Make Money The Tango Marketplace Way

Have you noticed that the world is changing at a lightning-fast pace? With more innovations comes more opportunities, and one, in particular, is becoming one of the biggest and most potentially profitable trends of the decade!

Investing in digital assets.

Look, we’re not financial gurus, and we don’t want to be. We’re artists, creators, and entertainers. We want to be able to do what we love and do it live!

That’s why Tango is making it easier to invest online and make real money doing it!

You don’t need fancy degrees or hours of online courses to be able to understand the Tango Marketplace. Just an appreciation of live streaming and the love of connecting with artists and entertainers around the world!

What is the Tango Marketplace?

The Tango marketplace is the ultimate place for users and streamers to sell and bid on Tango cards! 

Click on your profile picture and select Tango Cards Auction in order to enter the marketplace to purchase your first investment!

 Are Tango Cards NFTs?

Technically no, although they are pretty similar. 

NFTs are based on blockchain technology, which is pretty complicated, but it is essentially a decentralized way of storing information that can’t be altered or edited.

Tango cards are digital tokens similar to NFTs, but they can currently only be bought and sold from within the app. 

In the future, they may be made into NFTs which you can sell across any platform like Coinbase or Binance. For now though, Tango Cards are only available on the Tango platform.

How are Tango Cards similar to NFTs?

Like NFTs, Tango Cards can appreciate in value, meaning that purchasing one now could be a worthwhile investment if you’re able to sell it later on down the line for a profit!

Additionally, whoever the card is based on gets a 5% royalty every time their card is sold!

There’s also only one of them, meaning if you purchase a Tango Card you own that specific unique card. There will never be another one exactly like it.

How do I use the Tango Marketplace?

Do I have to be an artist to use the marketplace?

You don’t have to be Beedle or Banksy to have a Tango Card!

In fact, the Tango marketplace might be the best place to purchase and sell digital property since it levels the playing field for everyone. You don’t need to be a professional painter or digital artist to make a lot of money. You just need to be a great streamer or someone who pays close attention to the streaming community.

Is a Tango Card a good investment?

It’s impossible to say for sure, but let’s pause and look at the facts:

  • Live streaming is a massively growing industry that only seems to be getting bigger each year.
  • Tango is leading a live streaming trend that is being copied by places like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Tango streamers come from all over the world – over 300 million people have downloaded Tango.
  • Streaming is poised to be the next big entertainment medium.

With streaming still in its early stages, and everyone predicting its mainstream emergence in the next few years, it makes sense that whoever is big now in the world of streaming is going to be HUGE in the future!

Obviously no promises, but buying the card of a big streamer now and holding onto it for when they explode in popularity could bring both of you some major profits.

Can I auction my Tango card in places like Sotheby’s or Christie’s?

Sadly, at the moment, taking your card to places like Sotheby’s or Christie’s is off the table. Although Sotheby’s and Christie’s both auction NFTs so that may change in the future!

The best thing you can do in the meantime is market your card yourself on your Instagram and other social media platforms. Tell your friends who are tired of being scammed by NFT rug pulls that Tango offers safe and reliable auctions of digital tokens.

What makes Tango Cards unique?

Our Tango cards promote some of the best and most inspirational live entertainers and creators. Backed by our proprietary software, we ensure that every transaction is safe and reliable.

No scammers and there’s a support team here to help you out the moment you see something suspicious happening.

Additionally, purchasing a Tango Card creates an instant connection to the live performer. In addition to just having the card, every time you enter their stream your name will be featured and you will have a special gift that you can give your broadcaster.

To top it off, now you both have an interest in supporting each other. The bigger your live stream artist gets, the more your card is potentially worth! The more you sell your card for, the more the streamer makes as well!

It’s a win-win!

People love live performances

Since launching the Tango Marketplace we’ve seen thousands of transactions between Tango users who are auctioning off their own cards, or the cards of their favorite streamers.

Much of the enthusiasm driving these transactions is the love that people have for live! 

But what is it about live performances that people love so much?


Unlike scripted media, you have no idea what is going to happen when you are watching a live show.

It’s a lot like watching reality television – it’s raw, authentic, and oftentimes surprising. That’s what makes it so fun!


Live streaming lets you talk and connect with the streamer, live. You get to meet someone amazing from anywhere in the world and get to know them.

Unlike everything else – podcasts, music, television, videos – streaming isn’t just a passive act. It’s how people are getting to know each other, make friends, and, of course, do business!


Finally, there’s the fact that it doesn’t get more real than going live.

Human interaction isn’t meant to be recorded, edited, or written in under 280 characters. It’s meant to be engaging, messy, and sometimes even a little awkward. But it’s always fulfilling and it’s what we as human beings need to live happy, healthy lives!

Live streaming brings those connections to wherever you happen to be. It’s a virtual friendship that connects people across borders no matter their income or life experience.

It’s experiencing life, in all its amazing aspects.


The Tango marketplace is the next evolution in live streaming. Tango makes it fun and easy to embrace the creator and investor economy all on one easy-to-use platform. 

Don’t miss your chance to purchase your own Tango card. It could be the smartest investment you’ll ever make!

Want to earn for yourself on the Tango Marketplace? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!

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