📸Make your Moments count!📸

Embrace the spotlight and showcase your unique Moments with amazing new upgrades to one of Tango’s top features!✨

📸Whether you’re a Newbie Creator or a Seasoned Pro, Tango Moments transform the way you connect with your audience and leave a lasting impression for you and your fans!🥰

📽️ What Are Moments? 📽️

Moments are short video snippets automatically captured by Tango in your public live streams. But they’re more than just snippets; they’re your digital calling card, allowing potential followers to get a sneak peek of you, your broadcasting style and your content!

Moments are triggered by various activities happening LIVE and offer a way to save your top events in your profile. They are the ultimate way to make your Tango profile come alive – and allow you to shine and attract a dedicated fanbase anytime. 

Improve your on-screen persona and connect with your followers, even when you’re not broadcasting!

🚀How Moments Work🚀

📸Moments don’t just magically appear; they are triggered by exciting events during your live streams. 

🤳The more you stream = the more chances you have to create more Moments by Tango! 

💪Creators with Public Happy Moments enjoy MORE Followers & Success

🌟Your Moments are Public for your Fans & Viewers in your Profile

⚙️Manage who sees each of your Moments 1-by-1 in the Moments tab!

😄Capture the Best Moments😄

Tango Moment: Moments are recorded when you receive a gift during a public stream, and the gift price exceeds a certain threshold which is based on your Life-Time Diamonds. 

Moments Capture Guide:

Lifetime Diamonds💎 Gift Price🎁
Up to 1M≥ 99 coins
1M – 5M≥ 199 coins
5M – 10M≥ 499 coins
10M – 25M≥ 799 coins 
25M+≥ 1,499 coins

📸Get Those Moments and let your character shine Bright!🤩 

🎓Newbie Moment: New Creators, we’ve got your back! Your first Moment is triggered when you receive a gift of over 99 Coins during your public stream. Get your first gift of over 99 Coins to enjoy your first saved Moment in your profile! 

🎉Milestone Moment: Celebrate your special Diamond Milestone Moments! These are triggered when you receive specific gifts from Tango to celebrate a special Diamond Milestone reached during your live stream. Don’t recall what the milestones are? Here’s a reminder: 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 250K, 500K, 1M, 2M, 5M, 10M, 25M, 50M, 75M.

🌟Top Gift Moment: These are the most impressive moments you can get, your best Moments! They are recorded when you receive a gift with a higher price than the maximum gift price among your existing Moments.

📌Good to Know📌

  • Moments are only saved for “Public” streams and must pass moderation rules to be displayed in your profile.
  • In case Combo gifts are sent (same gift multiple times), one Moment is created.
  • Moments can be archived if you wish to hide them from public view. 
  • You can always restore archived Moments and add them back to your Profile
  • Recently created Moments appear as Stories, offering an engaging way to showcase your best moments for 24 hours.

Get ready to make your Tango profile stand out with Tango’s biggest Moments Upgrade!

⏰Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to share your best Moments with the world and watch your followers grow! Stay tuned for more and keep those Moments coming! 🎉💃🕺 

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