📣 Introducing our brand new Referral Opportunities! 📣

🤝 Ready to Boost your Tango experience and enjoy some great rewards?

💬 Check out our new Tango Referral Program! By inviting Creators and Supporters to join our community, you’ll unlock amazing benefits. Let’s make the most of Tango together!

🚀 Invite Supporters & Creators:

💎 Get +10% Diamond Bonus on ALL withdrawals made from the Creators you refer for an entire year when you invite them to join! ✨ 💎 Get +5% Diamond Bonus from ALL purchases made by new supporters you refer, valid for 6 months! 💰


It's easy! Follow these simple steps:

🌟 Invite Creators:

🔧 Ask Creators to join Tango, available on Web, iOS Apple Store or Google Play Store with your personal Creators Referral Link (available in the Referral Page in in-app Menu Settings).

👍 Your connected Creators will be visible in your referral page after they successfully install Tango using your Referral Link

🎯 Assist them in earning Diamonds, monitor your Creator’s achievements, and track their progress on the referral page

💰 Guide them on the withdrawal process, and track the withdrawals of each referred creator on your referral page

💎 Claim Your Bonus each time they withdraw for the first year!

🌟 How to invite Supporters:

📲 Invite your friends to install Tango, available on Web, iOS Apple Store or Google Play Store with your personal Supporters Referral Link (available in the Referral Page in in-app Menu Settings). 

🚀 Once installed through your Referral Link, your connected users will be visible on your referral page

💳  Assist them in buying Tango Coins – the more they buy, the more you earn!

👀 Monitor the purchases made by referred supporters on your referral page

💎 Claim your reward each time they purchase for the first 6 months

⏱️Time to claim your referral rewards!🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻💰

📲 Whether you invite Supporters or Creators, simply send friends your unique referral link or post your link on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – anything goes) and start earning whenever they earn or purchase! 🤑

🚩 Please ensure that the following steps are completed:

✨ Install the app using the referral link only. Do not leave the app store page until the app is installed.

👐 When the app is finished installing, click “Open” on the Store page.

🫵 After installation of an Invited friend, a pop-up will appear asking permission for Safari to paste to Tango; press ‘Allow Paste’

🎉 Tango’s Referral Program offers a fantastic opportunity for creators and supporters to maximize their benefits within the Tango community. Don’t miss out on this chance to amplify your Tango experience and reap the rewards of sharing the platform with others!

Download our Live app on a desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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