🎉Earn More with Live Party & Battle Bonuses!🎉

Hey there, Creators, brace yourselves for an epic blast of Bonuses coming your way! 

Tango’s launching an exhilarating NEW Live Party and Battle Bonus structure that will take your streaming experience to a whole new level!💰



Get set for 2 game-changing improvements that will have you jumping for joy🤩

First up, in all Live Party streams, you and your fellow Creators will receive a 1% Bonus on every Gift viewers send, including the Gifts you get! Yes, you read that right – get BONUS DIAMONDS on EVERY Gift in Live Party & Battle – now even on your own gifts!🎁

More money for EVERYONE🤑 

Plus, the 1% Bonus will be available not just in Live Parties but also in Battles, where up to 4 people can join in on the action. And remember, Battle Winners get an extra 6% Bonus on their winnings – ultimate victory, ultimate rewards!🏆

This is an absolute game-changer, Creators! So why wait? Gather your squad, party like there’s no tomorrow, and battle it out for a chance to win big with these electrifying Bonuses!⚡

🚀The stage is set, the countdown has begun – start your Live Party or Battle now and let’s make this launch an unforgettable celebration of creativity and success!🎉

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