The Art of Being A Gifter🎁

The Art of Being A Gifter🎁

Tango would not be able to exist without its wonderful live streamers. Their many different and unique talents are on full display for every viewer to enjoy at any time. There is another valuable member on Tango, however, one that often gets overlooked yet is just as critical to a streamers’ lifecycle – the gifter.

Gifters supporting  Streamers

Gifts from viewers support streamers and allow them to monetize their performances. It is no different than tipping a performer after enjoying their show. Whether a user is streaming their talents on the side or for fun as a hobby, performers need viewers to support their skills in order to stream for longer periods of time.

being a gifter


We all have bills to pay – so do entertainers. Engaging with and supporting their streaming talents is the best way for them to continue performing on Tango.

Therefore, if you don’t just watch livestreams on Tango, but also play an active role as a gifter, you are keeping streamers streaming for longer. In many cases, you are keeping your favorite Tango personalities from deciding they can no longer stream. You are keeping the dreams of a career on camera alive.

It may surprise you that many streamers, especially those who have made it a career, stream for over 8 hours a day. Between preparation, equipment, interacting with their community of fans and followers, and streaming, Tango has become their full-time job..

A good thing to keep in mind next time you’re watching one of Tango Live’s many talented performers – would you consider showing your appreciation by being a gifter?🎁

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