Tango Is Empowering Women All Week Long!

International Women’s Day is a proud day when we as a global community stand together in order to celebrate the many achievements that women have forged in order to benefit humanity as a whole.

Whether they be political, business, social, or cultural triumphs, we as an interconnected community can pause to acknowledge and appreciate how the women in our families, cities, countries, and world have inspired us and made all our lives better!

At Tango, we’re proud to be a place that offers all creators – no matter their backgrounds, nationalities, sex, or gender – a chance to earn from their talents and empower themselves financially!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate #TangoWomen!

Now, we take the time to celebrate the special women who make Tango the #1 place to view the best and more creative live streams.

In order to recognize this special occasion, Tango is turning International Women’s Day into International Women’s Week! We’ll be spending the next 7 days bringing you special shows from our top female streamers!

Meet our Inspirational Women:

Marina Belinka

Streaming: March 2 at 6:00 PM UTC

“Tango helped me to express my opinion, say what I really think, and to become an independent woman.”

First up we have Marina! A model, singer, and tattoo artist, Marina has been streaming on Tango for only 2 months and has still managed to dazzle everyone she meets and find thousands – yes, thousands – of new fans!

“I love chatting and making friends so without twice I decided to try streaming myself!”

For her, Tango is the perfect place to develop her talents, meet new people, and practice her English – which we think is getting really good – go Marina!

We couldn’t be happier to have this absolute gem of a woman opening International Women’s Week on Tango! If you haven’t had the chance to stop by and say hello make sure you visit her channel as soon as possible and, of course, don’t miss her upcoming stream!

Poli Guitar

Streaming: March 3 at 6:00 PM UTC

“Of course, Tango raises the self-esteem of any woman. I have never heard so many compliments before. It is also very nice when my talent is rewarded financially – I am grateful to be on Tango.”

If you haven’t seen her before make sure you head over to see her now. Poli Guitar is one of the best musicians we have on Tango and one of our favorite women to interact with on Live!

Poli Guitar has been streaming on Tango for the past year and, for her, discovering it was a completely random but incredibly fortunate event:

“One day I met a man who heard me play and he suggested that I try live streaming. I thought that it was unlikely that I would succeed, besides, my English is not perfect. But still, I decided to try. When I went on the air, I was surprised how friendly everyone was. They supported me right away and continue to support me every day!”

How did one random encounter turn into a year of streaming and over a million diamonds? Well, when you love making people happy around the world with your music, it’s really easy! That’s what Poli says anyways. 

After having heard her play and getting to know her, we definitely think we could all use a friend like Poli in our lives. Head over to her stream and give her your warmest welcome. You’re sure to get it returned to you x10!


Streaming: March 4 at 6:00 PM UTC

“The main reason why I am only streaming my performances on Tango is that I have always felt support from the Tango team as an artist and a woman. I also enjoy being supported on special occasions and dates such as a recent Valentine’s, Easters, and the best Christmas parties are with Tango. Proven!”

Milena is a singer and songwriter who, after a year of streaming on Tango, has amassed a huge group of fans who are ecstatic every time she goes live. Her performances are energetic, exciting, and original! With nearly all her songs being written by her!

Not only is she a true inspiration, she is a real Tango success story – one that we are proud to have had a part in making!

“There are so many great things I love about Tango! First, it shaped me to become a better musician on a live streaming platform and interact with the viewers. The graphics on Tango are happy colourful, with some super innovative and fun features, such as the sound of the diamonds and presents. 

I love that my friends and family can get notifications before I start streaming. I also connected with many fans and met some great artists and musicians. Finally, I love the support we give to each other.”


Streaming: March 5 at 5:00 PM UTC

“I would like to say, Tango has played a major role in my life. As a child, my dream was to own a house for my family because growing up we used to live in a rented house. Now, with the help of people on Tango, I can proudly say that I have bought a house for my family in Kolkata! My parents are extremely proud of me that in such a young age I am mature enough to take decisions and be an independent women!”

We are excited to introduce you to our next streamer, not only because she’s a wonderful woman and a talented performer, but because she is also the hostess of Tango’s International Women’s Week!

Udita is an incredible woman who is on Tango almost every night! She has used her charisma, wits, and determination to completely change her life thanks to the power of live!

Not only is she an inspiration to us all, she’s your next best friend if you stop by her stream and say hello. Not only can you see her special show on March 5, but you’ll be seeing her all week as she introduces each special performer. 

“The best about Tango is that I can connect to many people all over the world at one time.”


Streaming: March 6 at 7:00 PM

“Tango supported me by giving me the freedom to stream without a constraint of hours or targets. I feel free and strong on Tango!”

Dunia has been on Tango for the past year and a half and has become a Tango fan favorite! Not only do Tango viewers absolutely love her, but she has amassed over 90 million diamonds from nearly 450,000 followers!

If you’re curious how a streamer can be so popular and so wildly successful, make sure to stop by her stream to see how she does it. She’s one of the best, and someone who stands as a role model to other streamers looking to profit off of their own incredible talents!

“I have never left Tango app since I discovered it. My favorite thing on the app is this mix of all these people from countries and cultures that we can discover.”

Kiki Donna

Streaming: March 7 at 3:00 PM UTC

“When I became a partner agent on Tango It was so nice to help those who wants to earn, those who have no job and still have a family to feed. Tango has never failed me – this is an amazing app! I’ve seen so much success by so many people. I’ve seen some of my artists become MILLIONAIRES! Their success feels like my success, and thats how Tango supports my journey!”

Kiki Donna is a singer and an artist, but that’s not how she propelled herself to Tango fame. Her success came when she signed up to Tango’s Partner Program. There, she was able to help so many other streamers find their success while also earning as well. She’s an incredible partner, streamer, and businesswoman!

She can also be found at the many fun and exciting Tango events so, naturally, she was more than happy to be a part of Tango’s International Women’s Week and we were eager for her to stream as well!

“Aside from making friends and earning money from gifters, Tango has wonderful events, bonuses, and an artist program that gives courage to the new artists learning how to stream.”


Tango supports the many women who stream in order to find new fans, find new connections, and profit off of their incredible talents. We’re thrilled to be throwing this event, and are proud to have had a role in helping the many women of Tango find financial security and freedom.

Want to celebrate International Women’s Day with us? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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