India Exclusive: Tango Presents India’s Streaming Stars!

It’s March! The time of the year when India is celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring with Holi, the incredibly joyous festival of colours. This year, Tango is celebrating with you!

Tango is proudly hosting India’s Streaming Stars!

Exclusive only to those Tango users lucky enough to be in India, India’s Streaming Stars is celebrating the top streamers and gifters from Tango’s most popular country!

Who will be India’s Streaming Stars?

In this exciting event, users from all the world will vote for their favorite Indian streamers from March 18th – 24th. After the last day of voting, we will tally up the votes and announce 27 winners who will be both Broadcasters and Gifters. This will be the most number of winners of any one Tango event! If you’re streaming during these voting days then you have more of a chance of winning here than at any other Tango event!

Presenting the voting categories:

The winners of India’s Streaming Stars will come from the following groups:

🌠Rising Star (3 months or less of streaming)

🎤Star Singer

🩰Star Dancer

🎸Star Musician

🎨Star Sketch Artist

🤳Star Overall Broadcaster

🎁Favorite Gifter

🤫…and a special prize that will be sent to the Secret Star Partner!

Prizes for this special event!

The top prizes for India’s Streaming Stars are probably much different than you’re used to on Tango.

For this incredibly special occasion you will be getting an actual gift basket sent to your house! Plus the gifts used for voting can be converted to actual money!

What is it, you ask? For now, it’s a secret but we know you are going to love it! Additionally the highest winner will receive:

⭐An incredible Tango gift basket!

⭐3 streams specially promoted in their honor!

If you’re one of the lucky ones, make sure you post a photo of your incredible physical gift on your social media and Tango feed so that everyone can see!

Rising Star Singer Dancer Instrument Player Sketch Artist/Painter  OverallBroadcaster Gifter
  TOP 4 TOP 4     TOP 4  
  TOP 5  TOP 5     TOP 5  

When is it?

Voting for India’s Streaming Stars begins on March 18, 2022 and ends on March 24, 2022.

What are the Voting Rules?

🎁Use the India’s Streaming Stars voting gift!

⭐Voting will only take place between March 18 through March 24, 2022.

⭐The voting gift costs 79 coins and is redeemable for cashout by the broadcaster! All Votes are cast via the India’s Streaming Stars gift – digitally tracked by Tango.

⭐Sending one unique India’s Streaming Star gift will be counted as a single vote.

⭐Only broadcasters who have the proper display photo on their profile will be eligible.

⭐You can vote as many times as you want between March 18th – 24th. The more you vote the better the chance your streamer has!

⭐Votes before 18th March 2022 and after March 24th will not be counted. So make sure you get your votes in on time!

The event is divided into 2 rounds:

Round 1 (18st – 21st March 2022)

Round 2 (22nd – 24th March 2022)

  • Voting will continue but the leaders will be kept secret with the final winners announced on 27th March 2022 at 9 PM on Just Talks with Jack.

Don’t miss out on the chance to vote for your favorite Broadcasters! 

Check the Feed Post !

⭐During the first round, Tango will display a list of the top broadcasters on Official Feeds (India Community Feed Post) so that everyone can see who is leading the event!

⭐You can check with your respective Partner Manager for any doubt about your Rank.

⭐Make sure you’re connected with your followers if you want to make it to the TOP!

How do I know what my category is?

✅Make sure you’re using the Tango frame that best fits your streaming talent. If you need help adding it to your Tango account please read our blog post here!

✅If you’re a broadcaster your category will be based on your past and present performances. For example: if you regularly sing then you will be in the singer category. Same with for playing instruments, dancing, and sketching. 

✅If you usually only talk to your audience then you will be placed in the Overall Broadcaster category. 

✅If you’ve been live broadcasting with us for less than 3 months then you will be in the Rising Star category.

How to get more votes as a broadcaster

🔥Go live as often as possible during the voting period!

🔥Post the event poster in your feed so more of your viewers know to vote for you!

🔥Add your dedicated display picture to your profile photo.

🔥Use the Tango Sticker feature to post the gift to your feed.

Terms & Condition

⭐Broadcasters may only be eligible for one category.

⭐All the winners will be decided based on the voting gifts only.

⭐Prizes will be awarded in physical form rather than in diamonds. Prizes cannot be exchanged for diamonds 

⭐Anyone who does not wish to disclose their personal information, such as a delivery address, for the gift can choose to do so and will not receive the gift. 

⭐The broadcaster’s category will be defined based on their past and current live performance. i.e., if a broadcaster has been signing, they will fall in the singer category. If a broadcaster is engaging their audience in a conversation they will fall in the regular category. Similarly, other categories will be defined. 

⭐Giving yourself support via a second account, or an account that belongs to another participant is strictly forbidden.

⭐“Audio-only” streamers are not allowed, participants must have video turned on. However, face masks are permitted.

⭐For any questions feel free to speak to your Partner Manager or community managers directly.

Tango Rules and Guidelines must be followed during competitions.

⭐Tango does not tolerate disrespectful, violent, or abusive behavior during any events or live streams.

⭐Tango holds the right to terminate the event and disqualify any abusive participants from the event.

⭐Tango holds the right to change voting criteria or categories up until the event is live.

⭐Due to marketing purposes only white-listed streamers who adhere to Tango guidelines with safe, non-adult, content will be allowed to participate in the official event and win.

⭐Winners are chosen based on several criteria: the number of votes they received, a subjective review of their performances, and an inspection of their previous content per Tango guidelines.

⭐The Tango committee is reviewing all winners and will decide qualifications based on the above criteria.

⭐ Streamers are subject to classification and qualifications under rules and regulations approved by the Tango Team.

Tango reserves the right to amend, remove, or otherwise change the rules, without further notice. Tango also reserves the right to make a judgment on cases not specifically covered by or that go against the rule-book in order to preserve the spirit of fair competition. 
Don’t want to miss Tango’s biggest event yet? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog/offical Feed Posts for even more updates and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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