Don’t Miss Your Chance to Own A Tango Card!

Ready to stand out from the crowd? Become your favorite broadcaster’s #1 fan? Own a digital asset that could make you money?

To make these dreams come true we are giving you the Tango Card Marketplace! It’s about to become THE ultimate place to create, buy, and sell Tango Cards.

Want to know how to make a Tango investment that could potentially pay 10, 20, or even 100 times as much in the future? Read on to find out!

What is a Tango Card?

Tango Cards are unique, digital items that users can buy and own, similar to NFTs. If you’re not sure what an NFT is yet, head over to our article where we explain how the creator economy combines live streaming and NFTs.

Who has a Tango Card?

Originally, only people who bid on cards during our January auction owned them.

Now, for our Valentine’s Day card auction, anyone who has over 10,000 diamonds, or is Silver Loyalty and above will get a Tango Card!

What is the Tango Marketplace?

For the first time ever, anyone who already owns a Tango card can head to the marketplace, put it up for sale, and possibly earn BIG!

Other Tango users bid on it. When the bid is higher than the original purchasing price, two things happen:

  • The owner of the card earns a profit.
  • 5% of the earnings go to who the card was made for!

Valentine’s Auction!

The auction will take place from February 10 (Friday) 14:00 UTC to February 14 (Mondy) 19:00 UTC

All cards will be up for sale. You can buy your own card, someone else’s, or both! 

Card Customization!

From now until February 9th, at 14:00 UTC, for the first time ever, Tango users can actually customize their own cards!

Pick any (appropriate) photo and follow the link HERE to create your own unique card. The better the photo, the more bids you’ll get!

What happens after I win the card?

Personal Recognition: If you purchase a broadcaster’s card, you will get a unique Tango Card gift that you can give to your special streamer during their live broadcasts. 

Special Gift: When you join the broadcaster’s stream they will get a notification that you have arrived. There’s no better way to stand out!

Hidden Card

If you want to keep your ownership a mystery you can set your card to “hidden.” Keep in mind, this means that you won’t get the personal recognition when you enter the stream.

Are Tango Cards a good investment?

Nothing is ever certain, but card trading is becoming more and more popular on Tango. Plus, there are also more benefits to owning a broadcaster’s Tango Card!

The card you buy today may end up being worth a lot more in the future, especially if you or your broadcaster find mainstream success, as so many artists have! The only way to find out for sure is to take the leap and buy your first Tango Card!

Ready to start making money by trading Tango Cards? Make sure you first download the Tango Live app either on desktop or from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. While you’re at it, keep checking our blog for even more updates, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive deals and important information!


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