Tango Has Released Our Most Exciting Feature To Date!

Have you heard the big news happening on Tango? 

When you go live, you can now play videos during your live stream!

This is an exciting leap forward, both for Tango and for the entire world of live streaming. Now you have a practically infinite way to entertain and connect with your viewers.

And as we all know, the more your viewers love you and your stream, the more gifts you’re likely to get!

Video Stickers = limitless possibilities!

Your live streaming activity just reached new heights with endless videos at your disposal! 

With this new feature, you can pick any video and play it on your stream while you broadcast as usual. See what people say, how they react, and what they love most. Pick something that helps to express YOU and your personality.

Even better, you can create your own videos that you can play during your Tango live stream. Now you can earn double as you make money from both pre-recorded videos and Tango at the same time!

From a special commentary on your favorite sports highlights and music videos to makeup tutorials and current event clips, unlock new content in your live streams with direct access to videos for your fans to watch with you. 

Infinite ways to enjoy

There are at least a million and one other ways to enjoy the video feature, and we certainly don’t have time to go over them all here, but here are a few creative ways to use video stickers during your live streams:

Music Nothing brings people together like music, something most streamers know since they like to have a soundtrack during their stream. Having a music video that goes along with it is just one more way to bond with fans over your favorite tunes. 
Sports Did you catch the game last night? Play a highlight reel of your favorite match and provide your own unique commentary.
Cooking What’s your favorite dish? With over 720,000 hours of new content being uploaded daily, you’re sure to find a video of someone preparing it. Point out what you like/don’t like about the way they cook it.
Dance Dance along to the most impressive dance video you can find. With dozens of genres and millions of talented artists, it’s easy to get inspired.
Comedy Let people know who your favorite comedian is by playing one of their clips as you and your fans laugh together.
Culture One thing that makes Tango so special is that it allows people from opposite sides of the world to get to know each other. Play videos that are going viral in your community or a clip from your favorite movie/TV show so people can get to know where you’re from.
Charity Some streamers use their broadcasts not only to entertain but to raise money for something they’re passionate about. By adding a video, you’re likely to inspire people to care as well.

How to use Video stickers

Video stickers are used in the same way as Tango stickers: they attach to your broadcast and play while you stream.

  • Begin by going Live.
  • Select stickers.
  • Tap on Video.
  • Search for a video by typing in the name, or going to one of the suggested categories (trending, funny, happy, congrats, etc.).
  • Your video will begin by playing in the upper right-hand corner on a small screen for you and your fans to watch together.
  • From the same menu, you can make the video larger, select a new video, or close your video sticker.

Try it for yourself

This feature has the potential of changing how we live stream, bringing in new audiences and creating more entertaining and memorable streams. 

You don’t want to miss it. Add a video sticker to your stream and see how it transforms the way you go live!

Want to be one of the first to combine video and Tango? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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