2021 IT’S A WRAP – Fame Awards

Tango’s year end party, the Fame Awards, was the perfect end to 2021!

Have you joined the live streaming movement yet? This year we had more than 3.5 million streamers and 50 million people worldwide watching some of the most incredible live streams right here on Tango.

Without a doubt, it’s been live streaming’s biggest year ever! 

To celebrate this incredible milestone, we at Tango threw the biggest year end party event so that everyone could see how amazing the power of live really is! It was an unforgettable night, and one that nobody wanted to miss.

Tango’s biggest end of year event

Tango Fame Award Hosts: Tara and Rob

Tango ended 2021 with a blast! Streaming from our studio in downtown London two of our biggest stars hosted the event: the incredibly talented Rob Hotkinson from the band Chasing Deer and rockstar/radio host Tara Deane. Not only did the dynamic duo present to us the winners of the Fame Awards, but they also gave us an exclusive live concert of some of their favorite songs!

It was beyond captivating! Viewers were gifting so excitedly it felt like we were all watching a fireworks show on our screens! All that while getting to listen to 2 of the most talented musicians who both began their careers streaming right here on Tango Live.

No true awards show would be complete without at least one surprise performer, and Rob and Tara certainly didn’t let us down. Halfway through the night, they welcomed special guest Terrianne Official, who took the stage and serenaded us all with her unbelievably lovely voice.

The hosts were charismatic, the energy was electric, and everyone was dying to know just who was going to go down in Tango history as the winners of the Fame Awards!

The Tango Fame Awards winners!

The Tango Fame Awards is a huge deal for the Tango community, with over 25,000 nominees all competing for just 5 prestigious awards (not to mention a $200 USD prize). 

Being nominated for the Tango Fame Awards isn’t as simple as sending a message saying “I want to be a part of this great night.” You have to be nominated by your fans. Out of the 25,000 beloved artists and entertainers, Tango users enthusiastically picked the top 5 who truly stood out above the rest.

After weeks of wondering who would claim each title, the winners were finally revealed!

Rising Star

The first winner we saw was the incredibly talented and energetic Tony! 

Tony just started streaming on Tango in July 2021. 6 months later and he was being broadcasted to millions of people as he collected one of the most desired Tango awards!

Tony is an incredibly talented drummer, one who credits his fame and success to not only being a great musician but also by being an amazing broadcaster.

What’s the difference, you may be asking yourself? First off, we have a ton of great material on our blog which you can read here, here, and here. To hear from Tango’s #1 Rising Star though:

I try to create an overall atmosphere that will make the audience feel comfortable in terms of sound, visual, and presentation. As for his audience, Tony makes sure he’s keeping in touch with them and I try to build good relationships.

He’s an artist who cares not only about his music, but about his fans having a great time on his stream – is it any wonder how he won?

Streamer of the Year

There’s no better time to celebrate the person who made all of us smile all year long than the year end party, the Fame Awards!

Talk about meeting not only an incredible streamer, but perhaps the warmest and kindest human beings we’ve ever met. The streamer that made our hearts sing – that’s Willy!

Willy was introduced to Tango by a friend a while back, and since then he makes a point to regularly broadcast his hilarious self on Tango so that everyone can get a laugh after a long day. His shows are the stuff of Tango legend, and he always interacts with everyone who comes on his stream. 

What’s his secret? It’s simple really: be honest, enjoy yourself, and smile.

Top Performer

Tango is known for having some of the best live streaming artists who effortlessly dazzle us with their incredible performances!

There can only be one winner for Top Performer though, and Rose more than earned her Fame Award! They say practice makes perfect, and after nearly 4 years of streaming on Tango Rose is the image of perfection.

Rose prides her performances on being genuine, personable, and relatable. Most of her fans that began with her still follow her today! She’s the kind of streamer who you simply can’t turn away from.

As she says: The secret to my success is focusing on lasting long-term relationships with any viewer that takes the time to support me. I simply CHASE THE PEOPLE, NOT THE DIAMONDS and the right people will go above and beyond to give you!

Artist of the Year

Tango isn’t just any old live streaming platform, since day 1 Tango has always worked to become the most profitable place for artists to turn their talents into their own business. 

As a result, Tango attracts literally thousands of new artists every year. Many of whom stay with Tango for years and end up completely changing their lives through the power of live!

Everyone was eager to see who, out of all of these millions of broadcasters, was going to be crowned with the coveted Artists of the Year. That person was none other than the incredible singer, Sushmita Srivastava.

Sushmita is live nearly every night, entertaining thousands of fans with her beautiful voice. She brings a passion and love to her artwork that is rare, even among the most talented singers.

Her inspiring story of getting paid to follow her passion is a testament to her hard work, bravery, and love for her work and fans. For her though, it’s the last one that is the most important.

I have given my 100% to make them enjoy my broad, I have always stood up to their expectations, I have never ignored their demands, I treat them politely, I listen to them, and I regularly am in contact with them.

Musician of the Year

Tango lets musicians get to know their fans like never before. Rather than just listening to music, fans get to interact live with their favorite artists, and artists can find a stronger and more loyal fan base through this personal connection.

Live video concerts are becoming more popular than ever, and Tango regularly sees some big, bold, and fun concerts on a regular basis. Out of all these concerts though, there was only one artist who truly flew above the rest.

Chanel has been streaming on Tango for nearly 2 years. For her, it began as a necessity after she lost her job during the pandemic. She could no longer perform live or make money so she turned to Tango. 

Turns out, it ended up being the best choice for her career. Since moving to Tango she has found new fans from all around the globe and is able to make music her number one way to earn money!

Slowly but surely she began buying new and better equipment for her streams, eventually becoming the sensation that she is today, and earning her place as the winner of the 2021 year end Tango Fame Awards! We could not be more proud of her!

Even more year end celebrations on Tango!

It’s easy to see why we had so much to celebrate on Tango this year! Not only were there tons of incredible artists who reminded us that amazing talent exists everywhere, but Tango had so many events and features that all our users loved!

There was the first ever Tango Cup, which ended with the winner earning $75,000 in gifts and prizes! Then we got to leap to our feet cheering for the Aritsts Cup and Tango Cup Round 2, where Tango’s most talented competed for the top prize!

We added unbelievable collections, like the Tango 3D collection and Wild Animals collection that all our fans and streamers loved!

Tango opened the doors to the Artist Club, a new way for Tango to support our artists by paying you passionate people just to perform and do what you do best! 

To keep Tango a safe and fun place for all people – including our artists – we updated our moderation as well so that we all can feel even more proud to be a part of this incredible community.

One of our top favorite moments was the Tango Halloween costume party! We knew we had some creative streamers but we had some truly incredible costumes, sets, and performances that made this spooky holiday the best one we’ve ever had! Not to mention our many other holiday performances, including our unforgettable Christmas concert.

Then there were new games and features. The Racing Cars game was by far our favorite, and it seems like we can’t log in to Tango without getting on to the track and powering our way into 1st place!

As for features, how could we forget the Battles feature? What better way is there to meet new talented people and for streamers to meet and collaborate than with an exciting and dramatic battle!

This was all just the tip of the iceberg for 2021. If you haven’t downloaded Tango yet then you should visit the app store right away because 2022 is destined to be our most exciting and incredible year yet!


What a year we had on Tango Live! At the end of the day, we couldn’t have done it without our loyal fans and who come to see the superb talent on our platform. Tango is proud to have the best of the best in live streaming which is why we just had to have a night like the Tango Fame Awards to show the world just how amazing you all truly are.

So here’s to Tango Fame and 2021! You were both amazing and we’re glad that we didn’t miss any of it! 

Excited to see what Tango has to offer in 2022? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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