EmpowerHER Charity Weekend!

💪 Power Up Your Support with Charity Mode! 

😮 Now is YOUR time to make a difference and empower others. What’s even better? You can back your Favorite Creators and help an awesome cause together!

📣 Get Ready for the EmpowerHER Charity Gift Challenge, the Girl Power Collection’s return, exclusive Empowering Deals, impactful streams with Ethan, and new AR gifts – all happening from August 23- 30.

👪 This is an opportunity for you to make a significant impact by helping women who are most in need and making their lives better.

🫶 This Weekend It’s time to be a giver! Send Tango’s Charity Gifts generously, support your favorite creators, and above all, extend your help to women in need. By taking these actions, you’ll contribute significantly to advancing women’s equality on this special occasion.

🎁Each time you send a ‘Women’s Equality Charity Gift’ to support your favorite creators, Tango will contribute a portion of the gift’s value to assist women in need, in recognition of Women’s Equality Day, which will be held on August 26!

♀️Tango will contribute a portion of the proceeds to a nonprofit organization committed to empowering women, all thanks to YOUR support!

👁️Stay tuned for more charity surprises coming soon, because Livestreaming with a Purpose is HERE to stay.

🕛 ‘EmpowerHER Charity Challenge’ is available for a Limited Time only, so give generously!

♀️EmpowerHER Charity Challenge♀️

🏆 Introducing a special challenge that celebrates women’s empowerment, giving you the opportunity to earn exciting rewards while making a positive impact!

🌼 Unleash Your Empowerment: Tango’s EmpowerHER Challenge is here!

🗝️ Embrace the Spirit of Empowerment: Send the Women’s Equality Charity Gift to inspire meaningful acts of generosity that uplift and empower women.

🎁 What?

Donors and Creators, here’s your chance to make a difference! Send or collect the Most Donation Gifts to Enter the Leaderboard, Reach the Top, and Support a Good Cause!



🎁Only Donation Gifts with Special DONATE Badge Count Toward Leaderboard Score!👐

🚀 Boost Your Winning Odds: Gifts with the Highest Coin Value Rank Faster!


🤳🏻 Stream the Most to Collect the Most Donation Gifts 

🔥 Boost Your Winning Odds: Add the Gift Sticker to Your Stream 

🕑 When?

Aug. 24, 2PM UTC – Aug. 28, 2PM UTC

🏆 GUARANTEED PRIZES FOR TOP 3 WINNERS of both DOnors and Broadcasters Contests 🏆


Check your ranks EVERY DAY to stay updated on your place throughout the competition!

EmpowerHER Charity Challenge LEADERBOARD➡️

Tango tracks EVERY ‘Charity Gift’ YOU Send, so you can see your Ranks in REAL-TIME!

Donors Leaderboard

Broadcasters Leaderboard


Aug. 24, 2PM UTC – Aug. 28, 2PM UTC


Top Donor Prizes:

🥇 1st place:

🎁Custom 3D Gift (Up to 4 sec, Min. 5K Coins)

🎗️Top Donor Ribbon 

🎉1 Extra Free Loyalty Gift

🥈 2nd Place:

🎁3 Free Women’s Equality Gifts

🎗️Top Donor Ribbon 

🎉1 Extra Free Loyalty Gift

🥉3rd Place:

🎁2 Free Women’s Equality Gifts

🎗️Top Donor Ribbon 

🎉1 Extra Free Loyalty Gift

Top Creator Prizes: 

🥇 1st place:


🎗️Women’s Ribbon

🥈 2nd Place:


🎗️Women’s Ribbon

🥉3rd Place:


🎗️Women’s Ribbon

♀️Unveiling the Girl Power Collection!♀️

Girl Power Collection is back for ONE WEEK ONLY!

🕑 When: August 23 – 30

Help us spread messages of strength and inspiration to your loved ones!

Immerse yourself in Augmented Reality with NEW Women’s Equality AR Gifts, featuring iconic figures like Barbie, Frida Kahlo, and more, available in Classic Gift Drawer.

🌟Livestreams with Ethan – Let’s Celebrate Together! 

🕑 When: August 24 – 27

Join Ethan for empowering Livestreams honoring Women’s Equality Day. Expect talks with some of Tango’s most influential female Creators! 

💥 Empowering Deals Await! (Weekend Sale)

Don’t miss out on our empowering weekend sale! 

Explore Empowering Deals celebrating Women’s Equality Day to ensure you can support a good cause and your favorite creators, all at once.

🕑 When: August 24 – 28

Remember, every gift counts towards making a positive impact, as they bear a donation icon and contribute to charity. Let’s stand together, uplift one another, and make this Women’s Equality Week truly remarkable!

💪So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun, and let’s make this Week the most Empowering one yet!💪

👉Stay up to date on all Tango events and download the Tango Live app either on a desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates!

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