July 2021 Streamer of the Month: Malisa J!

This month, our Broadcaster Spotlight shines on a beautiful and extremely talented singer – Malisa!

Not only is she one of our favorite artists on Tango, but she was also the winner of one of Malaysia’s biggest music reality shows: Rockanova!

After Covid-19 sadly shut down live performances, Malisa did what many artists were forced to do – she took to social media, and did everything she could to keep up her creativity. She began with long distance collaborations with colleagues, exploring the digital platforms and choosing the one that gave her the best chance for success.

This super star is not letting anything hold her back, and we had the chance to catch up with her for a little while! Malisa has only been streaming on Tango since February, where she stole our hearts from the very first moment. We’re sure that after this interview you’ll fall in love with her as well.

How did you start your musical career?

“My musical career started very early! My father was a talented guitarist, always jamming, which deeply affected us as children. Music was around the house growing up, and thanks to this I started singing at about 5 years old. My siblings are all into music as well which has given us a deep connection with each other. I started singing in school choirs, and shortly after began attending many competitions. By the time I was 23 I was performing professionally in clubs in Malaysia. In 2017 I won Rockanova, which was such an honor!”

Why did you choose to stream on Tango specifically?

“Like many of my fellow musicians, I lost my job during this pandemic, and it was such a sudden shock to all of us. Even though I couldn’t perform on stage anymore, music had been my life and I was determined to keep performing in some way. I’d heard about how some artists were switching to streaming, and I was a bit curious about it. So I went to my app store and searched for Live Streaming options, and found Tango!

They really care about their users there, and I think it’s amazing how they were offering a chance for artists to keep supporting themselves! I believe that Tango is the best place for performers, it gives you the option to keep doing what you love no matter what. It was such a great place to build such a cool community of artists and musicians from everywhere in the world!”

“Tango’s community inspires me since it’s a place not only for streamers, but for artists and musicians…”

How was your first stream?

“It was awesome! Compared to a lot of the other apps that I’ve seen, the audio and picture quality is really good. They also have so many choices for cute gifts! And all for really affordable prices too which never hurts.”

Do you feel like the Tango community inspires you?

“Yes, definitely. Tango’s community inspires me since it’s a place not only for streamers, but for artists and musicians who have a love and passion for music. Like with my siblings, I have a strong connection to people who appreciate music, and Tango lets me meet someone new everyday who also has that same love and appreciation! What’s amazing is that I can get to know people around the world, make friends, and make money to support myself! The most enjoyable part is when I get a beautiful or unique gift from a fan showing their appreciation. And I get to party with musician friends!

I wanna say thank you so much to those who followed me and always show up to my stream to support me! Thank you so much and I will try my hardest to always give the best content!”

Are you really making a living on Tango?

“Yes of course! And it is a fact!

Covid hurt a lot of businesses around the world and venues are not reopening so quickly. It seems like they feel eager (and I agree) to first repair the damage and then add the entertaining part back. I don’t think live performance will ever be the same again.

Tango totally changed the experience of performance for me, since I’m not depending on bookings or agents. I am in charge of everything, from marketing to the actual performance, and it’s great! I pay my bills from what I earn on Tango and I feel so blessed.”

Who inspires you?

“My family are my biggest supporters and my greatest inspiration.

But I feel like you can be inspired by many people, and I find inspiration in everything all the time.”

Malisa performs everyday.

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Even though Malisa has been singing since she was 5, we at Tango firmly believe that with enough commitment and motivation, anyone can be a successful streamer. We’ve seen everything from the most talented musicians, to ones who have barely touched an instrument, to even friendly people who just sit and have conversations. All of them have succeeded in earning followers who love giving gifts which in turn earns those streamers a lot of money! If they can do it, you bet that you can as well!

Here at Tango, our users are our inspiration to get better and to be the best. The support we are getting is phenomenal, and this spotlight is our way to say thank you to all the talented content creators that make Tango their streaming home! We know how hard you all work to bring joy and love to your followers, and we want you to know that we see you and we’re supporting you from every one of our offices all over the world! Keep being amazing and showing us your talent, we’re all at the edge of our seats waiting to see what other incredible content you’re going to share with the world next!

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