❄️Winter Warriors Challenge is ON!🛡️

🏹Welcome to the Winter Warriors Weekly Challenge🏹


Top 3 Creators compete for the Weekly WARRIOR TITLE!

Win MOST Battles in 72 hours & Earn Diamonds to Top Ranks Warrior Winners Multi-Battle Finale: Jan. 31!

💰 HOW?

Climb the leaderboard by earning points!

1 Diamond earned = 1 point 
1 Battle Won = 2500 points

*Entry Criteria: Event is for Users with Minimum 1 Million Lifetime Diamonds💎

Ready for the Frosty Battlefront?

Step into the icy arena and crown your WARRIOR TITLE!  Let the battles BEGIN, and may the best Warrior WIN!


Every Week, All Winter Long!  Grand Finale: Jan. 31

📅 Live Ranks: Monday – Thursday, 4PM – 4PM UTC, ALL winter long!

⚔️ Weekly Warrior Multi-Battle: every Saturday!
🔹 Entry Criteria: Min. 1M💎
🔢 Your ranking is calculated based on the combined score of:
💎 1 Diamond earned = 1 point
1 Battle won = 2500 points
Compete and climb the leaderboard by earning points through diamonds and battles! ⬆️
🏆 Grand Finale: Mark your calendars for the Ultimate Winter Showdown on Jan. 31!

🎁 Prizes Revealed:

Weekly Multi Battle:
🥇 1st place – 50K 💎
🌟 Bonus: Double prize with a min. of 10M Coins!

Grand Finale Prizes:
🥇 1st – 200K 💎
🥈 2nd – 100K 💎
🥉 3rd – 50K 💎
💵 Bonus: Finish 1st Place with 10 Million Coins, and you’ll get an EXTRA 50% on your Prize! 🎁

👉Participant Rules:

  • Supporting & gifting yourself via a second account or an account that belongs to another participant is strictly forbidden.

  • Participants who are late to a battle will be given 5 minutes to arrive. They will be disqualified and banned from future competitions if they cannot make it.

  • Audio-only streaming is not allowed; participants must have video turned on, although face masks are permitted.

  • Make sure you and your opponents follow each other before the battle begins.

  • For any questions, please speak to your VIP or community managers directly.

  • Tango Rules and Guidelines must be followed during competitions.

  • Tango does not tolerate disrespectful, violent, or abusive behavior during events or live streams. 

  • Tango holds the right to terminate the event and disqualify any abusive participants from the event.

  • Due to marketing purposes, only white-listed Creators who adhere to Tango guidelines with safe, non-adult content will be allowed to participate in the official event and win.

  • Official Winners are subject to classification and qualifications under rules and regulations approved by the Tango Team.


💔Participants who do not attend the Livestream Event on their scheduled day/time (after confirmation!) will be disqualified from participating in future Tango events💔


🛑Tango Rules and Guidelines must be followed during competitions. 

Tango does not tolerate disrespectful, violent, or abusive behavior during events or live streams. 

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