Turn Your Home Gym Into A Profitable Fitness Live Stream

How’s that home fitness equipment that you bought during Covid? Is it laying around your home or garage collecting dust by any chance? If so, then this post is for you!

Finally, we’re all emerging from our homes and slowly venturing out into the world again! After months of what seemed like endless time inside people are starting to go to parks, restaurants, and, of course, gyms.

This also means that we now have dozens of sites dedicated to selling used fitness equipment that, we’re guessing, people bought during the pandemic and are now looking to get rid of

The best time to sell gym equipment is…

December and January. People usually make plans around then to get into shape for the New Year. By around March and April, many people start realizing that some of those purchases were impulsive and are looking to get rid of their gear.

Keep in mind when selling that…

you’re almost never going to get more for your equipment than what you paid for it (unless you’re a savvy salesperson or just really, really lucky). There is another way to get that money back though…

Fitness live streams.

Benefits of a fitness live stream

Let’s start with what makes sense and cents… the money!

As previously mentioned, whatever equipment you bought, you’re probably not going to be able to resell for the full price. Don’t fret though! There is another way to get that money back!

Fitness live streams have already exploded in popularity in the past few years. It’s a proven way to experience a workout, learn some new exercises, and find some much-needed motivation on those days when you just don’t feel like moving.

Not to mention that, with a platform like Tango, there is also the chance to make money!

Built into our incredibly easy-to-use platform is a micro-economy that allows viewers to give money in the form of “gifts” to hard-working streamers. 

This is significantly different from platforms like YouTube or Facebook who rely primarily on ad revenue. Live streaming sites like Tango have NO ads meaning that money goes directly from the viewer to the streamer.

And let us tell you, it is A LOT. Recently Tango just celebrated our first millionaire streamer.

Seriously, this broadcaster went from couch surfing to staying in villas. It’s a wild story of how streaming on Tango can earn you some serious money!

If you want to know more about how to make money from live streaming make sure you check out our blog post all about it!

Can help You to stay motivated

Let’s face it, staying motivated after we’ve unpacked our workout equipment can often feel like a never-ending uphill climb. 

There’s a well-known “secret” to staying motivated, and it all boils down to one word: accountability.

If you make the decision to broadcast your at-home workouts you are also showing potentially thousands of people that you’re dedicated to your fitness goals. End each workout by telling your fans when you’ll be streaming next. You’ve made your promise – now you have to uphold it!

Live encouragement

One thing that makes live streaming superior to pre-recorded videos is that it’s so much easier to build a community with your fans.

Since everything is live, the interaction is much more personal. People are watching you, cheering you on, and even giving you money just to work out! 

It’s way more fun than working out alone, not to mention much more rewarding – both financially and physically!

Always learning

This isn’t scientifically backed, but from personal experience, we can say that there’s something about having people watching you that not only pushes you to show up every day, but also to try your best and continue to grow.

If you’re serious about doing a live stream, it’s a good idea to mix things up. A quick Google search or 20 minutes spent on YouTube can give you hours of new exercises to try and eventually teach your audience.

Here’s a great place to start, and it only took us 30 seconds to find: let’s say you don’t want to use equipment that day – no problem! Did you know that there are over 80 ways to do pushups? Can you imagine how many hours of live streaming you can do just teaching your followers these pushups?

Not to mention what an intense workout that would be!

It doesn’t matter if all you have is an exercise bike and a pair of dumbbells. With a little bit of research, you can keep your streams fresh and interesting!

It’s super easy

One of the best parts about live streaming on Tango is how simple and straightforward it is. It doesn’t require any software besides an internet connection, and the only piece of equipment you really need is your cellphone to get the workout started.

Forget about editing, multiple camera angles, or narration. Isn’t the whole point of this anyways to easily make use of your home gym? Once you start worrying about editing montages and other video-making aspects you’re already making it more difficult for yourself to get moving.

Stream from wherever you want

If you want to keep your home gym at home and stream from there, it’s totally possible. The same can be said if you’d rather set up at a park or have a few days at the gym. 

You can incorporate all of these locations into your live stream.

It’s not a bad idea to try and mix it up every now and then, just make sure you have all the live streaming essentials like good lighting, audio, and, of course, a reliable internet connection.

If you’d rather just stay in one place there’s another way you can mix your streams up without having to do hours of research or travel – invite a friend to join in on one of your workouts! Who says a home workout has to be done alone?

What about pre-recorded videos?

This is a question we get a lot, and honestly, it’s a very legitimate one. The truth is that there are some great reasons to stick to pre-recorded videos rather than live streaming.

Like everything in life though, it comes with its fair share of downsides too. Let’s go over what’s awesome and what’s challenging about pre-recorded vs live videos.

Live Stream Pre-Recorded
Easy to build a community. Edit your perfect video.
Less work is required. Viewers can watch whenever they want.
Live encouragement. Ad revenue.
Get money directly from viewers.  
Can live stream from almost anywhere.  


Edit your perfect video

Since live streaming is live, you’re bound to make mistakes now and again. This actually isn’t that big of a deal and is actually part of the charm of live streaming. But if you’d like to create the perfect instructional video, complete with sleek edits and shots from multiple angles, then pre-recorded videos will likely be your medium of choice.

Viewers watch whenever they want

One of the best things about pre-recorded videos is that viewers don’t have to be present in order to enjoy your content. You post your video and your audience watches it when they get the chance.


Harder to build a community

How easy it is for people to talk to each other is related to how quickly they can grow a community together. With live streaming, people are talking with one another in real-time.

It literally doesn’t get any faster than that!

Much more work-intensive

If getting yourself to move is one of your fitness goals then it’s going to be a lot harder to do that if you know that you have to: set up a studio, buy lots of equipment, and then spend hours mixing and editing afterward. 

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to turn on your phone, do the workout, then turn it off and go about your day?

No live support

Unfortunately, if you choose to record alone you’re not getting any of the joy of a community of people cheering you on and even offering tips and advice. You’re on your own. 

Unlike live streaming, where you’re being supported by fans from around the world.

How to get started with your fitness live stream

Download Tango

First and foremost, you’re going to need to download a live streaming app. If you’re looking to go live and get started streaming then we recommend using Tango.

Tango makes streaming to a large audience easy and profitable. Of course, there are many other apps you can take a look at too if you want to weigh your options and decide on which one is the best for you.

Find a good place to stream

If you want to become a successful streamer and make the best use of your home gym, then building a habit around your fitness broadcasts is going to be the #1 thing you can do for yourself.

This involves going live at the same time and picking a spot that’s convenient for you. Some suggestions for finding a good spot include:

  • A place with a good internet connection – this is the most important thing in our opinion.
  • Bright lighting – you want people to see you and your streams after all.
  • Someplace spacious – this can be a big room in your house like your living room or garage, or even someplace outdoors like a park or your backyard. Just make sure you have a strong internet connection if you’re going to stream in the fresh air. We can’t emphasize this enough!

Create a workout plan

If you’re going live for the first time then it’s a good idea to have some kind of a workout plan. You should think of what exercises you’re going to do, for how long, and then write them down so you don’t forget. If you really want to go above and beyond then have a backup plan as well.

Finally, don’t forget to leave little reminders to check in on your viewers in between sets. Take that time both to rest during the workout, but also to answer questions or just to chat.

Grow your live stream audience

After you’ve done a few fitness live streams you might want to consider promoting your live stream in order to attract a bigger audience. While going live is easy, promoting your stream takes a bit more work but has much bigger benefits when done right.

Take a look at some of the suggestions below for how to promote your stream in order to succeed on live.

Use your Tango feed

Tango has a status section where you can post updates and statuses for your followers to see. This is a great place to remind your followers when you’re going live and remind them to be there to see you.

Connect to social media

Tango allows you to connect your live streaming profile to your Instagram account, and vice versa.

This is great when it comes to getting more viewers and visibility. In addition to just using your Instagram, it’s never a bad idea when promoting yourself to use every social media platform that you have available to you.

Create banners and videos

When you post on your Tango feed or on social media you can stand out by creating banners and videos to get more fans and viewers. Creating video clips is pretty easy, you can always film yourself on your phone and upload it right onto your Tango stream! 

As for banners, we’d recommend a great graphic design site like Canva to make easy and beautiful banners.

Partner up with other streamers

Tango is built around people connecting live. That doesn’t mean only streamers and viewers, but also streamers and other streamers. 

By participating in duals or live parties, you can meet other streamers and introduce yourself to their fans. It’s an amazing way to gain an even larger following while you live stream.

If you really want to go above and beyond, you can contact someone ahead of time and promote your dual-stream together. With both of you promoting a stream you’re far more likely to gain a much larger audience.

If you’re committed to live streaming and don’t mind spending a little money, buying traffic on Google or Facebook and making ads for them is a fantastic way of bringing people to your stream. 

Of course, this one take a lot more work, and money of course, but if you’re committed to turning your stream into a business it is a great path to take.

How to stay motivated for workouts

1. Set a goal for yourself

If you haven’t worked out in a while, start with a small goal and write it down. It could be something as simple as doing 10 push-ups or completing a 30-second plank

Don’t beat yourself up either if it takes you longer than you expect to accomplish this goal – it takes as long as it takes! It’s better to be consistent over a long period of time rather than push yourself too hard one workout and be too exhausted to get back to your routine for the next week.

Keep a record of every goal you accomplish and the next one you plan to reach. One day you might look back and marvel at how far you’ve come on your fitness journey!

2. Have fun!

This is an easy one. Make your workouts as fun as possible! This could mean taking breaks and chatting with your fans, grabbing a friend, or blasting your favorite workout playlist. 

Just remember, with working out and with live streaming, the more fun you have the easier it is. Plus, if your audience sees that you’re having a good time they’re more likely to stick around and soak up all the good vibes!

3. Make it part of your routine

We mentioned this one before already but it’s certainly worth repeating.

One of the best ways to turn anything into a habit, according to behavioral scientist BJ Fogg, is to make it part of your routine. For instance, if you’re a morning person then starting your live stream workout at 7 a.m. sharp could be your secret to success. Or, maybe you’d rather do it when you come home from work.

Make it your routine to come home, change clothes, and jump right into your workout. The first few times are going to be tough for sure, but after enough repetitions, it will feel natural to you to begin working out without even thinking about it.

4. Reward yourself

As they say, don’t forget to make time to stop and smell the roses now and again!

This is a great hack in order to turn something into a habit. Give yourself a positive feeling after you’ve completed a workout. Maybe that positive feeling will be the gifts that you get from your fans during your broadcast, but it can be anything.

  • A snack.
  • Buy yourself something.
  • A nap
  • Jump in the air and yell “Yeah!”
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you are, seriously, not enough people practice self-love in our opinion.

5. Give yourself a break now and then

This one is super important!

Many people, when starting something new like a workout, go full pedal to the metal right off the bat! This, unfortunately, can lead to two outcomes, neither of which are very pleasant:

  1. Burnout
  2. Injury

Take days off, have a rest day, and, if something hurts, give yourself enough time to rest until you’re feeling better again! Seriously, there’s probably nothing worse than working out with an injury. If your body is telling you to rest then listen to it!

Benefits of regular exercise

We wanted to end by reminding you just how important regular exercise is and how beneficial it can be to you. Just to be clear, none of this is intended as medical advice!

If you are going to start a new physical routine we suggest you consult with your physician first. That’s probably the best way to avoid any injuries and make sure that you’re getting the best out of your workout.

Still, it’s worth noting the potential benefits since they’re a great reminder of why it’s so important to work out.

  1. Boost memory
  2. Increase immunity and get sick less often
  3. Burn calories 
  4. More muscle mass means you burn more calories just doing nothing!
  5. More energy throughout the day
  6. Improved mood
  7. Better sleep
  8. Increased self-confidence
  9. Hold off signs of aging
  10. Improve brain function


Having workout equipment in your home can do wonders for you, both physically and financially. Don’t regret purchasing this equipment, instead consider turning this around into what could be a great opportunity for you.

Ready to turn your home gym into your live income? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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