Hannah Paris- May’s 2021 Streamer Spotlight!

Our May 2021 Live Streamer Spotlight is the super talented singer from the UK, Hannah Paris!

Hannah has been live streaming on Tango for only 2 months, but her streams make us feel as if we’ve known her for years! From behind-the-scenes peeks of her new recordings to simply jamming with viewers on her guitar, Hannah’s personable character stole our hearts, and made her a rising Tango star!

How did you feel when first streaming on Tango?

I couldn’t wait to get going, it was so exciting being a part of this live streaming  platform. I was wondering how many people would watch live and was blown away by the response and interaction.

What did it feel like to get your first live gift?

I felt really grateful, it made me feel very relaxed while performing knowing viewers were enjoying my performance. With the gifts I have also noticed which songs are fan favorites, and the added sound effects are amazing too!

Do you find Tango easy to use?

Yes it’s super easy, especially using the mobile app. The platform is full of color and helpful tips.

What message would you leave your followers and fans?

Thank you for being a part of my Tango journey! It’s lovely to see your names pop up on my screen, your support is so kind and doesn’t go unnoticed. Each one of you helps to build my fan community so thank you again for joining my streams and saying hello.

Can you share how Tango Inspires you, what you love about Tango and what you enjoy most while streaming?

I love that the possibilities are endless! I have seen new fans connect with me from all across the world and the fact they are watching live makes the stream gig even more exciting.

I really feel like we are all in the moment together. I have really missed a live audience since Covid hit, so this feels like a little slice of heaven. I never feel like I’m alone during the streams as my audience always feels involved, and the support I get with the live gifts and chat messages makes for a great interactive experience.

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