Meet Alisha from India

Alisha works in an insurance company and is also a student. Her favorite subjects are philosophy and sociology.

How did you get to Tango?

Although I am busy both with work and university studies, my real passion is to be famous, so I started live streaming on apps. Before Tango, I was on TikTok but one day I was surfing on YouTube and suddenly I saw an ad about Tango! I and saw that by livestreaming and performing your talents, you can even earn money from supporters and fans, so since then I have been streaming only on Tango.

What do you love about Tango?

On Tango, you can communicate with many people all over the world and you can attract your viewers by showing your talents. I love to sing and dance (hip hop and salsa are my favorite!). , and I wouldn’t be able to get support for my performances without Tango.
I also love the Tango community – discovering new people and talking with them on Tango has helped me make friends and enjoy this diverse and talented community.

Who is your favorite streamer on Tango?

My favorite Tango streamer is Shilvi.

She is a very sweet streamer, she’s a great and polite speaker, and she just reached 1 million diamonds which is very well-deserved!

What tips can you give to new streamers on Tango?

  1. Be nice to your viewers and talk politely
  2. Think about the right background and play some music
  3. Come with positive energy and enjoy yourself!

Besides live-streaming, what are your hobbies?

  • I like to read novels and watch new shows on Netflix shows.
  • I also enjoy watching cartoons (Ben & Jerry is my favorite!)

What is your favorite holiday?

Diwali is my favorite holiday. I’m from India and on this day we decorate our homes, eat lots of sweets, and spend time with friends and family.

What do you wish for the coming year?

First I would like to lose the weight I gained during Covid😂😂😂

But mostly this year is time for me to mature and take on more responsibility.

I hope to get a promotion at work and at Tango too, and I plan to spend more time live-streaming this year as my biggest wish is to hit 2 million diamonds 🎉🎉

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