Gifter of the Month as a result! How lucky are we to have him?

I joined Tango because of my friend. He was a good gifter also and I loved the reaction of all the broadcasters, so I downloaded the app and am loving it!  I like that I can communicate with people from all around the world, learn new languages, and discover new cultures. Plus there are some truly inspiring streamers!

Since downloading Tango just a few months ago, this generous gifter has already created a loyal following around him – with many on Tango changing their name to ‘Tell me’ in response to his unending generosity. 

If you start a battle and see Tell me how❗show up you know it’s going to be exciting! He’s known for gifting hundreds of thousands – sometimes millions – to talented streamers during their one-on-ones. In his first-ever PK, he gave 1.8 million coins!

To all my fans I say thank you very much for your kindness and for showing your love to me – especially the people who changed their name to ‘Tell me.’ It really means a lot to me and I will support you as much as I can. You’ve even inspired me to start my own family on Tango one day! Much love and respect for you guys.

If you’re looking for someone who is going to add some fun Tango excitement to your live streaming experience then look no further than Tell me how❗A man this humble and generous – we’re sure he’d love to have you stop by and say hello.

Meet April’s Gifter: JAGUAR :shield:404:exclamation:”Family”

Meet JAGUAR :shield:404:exclamation:”Family,” one of Tango’s most successful agency leaders and a fantastic gifter! Jaguar is the leader of 404! Agency, and his secret to his success is always looking out for his streamers and their needs.

According to him:

I am a businessman most of the time so when I’m on Tango I like to enjoy the good vibes and relax in my virtual life. That said, my greatest Tango success was the day that I created 404:exclamation:️ agency and family and became a valuable Tango partner.

Jaguar hasn’t let his live stream success go to his head though. He always maintains a positive, kind, and easy-going attitude and always ensures his respect for traditions, in particular, keeping the Ramadan fast. 

My message for my follower and fans along with the followers and fans of 404:exclamation:️ is we are here in Tango to have a good time and enjoy our moments together. Only positive vibes on Tango!

Next time you have a chance, make sure you check out his profile and send him a message congratulating him on his success! Even though he’s a busy man, he’s sure to appreciate it!

Meet March’s Gifter: Norah❤️🔨💔 

Both a huge gifter and big broadcaster, Norah is the type of person that everyone hopes to meet on Tango. Kind, charming, and generous, Norah knows how to turn any live stream into a live celebration! 

How did we get so lucky to have Norah on Tango anyways?

“Randomly I joined Tango. After that, I found everything about Tango to be interesting. I got a chance to connect globally, found a lot of good souls, and saw many, many talented people.

Tango is all about entertainment. Spreading happiness by gifting to our loved ones, at the same time supporting talented people. Mostly, I’m so happy that I got to connect with a lot of people and I was able to be part of their lives!”

For Norah, live streaming is all about connecting with people, spreading happiness to the ones we love, and supporting talented people around the globe. We could not agree with her more and are thrilled that she found Tango!

If you’re looking for a wonderful person to have a great live streaming experience with, make sure you visit Norah❤️🔨💔  and, while you’re there, don’t forget to congratulate her for being March’s #1 gifter!

Meet February’s Gifter: Gio ❤♾💚╰☆ꤵꀿ☆╮TE AMO PRINCESA

When it comes to winning awards, nobody is more gracious and humble than Gio. Viewing and gifting from the United States, Gio discovered Tango artists completely by accident. According to her, Tango was simply how her family communicated with each other both by text and by video. 

That all changed the day she happened to stumble upon an incredible streamer named Maylla. The two fell in love and now Gio goes to her stream to see her every day. For Gio, Maylla isn’t just another artist, she’s:

A wonderful woman who taught me to see life in a different way… the only thing that makes me sad is that I won an award when really, the one who should win the award would be her. For everything she has done in this application.

My best moment in Tango was the day I met Mayla. For that, all I can say to this wonderful application is thank you.

When you have a second, make sure you stop by and congratulate Gio ❤♾💚╰☆ꤵꀿ☆╮TE AMO PRINCESA for being such an amazingTango gifter!

Meet January’s Gifter: Interceptor

Interceptor is not only a great gifter, he’s also a mentor and a teacher. Someone who encourages and inspires our many great talents to keep coming back and giving Tango their all. Outside of Tango, he’s a motor enthusiast, former dance choreographer, and a huge cricket fan!

We got the chance to meet with Interceptor ourselves, and he is truly an inspiring figure!

Tango has introduced me to an amazing pool of talented individuals and a lovely community of friends from across the country and the globe. Tango inspires me in the way it facilitates the growth of talent and creativity by connecting broadcasters and fans through its simple interface. It has helped me understand different languages, cultures, and widened my horizon of thinking. I feel honored to be a part of this simple yet generous initiative.

I would request my followers and fans to keep being themselves and have fun on the platform! It is a place of entertainment and learning, and it’s important you take the right lessons and make your time memorable here. And remember, I’m always here as a brother, friend, or mentor whenever you need me!

If you have more questions for Interceptor, or ready to meet your next Tango friend, reach out to him via his Tango account. No doubt, he’d be happy to meet you and answer any questions you might have!

Want to become our next Gifter of the Month? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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