What is a Brand?

Earning a Passive income

Want to know a secret?

You don’t have to just be a broadcaster to earn money on Tango. You can also sign up for our Partner Program and earn easy money while you sleep!

When it comes to earning a passive income few things can compete with becoming a Tango Partner – all you have to do is bring people to sign up on Tango’s platform. After that, you earn every time that they earn!

So why isn’t everyone doing this? For most, the thought of running around and looking for potential live streamers likely sounds pretty exhausting and time-consuming.

To be honest with you… it is.

Hold on a second!

Before you throw up your hands and say “forget it!” there’s another, easier way to get broadcasters and users signed up and streaming. Get them to come to you.

To attract live streamers who want to come stream with you, you need to build a brand, and we’re going to teach you how to do it.

What is a brand?

Brands can be many things. It starts with a message or symbol that separates you or your products from your competitors. But it’s also much deeper than that.

Essentially, a brand is your reputation. Are you a trustworthy Tango Partner who is going to help your streamers achieve success? Do you put in the effort to nurture them and help them grow? Or are you the kind of partner who is only going to focus on your top 1 or 2 streamers and leave the rest to find their way?

Who are Tango partners?

Tango partners are experts when it comes to live streaming. Instead of live streaming themselves though, Tango partners act as managers. They sign on Tango broadcasters and help them to improve their skill and abilities while also assisting in finding an audience that everyone can profit off of.

So what do these Tango partners get in return for all this work? In exchange for helping Tango broadcasters succeed on Tango, partners get 10% of their earnings for the first 2 years that they stream.

Most Tango partners start by bringing friends and people they know onto the app, help them get started, and stream with them so that their audience gets exposure to a new broadcaster.

This is a great way to make a few hundred to several thousand extra diamonds a month with hardly any extra work!

Other partners are able to make 1000’s of dollars by attracting dozens, if not hundreds, of streamers who are eager to stream with them. They don’t have to go chasing after these people, the broadcasters who want success simply know where to go.

How do they do this?

By building a brand.

Benefits of having a brand

Why do people like Nike so much?

Nike has dozens of competitors. We’re willing to bet that if you were to try on over a dozen athletic shoes without knowing who made them you’d have just as good of a chance as picking the other 11 as you would of picking Nike.

So how is it that Nike dominates the athletic footwear market? Not because customers are so knowledgeable about Nike products (go ahead, name a Nike shoe… we’ll wait) but because the company has such a recognizable brand.

They’ve marketed themselves as being the shoe of choice for everyone from professional athletes like Michael Jordon to your nephew who started middle school gym. They do it by inspiring their customers to get out there and move with their simple yet brilliant slogan, “Just Do It.”

Their reward for their hard work in branding: Nike now controls over 20% of the footwear market in the US.

Its closest competitor, Adidas, is barely at 5%.

Now, it’s your turn.

Deciding on your brand

By now you no doubt understand what a brand is and why it’s so important. Let’s get down to business and figure out how you can build a brand that will attract streamers and earn you money.

One of the number one rules of building a brand is this: You have to be genuine!

People nowadays have an amazing sixth sense for fakery. Pretending to be someone you’re not in hopes that it will attract streamers is only going to earn you the reputation of someone who must be avoided.

What we mean is that if you’re a party person who loves staying up late, make sure your brand reflects that. If you’re a quieter person who prefers art and classical music then your brand should say “this is the place to relax and create.”

Remember that your brand is a reflection of you. So your first thing should be sitting down and figuring out what is most important to you. Examples could be:

Your brand is a reflection of the message that you send. If your message is, “We’re a group of streamers who make lots of money,” then everything from your name to how you talk to broadcasters on Tango should reflect that.

Decide on what you want to be known for. That will help you stay true to your message even when things get challenging.

In conclusion

A brand is what you are known for. Just like when people think of running shoes they think of Nike, when people think of finding friends, making money, or getting famous they should think of you.

In our next article about building a brand as a Tango Partner, we’re going to talk about how to build your reputation and earn people’s trust that what you say about yourself is actually true.

If you don’t want to miss it then make sure you’re checking in at our blog and following Tango on social media! If you haven’t done so already, you can download the Tango app on iOS or Google Play or check it out here on your desktop.

If reading this has inspired you to become a Tango Partner then you can sign up here as well.

Looking forward to seeing you next time and happy streaming!
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