You’re Invited To Tango’s Unique Talents Day on November 24!

Have you unveiled your hidden talent yet…? We know that you have something that makes YOU unique, and now Tango is giving you the chance to reveal it to the world in exchange for the opportunity to win some great prizes!

On Tango’s Unique Talents Day, you are the star of your own show! If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start streaming… Now is Your Moment!

What should I stream?

Do you dance, sing, or paint? What about comedy or music? Even fashion and makeup – it’s all what makes you special and unique and it’s perfect for Tango’s Unique Talents Day!

So be prepared on November 24th to make your grand unveiling of your most incredible and favorite talent right here on Tango! 

Just don’t forget to stream with the hashtag #TangoTalent so we know it’s you!

Participation Instructions:

  • Exciting 24-hour streaming event on Nov. 24th.
  • Stream your best talents while using the hashtag #TangoTalent
  • Every hour you stream increases your odds of winning.
  • The number of hours you stream = the number of times your name will appear in our digital lottery.

Winners announced – Friday, Nov. 26th:

  • 3 winners will be announced! 
  • The prize = 2400 diamonds for each winner.

How are the winners chosen?

  • Our digital lottery will pick 3 winners on Thursday, Nov. 25th. 
  • Remember – the more you stream the better the chance that it will be you! 

Also, don’t forget to hashtag your stream with the hashtag #TangoTalent.

*This activity is exclusive to Artists only!*

Participant Rules & Guidelines:

  • The participant must be active during the hashtagged stream
  • Only streams with hashtag #TangoTalent will be counted in the digital lottery event.
  • The number of hours you stream = the number of times your name will appear in our digital lottery.
  • This activity is exclusive to Artists only. 
  • Content will be moderated by Tango. Any inappropriate content will cause you to be removed from the stream. 
  • Leaving your screen open without performing any activity or talents will get you disqualified from the digital lottery, and the hashtag will be removed from your stream.
  • Supporting yourself using another Tango account is prohibited.
  • Audio-Only streaming is prohibited in the event. All participants are required to broadcast themselves with Video turned on (Face coverings are allowed).

Tango will not tolerate disrespectful, violent, or abusive behavior during any Tango events & streams. Tango holds the right to terminate the event and disqualify any abusive participants from the event.

Digital Lottery Guidelines

  • The lottery will be drawn on Thursday, November 25th, only after the entire event has ended.
  • The lottery winners will be randomly selected by a digital tool.
  • The result of the lottery will be announced on Friday, November 26th.
  • Results will be published on Tango’s official Instagram Tango_app, Dee’s Feed, and Denis Feed
  • Winners will be notified by a private message in their Tango chat by a team member.
  • The prize will be awarded via in-app diamonds directly to the participant’s user account.

We feel incredibly lucky knowing that each time we log on to our app, we get to see some of the most talented creators from around the world showing off their best talents! 

If you’re ready to start livestreaming your talent make sure you download Tango from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Additionally, make sure you’re also following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Best of luck and happy streaming!

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