Simply K. Simone – June’s Streamer Spotlight!

Our June Streamer Spotlight is the beloved YouTuber, Simply K. Simone!

Simone is not a stranger to live streaming, as content creation is a part of her everyday life. She manages 2 YouTube channels, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the Tango Community. In just the few months that she’s been on Tango, she has garnered many fans. We have no doubt she is made to be a Tango Star!

How did you feel when first Live streaming on Tango?

The first time I streamed on Tango it was different than any other Live Streaming platform I’ve tried before. It was very fun, and I actually played a game with my viewers leading to some great laughs and entertaining moments. That’s the most important thing in live streaming – having a positive interaction with viewers and making sure everyone is having a great time.

What did it feel like to get your first live gift?

My first big gift on tango made me feel amazing, especially being new to the app and seeing other streamers show love made me feel very welcomed.

What message would you leave your followers and fans?

I always end every stream the same way: “Please be safe, please be cautious, check on someone you love and do it all with a smile because it’s free.”

Can you share how Tango Inspires you, what you love about Tango and what you enjoy most while streaming?

What I love most about Tango is that it allows you to connect with people. You have the ability to change someone’s day by just being yourself, and Tango inspires me to continue to be myself in a world full of insanity.

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