NOW is YOUR Chance to finish the year Strong!💪

Tango’s closing out 2022 with a Special Event to reward the year’s top creators!🔥

🥳Don’t miss your chance to pick Tango’s Top ‘22 Creators



⭐Send a TOP CREATOR Gift to your favorite streamer/supporters/fans anytime from Dec. 22-28 (gift is available on your screen when you view any live streams).

⭐Every gift you send will be counted as a single vote. The more votes, the higher the chances your streamer wins!🔝

⭐Voting ends on Dec. 28 at 7PM UTC, so make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to cast your gift ballot! 




🎁Collect as many TOP CREATOR Gifts in your stream as possible while voting is live.

🎁The more gifts you get = the more nominations you have.

Claim the glory from all your fans and be crowned as Top ‘22 Creator!👑

*The top 22 nominees have a better chance of being selected by the Tango Committee




👉Add the TOP CREATOR Gift as a Sticker in your Livestream, so fans will know you want to be nominated and more likely to vote for you!

👉Go live AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE during the voting period (Dec. 22-28) and invite your top fans to support you with the TOP CREATOR voting gift!👉Dress up and get ready to stream ALL WEEKEND LONG!🤵🏻💃

🤩Now is Your Moment to dazzle your community and shine bright as Tango’s Top ’22 Creator of the Year!



Check it out

💥During the voting period, Tango will have a live Top 30 Leaderboard, so everyone can track the top 22 and see who is the closest to reaching fame!🤩

💥We’ll send out and update the leaderboard daily via Tango chat, so check it out regularly to see where you or your favorite streamer is ranked.



⭐Tango compiles all votes cast using the TOP CREATOR Gift sent in streams.

⭐Whoever collects a TOP CREATOR Gift will be nominated.

Nominees have a chance to be chosen by the Tango Committee for a final slot

⭐Winners are chosen based on several criteria: The number of votes they receive, a subjective review of their performances, and an inspection of their previous content per Tango guidelines.



🏆Winners will be notified in their Tango inbox and get a chance to be featured in a Tango Official Stream

🏆The Winners Reveal will be announced publicly by an official winners leaderboard that will be published in our app and sent in a special chat message in your Tango inbox.

🏆Winners will also be published on Tango Official and Dee’s Tango feeds, so make sure you’re following these accounts.



  1. 🐠🎖 Vox(VK)🥰
  2. Aadat🔥
  3. 🌈🐝≛⃝keerthเ ꪾTamil≛࿐🐝🌈
  4. ❤️Elena❤️
  5. 👸Falak kaur( ਫਲਕ ਕੌਰ)👸❤️⚡️💫
  7. 🦋丨ㄚ卂卄♡🎙 السيدة موساي
  8. 🦋BlueButterfly🦋ˡᵃᵗⁱⁿᵃ🐻⚔️👽
  9. 🔓🔓no need gossip peoples🔒🔒
  10. 🐠🎖️ DIVYA MALIK
  11. 🔥Mayrisa J
  12. 🐠🎖Angel ❤️
  13. ᵒᵒᵖˢ🧲Hellisa🥥
  14. 💃Sugar🧲 Bella
  15. ♕⨳انا دنہيہا⨳♕🦁
  16. Tara 🦋
  17. .•* Asya
  18. BlueBerry 💜توت بري أزرق
  19. ▫️TATYANA▫️
  20. 🐾Pinkpanther™️🐾
  21. SL Lovely ˡᵃᵗⁱⁿᵃ🕷
  22. 404❗🔥⭐Angel ⭐🔥



🎗️Top ’22 Creator Ribbon in your Tango Profile 

🎁Exclusive TOP CREATOR Gift to be available in your moods on screen for all your fans to send and congratulate you💌Official invite from Tango to celebrate your win in an exclusive live-stream event promoted by Tango. Tango will record the best moments of your celebration and promote these moments to boost your popularity📹



⭐All TOP CREATOR Gift votes are cast via the TOP CREATOR Gift and digitally tracked by Tango.

⭐Official Winners are subject to classification and qualifications under rules and regulations approved by the Tango Team.

⭐Tango holds the right to change criteria or categories and the number of winners until the event is live.

⭐Sending one unique TOP CREATOR Gift will be counted as a single vote.

⭐You can vote as many times as you wish, for as many users as you wish, and use the same gift to vote multiple times.

⭐Votes before Dec. 22 and after Dec.28 will not be counted.



⭐Supporting yourself using another Tango account is prohibited.

⭐Audio-Only streaming is prohibited during the event. All winners are required to broadcast themselves with Video turned ON during Tango’s Official Events.

⭐Tango will not tolerate disrespectful, violent, or abusive behavior during any Tango events & streams.

⭐Tango holds the right to terminate and disqualify any abusive participants/ content from the event.

⭐Only streamers who adhere to Tango guidelines with safe, non-adult content will be allowed to participate in the official event and win.

⭐Winners are chosen based on several criteria: the number of votes they received, a subjective review of their performances, and an inspection of their previous content per Tango guidelines.

⭐The Tango committee reviews all winners and will decide on qualifications based on the above criteria.

⭐Maximum 22 winners worldwide.


💝Tango wishes you Happy Holidays and a Beautiful 2023🎊 

🎬Stay tuned for tons of upcoming surprises and celebrations🥳


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