🌟 Stars of Ramadan 🌟


Festive 3-Day Live-Streaming Competition with Amazing Prizes! ☪️


Celebrate with Creators and communities in a unique event of creativity and joy. Let’s light up this Ramadan together! 🌟


🏁 3-Day Contest: Daily 24-Hour Leaderboard

🗓️ Mar. 15, 4PM UTC – Mar. 18, 4PM UTC
(New Leaderboard Every Day at 4PM UTC)

🎥 Stream the Most & Get the Most Gifts to Rise on the Leaderboard!

🏆 Top 3 Winners Every Day!
🕌 Exclusively for MENA & Turkey


Check your ranking throughout the contest 🙌

⏱️The leaderboard resets every 24 hours from 4PM to 4PM UTC

📆 DAY 1 – Mar.15, 4PM UTC – Mar.16, 4PM UTC https://www.tango.me/leaderboards/StarsOfRamadanDay1

📆 DAY 2 – Mar.16, 4PM UTC – Mar.17, 4PM UTC https://www.tango.me/leaderboards/StarsOfRamadanDay2

📆 DAY 3Mar.17, 4PM UTC – Mar.18, 4PM UTC https://www.tango.me/leaderboards/StarsOfRamadanDay3

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements. Let’s make this Ramadan a time to remember! 🌙


🥇 1st Place:
💎30,000 Tango Diamonds awarded
🎁Personalized Winner’s Gift

🥈 2nd Place:
💎20,000 Tango Diamonds awarded
🎁Personalized Winner’s Gift

🥉 3rd Place:
💎10,000 Tango Diamonds awarded
🎁Personalized Winner’s Gift


Let Ramadan’s Spirit Guide You to Victory! 🌟 

🛑Tango Rules and Guidelines must be followed during competitions. 

Tango does not tolerate disrespectful, violent, or abusive behavior during events or live streams. 

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