Tango Makes Millionaires

Today Tango celebrates one of its most successful streamers… the beloved and talented Paris!

Paris began her Tango streaming journey on Tango on March 7, 2019, probably having no idea that it would completely change her life!

Her incredible story

At the time, Paris was low on cash and needed to rent out her apartment in order to have enough money just to eat. Desperate to find someone quickly, she created ads for her apartment on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other social sites, but ended up with 0 leads. So she turned to live streaming

Paris spent whole the day on Tango showcasing her place to everyone on the app, hoping that a more intimate and personal sales method would help. 

Within minutes she was getting gifts from fans enjoying the tour. By the time Paris ended the live stream and saw how much money she’d gotten, the first-time streamer realized that she may not have to rent out her apartment after all.

Fast forward 2.5 years and today Paris is a millionaire! The small apartment that she was struggling to rent out? That’s gone. Replaced instead with a beautiful villa that anyone would love to live in!

A streaming inspiration

Paris has become a streaming inspiration, the story of how someone dedicated to live streaming can become wildly successful! A reminder that no matter your talent, it’s possible stream your way into $1 million. According to our favorite Tango millionaire, as long as you have faith in yourself, don’t get distracted focusing on other broadcasters, and “just love everybody,” you can find success.

This has helped her overcome a major challenge that most streamers go through: making sure their biggest gifters keep coming back to their stream. Paris takes a simple yet obvious approach to hooking gifters, she focuses on the friendship, not the money.

Her biggest gifters are also some of her best friends. They enjoy video calls and often travel to meet each other. A few of them who live locally even hang out together outside of the app. She’s met her best friends on Tango and even found love when she was introduced to a man who became her boyfriend.

It’s safe to say that streaming on Tango has completely changed Paris’ life for the better. New villa, new friends, amazing fans, a loving boyfriend, and, of course, $1 million. Like the city she’s named after she is an irreplaceable jewel!

As for the rest of her earnings, Paris plans on supporting other streamers on Tango with huge gifts!

There’s no doubt that all of us want to be friends with someone as wonderful and generous as Paris. As it turns out, you may have a chance for exactly that!

Presenting 200 Million Celebrations!

When: Friday, December 31 at 12:00 PM KSA.

Join us as the Tango executive team and some of the biggest fans present to Paris a special award in celebration of her million-dollar milestone! 

Show up, cheer, chat and ask questions as this successful streamer shares with us her journey through live streaming. It’s the best way to celebrate the end of 2021, and the start of a successful year for not only Paris, but for every driven streamer who yearns to be seen and heard by a global audience!

There will be special gifts, important guests, and, best of all, the chance to meet Paris herself. Don’t miss out!

Want to meet Paris yourself? Make sure you first download Tango app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, so you can follow Paris!. While you’re at it keep checking out our blog for even more updates and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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