Tango Tournaments: the Ultimate Streamer Showdowns!

Tango Tournaments: the Ultimate Streamer Showdowns!

Take your streaming battles to the next level by starting tournaments! Massive competitions between dozens of streamers all competiting for big bragging rights and huge prizes!

Join a tournament or start your own! Friend or foe, you can earn more when you stream in a live Tournament!
For over 1000 years, tournaments have been the ultimate test of sport and skill. Today, Tango has brought them back, and they’re bigger and better than ever!Tango has always fostered an atmosphere of healthy competition among their streamers. After all, where else can you go online, link up with a friend, start your stream, and both of you get a chance to earn more money that you would alone?That’s right, only on Tango.Those “battles” between friends are now being taken up a notch. Streamers on Tango now have the chance to compete not just with one person, but with dozens! Like the battles, the winners of the tournaments will be given huge prizes and major bragging rights.

How Do Tournaments Work?

You can either set up a tournament yourself or join someone else’s. Once there are enough people you will be automatically matched up against someone else. Compete against them in timed rounds to see who can earn the most diamonds!

After the first few rounds you’ll have the chance to compete in the semi-finals, and then the finals, where the real prizes await!

The Winners

Always bring your best when you come for a tournament! The pressure is on as dozens of streamers will come with their fans to compete. Not only is it a chance for fame and glory, but it’s an opportunity to earn fistfuls of diamonds like never before!

At the end of each tournament, prizes will be given to the first and second place streamer. The first place winner gets an additional 15% to their earnings (5% more than battles, where winners get 10%), while the runner-up gets 10%. Seeing as how the winner in the first Tango cup earned a total of $75,000, that extra 10 or 15 percent is definitely worth fighting for!

The Tango Cups

Tango itself has special tournaments, known as Tango Cups. These are some of the biggest and most intense competitions in the entire streaming world! Broadcasters have the chance to earn major prizes (some competitors walk away hundreds of thousands of dollars!) along with bragging rights and special recognition.


Tango streamers who compete and prove themselves to be the best are rewarded with the following:

  • A Grand Prize generally worth some several thousand diamonds!
  • Special Tango Champion title in your Profile that everyone can see!
  • Afterparty stream in honor of the winner which is specially promoted by Tango!
  • Reserved slot in Tango’s next big tournament!

More Info on the Tango Cups

The initial rounds are held on two separate dates. One winners have been called from each 30 minute round they will go head to head in the Semi Finals.

Once the Semi Finals are complete, the winners have the ultimate opportunity to claim victory – by competing in the Final round the streamers will be able to fight for their title as the Ultimate Winner of the Tango Cup!

Keep checking our blog for more tips and updates about these incredibly special events and more!

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