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Tango Creators – Tips & FAQ

Go Live Often

We recommend you go live multiple times throughout the week! (You can do Q&As, jam sessions, practice live, etc.) – they can be for as long or little as you want!

Redeem Your Diamonds:

Diamonds accumulated throughout your live[1]streams cash out to real money straight to your Pioneer account. 200 Diamonds convert to $1 USD. Minimum redeem amount starts from 5,000 diamonds ($25), Maximum amount is $2,000 per day.

Pre Live

Personalize your stream with cool pictures (maybe ones that show off your talents!) and titles that detail the content of your upcoming live stream or your goal for the event (total diamonds, viewers, etc.). Have fun with these as they are a viewer’s first introduction into your stream is about.

Post Live

Once you finish your stream, it’s time to personally thank your fans. Follow your viewers. Message top gifters to thank them personally. The more you grow your community, the more successful you can be as a Tango Creator

Live Family

When you reach over 10K diamonds, you can open an exclusive group chat called Live Family. Invite your top fans to the family group to update and let them know when you‘re live. It’s like exclusive access!

Stream Hashtags

Exciting new features now allowing you to add hashtags to your stream. This will enable you to reach out to a wider audience using your preferred keywords to describe your content.

Happy Moments

“Happy Moments”: Gifts given in livestream over 500 coins get a saved clip that records your happy moment gift! The Moment is automatically saved to your profile & you can share at any time.

Top Gifters

Go to your Profile Menu to find your “Top Gifters” split by: Daily, Weekly & All Time. Pay attention to VIP gifters – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Greet them and treat them as your special fans


For every subscriber you get, you earn 700 Diamonds monthly. Subscription Benefits:

  • Broadcasters can upload content that only their subscribers can see (Exclusive Feed).
  • Broadcasters can stream exclusively to Subscribers only.
  • Subscribers get a special colored chat bubble and Avatar in your livestreams (similar to VIP status).
  •  Subscribers get direct 1:1 chat access with you (you can Block at any time).

Welcome Bonus

Every new Broadcaster gets 30% Bonus on all gifts they earn until their first redeem of 5,000 Diamonds

Party Stream

Party Stream enables you to stream together with up to 4 broadcasters. We have an amazing line-up of Tango artists performing weekdays and weekends during UK hours, you can collaborate and invite them to live stream with you!

More Parties, More Viewers

When you connect with another streamer in a Live Party, their viewers will automatically join your stream.

Referral Program: Earn More

Bring new broadcasters and get 10% of the diamonds they get. Navigate to the Main menu >>> Referral Program >>> Select where you would want to get your referral link to (WhatsApp etc.). For any person joining using this link, you will earn 10% of their diamonds!

Interact with your audience

Tango is all about interacting with each other. Try to interact with other streamers in the app and with your audience in real time during your stream

Statistics Tab

Go to your Profile Menu tool to find your personal “Statistics” page with data on your past streams including how much you have earned per stream in USD, duration and followers per stream

Live Party:

Invite & Exit You can stop streaming together and go back to single broadcast any time. If you do not wish to be invited to a party stream, before every stream you can just tick the little box under your stream title before you go live, and you will block all potential invites at that given time

Diamonds in a Live Party

Diamonds in a Live Party do not split equally between the streamers:

  • When you enter a Live Party you have one artist on your main screen. The other artists will appear in small squares on the main screen.
  • The viewer can choose who will be the main artist on their screen, and any gifts sent will be given entirely to the streamer on the main screen (the host).
  • The other streamers in the smaller screens get 10% Bonus (for a Party of 2 people) or 5% Bonus (for a Party over 2 people) on all gifts given to the other users.
  • Viewers can navigate between all the streamers in the stream, and rotate who is on the main screen to gift
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