Your Live Streaming Masterclass Made Easy

Does earning diamonds come as easily to you as smiling? Are you finding yourself with more and more fans every time you go live? 

Have you considered that maybe it’s time for you to start a masterclass?

What is a Masterclass?

For years, learning only happened in the classroom. Students came in and sat down while a teacher, usually someone who had no real-life experience in their subject, taught them everything they knew.

The internet has completely changed all of that. Now, students from around the world are lining up in front of their computers to take classes from the real masters of their crafts – which is how we get the name Masterclass.

When you have a tremendous amount of skill at something, you can create your own masterclass and make some big bucks in the process!

Why Masterclasses are the best way to learn, teach, and earn

Masterclasses are based around several important elements that make them one of the best and most profitable ways to earn through education.

1. Experienced expert The person teaching the class isn’t just anybody, they’re someone who has actual experience in the subject, along with proven results. Their knowledge doesn’t come from being told how to do things, it comes from real-world knowledge which is invaluable to students.
2. Specific topic Ever heard of the expression “Jack of all trades, master of none?” It basically means that if you want to be the best at something you have to focus on that one thing. Masterclass teachers are pros at their specific subject – meaning that students are getting the best information on one particular thing.
3. Short lessons While a university degree can be invaluable, it can take anywhere from 2 to 8 years to get. That’s a lot of time to spend studying something (not to mention the cost). With Masterclasses, you get the information as quickly as possible so you can start utilizing your newly gained knowledge ASAP.
4. Eager students Remember in high school when you had to take all those random classes? You probably had one or two things that you really liked, with the rest being something you had to do. Thankfully, Masterclasses aren’t like that. People prefer them because they’re learning a specific subject that they’re passionate about.
5. Available for feedback Masterclasses stand out because they allow students to offer direct feedback to their instructors. Unlike teachers, who give you grades and have power over you, Masterclass instructors are only there to help you. The more feedback they get, the more they can optimize their class to get more students and, as a result, more money.

Value vs visual

Or why simple is usually better.

The number one reason why people don’t do Masterclasses is because of the amount of work they think is involved.

When thinking about creating a masterclass, people stress about what kind of cameras, sound equipment, and editing software they need to get their class going. We’re here to recommend to you the exact opposite: forget about all the fancy gear and software and just make the class!

DON’T focus on the best camera or video edits. You don’t need to pull your hair out by the roots thinking about how much money you’re going to spend to create the best visual look for your Masterclass.

DO focus instead on creating a class that adds a ton of value. If that means a quick, one-hour class that talks about how to be a master streamer on Tango all filmed on your phone, then do that!

As long as you have the credentials to back it, and useful content to provide, up people are more likely to buy your class and be happy with it!

Take your Masterclass to Live

Afterall, you’re a live streaming master, right?

When creating your Masterclass you should use a two-pronged approach.

First, begin by live streaming your Masterclass on Tango. This should be done after you’ve written down everything you want to teach your students and maybe even practiced a couple of times. 

As you live stream this new Masterclass, make sure you’re recording it as well. This is the kind of recording that you can upload on one of the many Masterclass websites like Coursera or Skillshare

But for the most part, your Masterclasses should be done live. Make sure that you’re promoting yourself and your class ahead of time via your feed and social media to get people excited. Put them behind a premium paywall and ask for gifts as well to really make a great profit!

The more people come to your class and enjoy it, the better you’ll get, and the more the word will get around to other people about how great your classes are! Once you get more and more students you can start increasing the price and earning even more!

One important tip to remember

Creating a Masterclass should be the final thing on your list of money-making opportunities on live. Making a Masterclass means that you have mastered every other live streaming skill and are ready to pass your knowledge down to the next generation.

It also means you need to have some credentials to your name. This can be something like millions of diamonds, or awards from winning major Tango tournaments. Just saying you’re a great streamer isn’t enough, you need to show it as well.

Be prepared for feedback

Embrace it, don’t hate it.

Various people learn at different speeds or in different ways. What might work for you won’t necessarily work for everyone else.

In addition, ideas and concepts that might seem simple and obvious to you might actually come off as confusing or complex to your students. If people are asking you to slow down or dive deeper into certain topics, then do your best to oblige. After all, they’re the one paying for your service!

DON’T take it personally if someone offers you a suggestion. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad teacher, it just means that you’re continuously growing and learning.

DO take people’s suggestions seriously. You need to incorporate every single suggestion from every single student, but if you see multiple pupils all asking for the same thing, then consider making slight adjustments to your teaching in order to improve the experience for everyone (and earn more money for yourself).

Can I do a Masterclass about more than live streaming?

Um… of course!

Live streaming is only one of many topics to do a Masterclass about. Whatever skill you have that you think others would want to know more about are all perfect subjects to build Masterclasses around. 

While most Masterclasses are pre-recorded, your students will be able to enjoy a live instructor who is also a master at their craft!

Masterclass: live vs pre recorded. Which is better?

It’s an important question – so let’s dive into it shall we?

Live Masterclass

Pros Cons
✅Students can ask you questions while you teach. ❌Students who take longer to learn might slow down the class.
✅In return, you can offer direct feedback to students. ❌You have to be physically present for each livestream class.
✅Adjust classes to match each everyone’s needs. ❌Potential for those live mistakes.
✅Fastest way to get better at being a Masterclass teacher.  
✅Can charge more depending on if it’s group classes or private lessons.  

Prerecorded Masterclass

Pros Cons
✅Passive income. ❌Totally impersonal.
✅Can incorporate fancier design. ❌Harder to change, adjust, or update.
✅Everything is perfectly scripted. ❌Feedback is much harder to incorporate.

How much should my Masterclass cost?

The cost of your Masterclass depends mostly on you!

But also on how much people are willing to pay.

It’s going to take a little time to figure out how much people are willing to pay you. Check around at other successful Masterclasses and see how much they charge to get an idea of what your price should be.

You can also charge extra when you’re on live if you do private lessons for people. When you’re with a specific person you’re giving them that extra attention – don’t you think that deserves a little extra cash?😉


A successful Masterclass means that you’ve officially become a live streaming pro or a professional in some other worthy skill. If that’s you, give yourself a round of applause!

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to expand your brand while also helping others in the live streaming community. Building connections and helping others – isn’t that what live streaming is supposed to be all about?

Excited to start your Masterclass on live? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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