Tango’s Giving Week!

tango’s giving back to our community!🤗

🌟We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $10,000 for Islamic Relief, a humanitarian and development agency that’s making a HUGE difference in the lives of vulnerable communities around the world!

🤗We’re so grateful to ALL our users who contributed to this amazing effort. Your kindness and generosity are changing lives and making a real impact.

🌍We believe that when we come together, we can create a better world for all. Let’s continue to spread hope and positivity and make a difference wherever we can!

🙏Thank you once again for your incredible support and for helping us make a positive difference in the world 

RamaDonor Competition!👇

🏆We are excited to announce a special competition that will help you fulfill your Ramadan Zakat obligations, and give you a chance to earn exciting rewards and prizes!

🤲Now is the Time to GIVE with a Purpose!🤲

🗝️Unlock the Joy of Giving: Tango’s RamaDonor competition is HERE!

🫶In the spirit of Ramadan, send Tango’s Charity Gift to inspire acts of generosity that make a meaningful impact.


📅From April. 18 – 21 (3 days, 24 hours each) Tango will track every ‘Charity Gift’ you send and update your ranking in real-time.

🎁Every time you send ‘Tango’s Charity Gift’ to support your Favorite Creators, Tango will donate 25% of the Gift’s worth to those in need via Islamic Relief Worldwide Non Profile Organization. This special Non Profit Organization is assisting individuals, families and communities through emergency response and development projects that help over 10 million people each year.


To enter the RamaDonor Leaderboard, send as many ‘Charity Gifts’ as possible!🤳🏽

⬆️Rank HIGHER with EVERY Gift you SEND!

🎁1 Charity Gift = 1 Point!

👀New Leaderboard every Day at 6PM UTC, so you have 3 chances to make it to the Top Spot & win!

🙌Donate the HIGHEST to Score the Highest!🙌


Check your ranks EVERY DAY to stay updated on your place throughout the competition!

👑A NEW RamaDonor will be Crowned every day and WIN exciting prizes!


🌃3 Days, NEW Leaderboard Daily: Tango tracks EVERY ‘Charity Gift’ YOU Send, so you can see your Ranks in REAL-TIME!

***Leaderboard links will only appear once the competition has begun.

🚀 Leaderboard Day 1: April 18, 6PM UTC – April 19, 6PM UTC

🚀 Leaderboard Day 2: April 19, 6PM UTC – April 20, 6PM UTC

🚀 Leaderboard Day 3: April 20, 6PM UTC – April 21, 11:59PM UTC (Midnight)


From April 18, 6PM UTC to April 21, Midnight UTC 


What would a Tango Competition be without AMAZING Prizes!?

⭐Personalized Winners Gift in your Stream  (Up To 5 Sec., Min. 5K Coins)

⭐Tango RamaDonor Ribbon in your profile

⭐The Top Donor from each day will be displayed on our leaderboard and get a special “Winner’s Congratulations” Post from Tango!

🌠So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun, and let’s make this Ramadan the most charitable and joyous one yet!🌠

💪Power Up Your Generosity with Charity Mode! 

💪Power Up Your Generosity with Charity Mode! 

😮Now is YOUR Moment to give and share blessings,

and what better way to do that than by Supporting your Favorite Creators and donating to those in need at the same time!

📣For the first time ever, we are proud to announce Tango’s Charity Gift – a special gift live for a limited time only, from April 13. 

🎁Every time you send ‘Tango’s Charity Gift’ to support your Favorite Creators, Tango will donate 25% of the Gift’s worth to those in need!

👪Your donation will help support humanitarian causes and work to save and transform the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. 

🫶Now’s the time to unlock your giving mode! Send Tango’s Charity Gift as many times as you can, spread joy to your loved ones AND donate to those in need!

👁️Stay tuned for more charity surprises coming soon in Tango’s Giving Week! 

🕛‘Tango’s Charity Gift’ is only available for a Limited Time, so give generously!

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